£600 for help during the buying and selling process.

Up to 100,000 people buy a home every month. 90% of those who are selling get advice from an estate agent but most buyers think they can do it all themselves. Of course not everyone can justify a bespoke buying service but now you can get help from our Pocket Agent service. Help for anyone looking to  buy or sell, to rent or let all for £600 including VAT.

Whether it’s about your next move, cashing in your pension to reinvest in bricks and mortar or picking up the pieces after a relationship breakdown, we can help you to understand the options available to you and provide guidance on where to look, what questions to ask and who you can trust. Already used by people preparing for a sale, by divorcing couples looking to find two homes from the price of one, those struggling to compete with other buyers at ‘best & final offer’ situations or by folk just hoping to find a reasonably priced home, the Pocket Agent can help you to unearth the answers to your property problems such as;-

  • Where to look.
  • How to work out the underlying value of a property.
  • How to calculate the yield.
  • How to unearth homes that aren’t on the open market.
  • What not to tell an estate agent when viewing.
  • When to make an offer and help in making a bid.
  • When it pays to pay a fee.
  • How to choose the best selling/letting agent.
  • What work is worth doing to your home before you sell or let it.

Save ££’s with help from the BBC’s favourite property expert.

This is a ‘reactive service’, the fee covers calls, emails or video chats and answers to your questions on anything to do with moving. We don’t actively search for a new home but if you would like help when looking for properties or are unsure exactly what to tell an agent or when to make an offer then you can get further advice at that time.

For more information call me on 020 7193 1599 or send an email.

To pay £600 (inc VAT) for the service with a credit/debit card

click here & complete payment using PayPal. (You do not need to be a PayPal customer) or

Alternatively you can make payment online to;

Account name; Henry Pryor

Sort code; 04-00-04

Account number; 44461109

“Pryor preparation… prevents poor performance”.


  1. We used Henry’s Pocket Agent service so we could have some professional support of our own in the buying process. It was my 3rd time around buying a place, but we were still not particularly expert at it and the sums under discussion were now larger than ever! Henry was tremendously helpful: he gave excellent advice on key steps in the process when we needed it, kept our desperation in check through the pandemic crisis when pickings were slim, and guided us through crucial negotiations once we had a place in our sights – he deserves much of the credit for the £30K reduction we secured post survey. Not a bad return on £600.

  2. Henry’s pocket agent service is an absolutely stellar service. Henry saved me countless hours by telling me which properties I should not bother viewing. He then advised me on the level at which i should make offers (which lead to obtaining a property at nearly 100k below asking price). He advised on which surveyors and lawyers to use, and provided extremely valuable advice on how to survive a gazumping attempt (without having to increase the offer). All in all the £600 spent on this is the best investment I ever made.

  3. I’ve used Henry’s Pocket Agent service to help me with both a flat that I’ve successfully sold and property I’ve sought to buy. His advice is so valuable – pithy, witty, no nonsense and actionable.

    Importantly, he won’t always tell you what you want to hear, which makes him an excellent objective sounding board during a stressful process where emotions can obscure rational thinking. He’s also very quick to respond to emails, texts and calls and never lets anything go unanswered. Altogether thoroughly recommended.

  4. Henry brought clarity and harmony to a chaotic and unnerving process of selling and buying during the pandemic summer of 2020.

    Always responsive, empathetic, and pragmatic, Henry kept me (and my husband) on an even keel throughout the whole process and provided invaluable sense-checks when the many moving parts of the house sale and purchase started to overwhelm us.

    The pocket agent service was invaluable to us and is money well spent.

    Thank you again Henry.

  5. Henry’s pocket agent service was perfect for us as we had narrowed our search for our family home to a small part of London. I was staggered by Henry’s street-by-street knowledge and it really helped sense check our decision making in the latter stages. We had a relatively swift and smooth process, but having Henry’s advice along the way was incredibly helpful and reassuring! He communicates clearly, directly and very promptly and his advice is realistic and reliable. 100% recommend!

  6. Henry helped immensely, resetting our expectations to a set of probable outcomes. This helped narrow down our options and focus on the most likely scenario to selling our property. He isn’t always right, but he has an excellent understanding of the market from buyer and sellers point of view, so pay attention and action his recommendations!

  7. As our Pocket Agent, Henry’s concise, non-waffling approach and wealth of understanding in property matters, kept us on a track that probably saved us a near £200k drop and got us our sale. When you feel it’s not going well, our advice would be listen to his words and put them into action.

  8. Henry’s pocket agent service was extremely valuable for us as we went through the process of buying out first home.

    We had lots of questions and concerns and Henry was patient to hear us out and prompt to reply our emails or to jump on a call. What we appreciated most was his direct and pragmatic advice which helped us gain the confidence to make decisions we had been struggling to make.

    We would recommend Henry’s service to anyone who wants to feel more confident in the process of buying a home, the fee is well worth it, not only for the savings you might have but also for the peace of mind you get.

  9. I just had a quick chat with Henry at around 11am regarding his pocket agent service and current status with my accepted offer on a property during this uncertain period.

    In no uncertain terms he set me straight even though it seemed so counter intuitive since i’ve put an offer in.

    Thank you again Henry


  10. We were a first time buyer and naturally a lot of unknowns are front and center of a house purchase decision. Henry ensured that the discussions were fluid and fast moving throughout our buying process. He also helped us avoid a wrong purchase into a property with limited future prospects. Would recommend him for street smart knowledge of London property.

  11. Our house hunt dragged on for longer than we anticipated as we tried to match our budget and hopes. Henry stuck with us throughout with unfailing good cheer and sound advice. We exchanged yesterday on an actual dream house, 50k under the asking price. Having tested the the pocket service to its limits (sorry Henry) we would recommend it without hesitation.

  12. PocketAgent was invaluable for giving that all important 10,000 ft view. We were too emotionally involved in the deal to be able to access things rationally. Because I trust Henry and value his opinion, his analysis of the market gave us the confidence to “strike”.

  13. Henry kept our heads cool while trying to purchase a London property and gave great advice on valuation which helped us stick to our position. Our sale was protracted over several months and his responses throughout that time were immediate and clear. It is immensely helpful to have an independent expert on your side giving truly impartial advice. It is easy to get emotional when buying a house! Pocket agent is money well spent. Thanks Henry.

  14. Every successful person has some form of coach guiding them to be the best that they can be. Buying a house can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be.

    Henry gives you the confidence to put you in control. The reward after this experience will be stepping into your dream home.

  15. Henry’s Pocket Agent service was worth every penny. He’s a great sounding board. His advice helped us avoid several mistakes we would otherwise have made as first-time buyers in Central London. The solicitor he recommended saved our transaction from collapse. Everyone needs a voice of wisdom and experience to navigate the property market and Henry is fantastic.

  16. Henry recently assisted with bidding for a property via his “Pocket Agent” service. From the very first contact, he was insightful and incisive, focused and practical. Henry provided wise counsel on strategy and tactics over an extended period; he provided consistent, objective advice that gave us the confidence to stick to our guns as the negotiation dragged on; he was a fantastic and amusing outlet for venting frustrations; and he was remarkably responsive throughout the process.

    Thanks to Henry, we achieved a purchase price 27% below the original asking price. Without Henry, we probably wouldn’t have got a deal over the line; we would certainly have paid more. In summary, Henry Pryor is a pleasure to work with and his “Pocket Agent” service is incredible value for money.

  17. We used Henry’s “Pocket Agent” service for the purchase of a flat in London and found it absolutely invaluable. Henry is a mine of information, knows the market inside out, is very responsive and gives really sound and sensible advice. He also has an unbelievable black book of useful contacts for anything related to property buying. We found it very reassuring and useful to have such expertise available on tap and this was money seriously well-spent. I cannot recommend him too highly.


  18. Offer accepted! Having a Henry on call gave us the confidence to conduct house purchase negotiations on our terms – not those of the vendors agents… money very well spent!

  19. We signed up for this services having previously used the ‘quick check’ service. Henry provided helpful, sensible advice throughout the bidding process and subsequent negotiations. He also identified an excellent surveyor. Thoroughly recommended!

  20. Henry was a saviour. His Pocket Agent service helped us navigate some difficult negotiations with the agents and helped us avoid getting overly excited or over-paying. Henry also helped us find an excellent solicitor and generally kept us sane with his supportive and knowledgable comments throughout the process. I also followed him on Twitter where he speaks up against the industry and the legislation whenever something is not right – it is delightful and informative. I would absolutely use his service again – in fact, I would probably upgrade to the bespoke service next time – and I would recommend him to a friend without hesitation.

  21. Henry has proven to be an invaluable advisor as we navigate this process in a tricky market. He is particularly strong at responding quickly to changing situations with clear and precise thinking that ultimately adds up to a strong point of view (unlike most ‘advisors’ who never get off the fence).

    I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

  22. As a first-time buyer, and buying on my own (not with family/a partner), Henry was an invaluable source of support to guide me through what is quite an overwhelming and at times stressful experience. He was extremely responsive and supportive throughout – which is great when you know that the agents don’t have your best interests at heart. Firstly, he had an up-front conversation with me about why I wanted to buy and ensured that I was aware of the risks involved – going in with my eyes open gave me more confidence. Secondly, he gave me good contacts for solicitors and mortgage brokers, both of whom were very responsive, patient, excellent and took out a lot of the stress from the whole process. I would recommend both to any friends or family. Thirdly, he advised me on how best to use search tools available. He helped me to ensure I was offering what houses were worth, and gave me the courage to walk away when agents tried to talk me into increasing my price and hold my ground when they tried to mess me around. After one particular potential flat presented a plethora of problems as the process went on, he gave me the courage to walk away and I now have a MUCH better flat in a better location than I thought possible. It made me realise what was important to me in my property search. Last but not least, he was happy to pressure agents on my behalf if they were not playing ball – when Foxtons were showing my property as available, even when I and the seller had told them it wasn’t, a single tweet did in a few seconds what would have taken me weeks and many more phone calls. This ultimately ensured I wasn’t gazumped. Thanks to Henry, the excellent solicitor, surveyor and mortgage broker, I now am the proud owner of a flat in a great building which needs no work and right opposite the tube. Thanks Henry! I would definitely recommend.

    Oh, and I forgot to say – I acquired the property for £10k under the asking price 🙂

  23. As a first time buyer Henry has been invaluable to us, the best big brother I could wish for. Despite considering myself reasonably savvy the estate agents saw us coming – we have been run around in circles, nearly ripped off and certainly lied to. Henry had our back all the way and has been extremely generous with his time, his response rate to emails is nothing short of remarkable.

    After many years of chasing the rainbow we have finally exchanged on a wonderful house saving over 10% off the asking price. Henry is well worth the money even if only for peace of mind – he literally kept me sane whilst the sharks circled!

  24. With a set of very specific requirements and an increasingly opaque market, I had struggled for two years to get over the line on a house purchase. Something needed to change and following a chat with Henry I opted for his pocket agent service, it was without doubt the best decision I could’ve made.

    First step was almost a therapy session as he identified that my need to get a deal meant I was in danger of viewing my family home as an investment. Then he became a sounding board for prospective purchases, helping me avoid novice mistakes. Next he was instrumental in putting together a bidding strategy that ultimately ran over four weeks, required nerves of steel but resulted in a 13% discount on an already heavily reduced asking price. Finally, Henry was on hand throughout the purchase transaction recommending conveyancers, surveyors etc and even helping to repel a cheeky 11th hour price increase by the seller. Throughout he was always contactable, always had an opinion and always right.

    The majority of house buyers are not residential property professionals, it should be mandatory that they seek the advice of a property expert like Henry. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  25. Henry’s Pocket Agent service saved me over £15,000 during our latest move, not bad for a £600 fee. Not only did Henry help us find a great house, he gave us the courage to make an offer below asking price and stick to our guns during an arduous four month purchase process. The house is a fixer-upper but, thanks to Henry’s advice, we were able to secure it at a price that allows us to do the work needed without breaking the bank.

    Also, Henry offered me invaluable advice when I was selling my previous property that helped me sell for a great price.

    I thoroughly recommend Henry, and already have several friends who are planning to use his Pocket Agent service.

  26. When we first spoke Henry described this service exactly as we ended up experiencing it. It was like having a father/ grandfather that you could turn to with any question at any time – except that this version had bought and sold thousands of properties.

    Henry was forthright and transparent with his feedback on the properties we found, always with an eye to value and resale. As he says – you make money on a property when you buy well rather than when you sell.

    In addition to providing his expertise, Henry has been generous, patient, charming and humorous throughout and we have no hesitation in recommending him.

    Khurshed & Karin.

  27. “A fool thinks himself wise, but a wise man knows he’s a fool”.

    Buying a house is one of the biggest things you may do in life. Don’t be a fool, get some advice. Henry offers not just a supreme understanding of housing, estate agents and the property market, he will guide, coach and support you through the entire house buying process end to end and does so in a friendly and engaging manner.

    Responsive and helpful, the Pocket Agent offers excellent value for money and I honestly believe we would not have bought the house we’ve got if it wasn’t for his advice. We have almost completed our house purchase, but should we need to buy a house in future I would not hesitate to call Henry.

  28. As first-time buyers in the challenging (absolutely crackers, some might say!) Cambridge micro-market, Henry has been a calm, ever witty and astute guide to us.

    It’s easy to write generic niceties for this sort of thing, but Henry’s knowledge of the property market – and connections within it – is second to none.

    We would have no reservation in recommending the ‘Pocket Agent’ service to others. Impressively, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution – Henry’s advice has, at every juncture, been underpinned by research of the local market, strategic and, above all, tailored to our specific circumstances. This service really is good value for money.

    We will not hesitate to call on Henry’s advice again.

  29. Henry was very helpful, patient and charming. It was great to be able to speak to someone experienced and impartial.
    No question was too stupid.
    Well worth the money!

  30. While considering an off-plan purchase we called upon Henry’s “Pocket Agent” service to review the property and also for some general guidance on the market and alternative locations.

    We found Henry to be personable, professional and responsive. He provided the advice we needed with a quick turn around and was available on phone and email. His guidance was succinct but also elaborated adequately where we required.

    Overall, we found the service extremely useful in our circumstances and would happily call upon his support and experience again. We fully recommend for anyone, from novices feeling out of their depth, to experienced property buyers looking for a second opinion.

  31. I am new to the buy-to-let market and, in these times of change, it was vital to have recourse to an expert in this field. Henry was only an email or phone call away to guide me, real time, through the process of locating a suitable property, evaluate the yield and know the questions to ask. the ‘Pocket Agent’ service is money well spent. Thanks, Henry.

  32. As a first time buyer Henry’s service is extremely helpful. He has hand my hand through the nightmare of the property market in the south east, without Henry I would probably have lost my marbles by now – fingers crossed that dream house is just round the corner!

    I would highly recommend him to anyone that feels out of their depth trying to understand the market or just to bounce ideas off.

  33. As first-time buyers, we were very wary of navigating the housing market and decided to use Henry’s “Pocket Agent” service, following a friends recommendation. I am so glad we did. Henry was so much help and gave us the confidence to go out there and negotiate a whopping 7.5% off the asking price of our dream house. For anyone looking to buy a new home, we really can’t recommend Henry highly enough. Thank you, Henry!

  34. Henry’s competitively priced Pocket Agent service proved invaluable in ensuring I didn’t overpay for a London property – very easy to do in an unpredictable market. His solid advice based on his extensive experience saved me 10K – an excellent return on investment!

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