Nobody wants to operate on themselves and few would conduct their own divorce and yet almost everyone thinks that when it comes to finding a new home they are the best people to search for one, fall in love with it, evaluate it and then negotiate the best deal. TheContinue Reading

AI is going to change the world, we are told and like other professions estate agents are desperately running around trying to work out the impact on the buying and selling business. Is AI is just going to write their sales particulars or might they themselves be obsolete in fiveContinue Reading

NatWest’s chairman has said he believes it is not currently “that difficult” for people to get on the housing ladder. Sir Howard Davies said people have always had to save for a deposit but admitted you had to save more today. He told the Today program that he recognised peopleContinue Reading

In summary, there wasn’t much for housing – to make it easier to move or encourage more people to move. To make homes greener or to build more social housing. Little to help tenants or to encourage landlords & nothing new for those facing steep rises in mortgage costs. ThereContinue Reading

The first house price forecasts for 2024 are appearing despite the threat of recession, inflation (CPIH) still over 6% and interest rates held by Bank of England at 5.25%. 5 Year fixed-rate mortgage are available at 4.8% but many are higher. First out of the trap are my old friendsContinue Reading

Not everyone, apparently, likes ‘experts’ but if you prefer your property advisor to know a little about what he’s talking about then;-ִI’ve been doing this for 40 years.We buy £100m worth of property a year andI’ve done over 1200 tv & radio appearances introduced as a ‘property expert’.Continue Reading

Back in 1951 the Conservatives stood on a house building platform and saw the return of Winston Churchill who over-turned a Labour majority that had been elected just 20 months before. To be fair they (the Conservatives) had been on about building more in the 1950 Election but it hadn’tContinue Reading