Updated March 2024

We are buyers’ agents. We typically look for homes between £500,000 and £50m. We work for the rich and famous, for celebrities but for mere mortals too! Like the properties they buy, our clients are all different and so we offer different costs and services. We try to keep our fees affordable and competitive and we update them as necessary. Please call or email and we will happily provide a bespoke quotation or discuss a specific solution.

We offer different types of help depending on how much assistance you are looking for.

Pocket agent service – a one-off charge of £1,000.00. (inc. VAT)

Buying Service Choose from one of the following;

  • £600 per week (inc. VAT*) ‘pay-as-you-go’ or
  • A fixed, up-front fee of £12,000 (£14,400 inc. VAT*) or
  • The traditional model offered by most buying agents of retainer + fee – in our case a retainer of £2,000 (£2,400 inc. VAT*) and then 2.5% (3% inc. VAT*) of the purchase price payable on exchange of contracts.

We don’t think that buying a £10m property is ten times more complicated than buying one for £1m so it doesn’t seem equitable for us to be rewarded if you spend more money. So, whilst we have the traditional option offered by most buying agents – a retainer plus percentage – we also offer what we think is a better value, fixed fee option.

For those who aren’t comfortable making that kind of commitment or who only want help with part of the process, in 2024 we now have a new ‘pay-as-you-go’ alternative. A weekly payment that you can pick up and put down whenever you want. If you only want help preparing your purchase or with selling your current home or negotiating to buy a particular property then this may suit you. Not surprisingly, this is the option most clients now opt for.

We operate a ‘dynamic pricing‘ system so our fees can vary across the year. This helps to ensure that we are never too busy to look after our existing clients, that we don’t have overlapping searches for different clients and that we remain as competitive as possible. Once agreed with our clients we confirm our fees in advance, in writing, as the law requires.

NOTE – For those buying a second home or ‘buy-to-let’ property HMRC guidance notes (& the more digestible Which?) state that our fee, like the additional ‘2nd home Stamp Duty Land Tax‘ or the 2% foreign buyer surcharge plus all your selling costs in certain circumstances can be set against future Capital Gains Tax (or against CGT losses which at present can be carried forward). You should double-check that this would be the case for you with your financial advisor.

* When it comes to estate agents the Ombudsman Code of Practice states that fees should be quoted inclusive of VAT.