£1,000 to negotiate a deal on your next home . Let me help you to ensure your biggest purchase isn’t your most expensive!

History is littered with people who thought negotiation was a gift not a skill

Many people find negotiation either frustrating or complicated especially for something you badly want. More often than not you will be facing someone who is paid to negotiate for a living and if you’re buying a property you have fallen in love with it can be hard to make sure you are buying with your head and not with your heart.

According to Rightmove.co.uk sellers typically accepted around 5% (£11,000) less than their final asking price. Zoopla says that it’s just 3.86% and figures published by Hometrack suggest that a average buyer pays 97% of the asking price. Over the past decade, on average my clients paid £143,000 (11%) less!

I’m often asked if I could handle the negotiations, deal with the estate agent and use my 37 years of experience buying and selling over 1,000 homes to get a sensible deal. Whether you’re a high flying businessman, a surgeon, a concert pianist or simply someone who, like most Brits, doesn’t enjoy haggling, you may be more comfortable with someone else helping to do the deal.

My fees start at £1,000. For more information or to discuss what you’re looking for please get in touch.