I am a buyers agent. I typically look for homes between £500,000 and £50m. I work for the rich and famous, for celebrities but I work for mere mortals too! Like the properties they buy my clients are all different and so I offer different services accordingly. Please call or email and I will happily provide a specific quote. I offer different types of help depending on how much assistance you are looking for.

My ‘Quick check‘ service costs £100.00 (£83.33 + VAT)

My ‘Pocket agent‘ service costs £600.00. (£500 + VAT)

For my Bespoke Buying Service I charge a retainer of £2,400 (£2,000 + VAT) and then;

    • 3% inc. VAT of the purchase price or
    • 25% of any saving made on the asking price or
    • A fixed up front fee of £12,000 inc. VAT

    [When it comes to estate agents the law states that fees must be quoted inclusive of VAT].

    The retainer is only payable once. Our agreement runs for as long as necessary. My record is 23 hours to find a property for one client. The longest took three years!

    Fees for the ‘bespoke’ buying service. Pay the retainer and then choose one of the three options.

    My first piece of free advice is “don’t go for the 25% saving” option. It may look like our interests are aligned but the gap between asking and sold price can be huge and imagine how easy it would be for me to put you off something you ought to buy just because there wasn’t much of a gap. I only need mumble about the drug dealer next door or the rumoured road widening scheme..

    My ‘Negotiation only’ service I charge as I do for everything else at my day rate of £1,000 plus VAT.

    I’m very happy to write articles for blogs, newspaper or magazines. I charge £1 per word and endeavour to turn the requested piece around in 48 hours.

    NOTE – For those buying a second home or ‘buy-to-let’ property HMRC guidance notes (& the more digestible Which?) state that my fee, like the additional ‘2nd home Stamp Duty Land Tax‘ or the forthcoming 2% foreign buyer surcharge plus all your selling costs in certain circumstances can be set against future Capital Gains Tax (or against CGT losses which at present can be carried forward). You should double-check that this would be the case for you with your financial advisor.