Vat trap 🎓

“Thanks to Labour’s plan to add VAT to private school fees, the state education scrummage may be about to get even more intense.”

If you’re one of the thousands of families across the country who The Times reports face a potential 20% increase in Independent School Fees this could mean a home move to get a place in one of the best state schools. In which case, perhaps we can help?

Whether you’re looking to free-up capital to fund the increased outlay, or considering a move to give you the best chance of securing a place in the best of the state sector, we can help in every aspect of your search and purchase through our various services.

Schooling has always been an important consideration when buying a family home (and we’ve bought hundreds,) but never more so than now, and bluntly, it’s about to get a lot harder.  Whether it’s catchment areas, subscription rates, Ofsted inspection results or school-specific admission policies, we can give you the support and guidance you need, all as part of our Buying Service.

Your child’s education is, of course, amongst your top priorities, but it should be part of, and not in addition to, your search for a new home.