36 homes bought this year totalling £94m. 45 offers made and 6 ‘under offer’ or in solicitors hands as we head into ’22. Prices ranged from £650,000 to £10m, the average price paid was £2.67m. The biggest discount-to-asking price was £600k. The biggest premium-to-asking price £150k which just goes toContinue Reading

‘Tis the season for making fools of ourselves, waving a wet finger in the air and having a guess at what might happen to house prices next year. Personally I am expecting the ONS barometer to rise by 5% in 2022 but like most people I’ve been wrong and rightContinue Reading

A man has described his shock at returning to his house and finding it stripped of all furnishings after it was sold without his knowledge. Having been alerted by neighbours, the Reverend Mike Hall drove to Luton and found building work under way and a new owner who said heContinue Reading


Nobody wants to operate on themselves and few would conduct their own divorce and yet almost everyone thinks that when it comes to finding a new home they are the best people to search for one, fall in love with it, evaluate it and then negotiate the best deal. TheContinue Reading

In a helpful article in The Times property editor Carole Lewis has some useful tips for people thinking of buying or selling in the current market. Buyers1. Make friends with estate agents, consider employing a buying agent, you need to do everything you can to get first sight of properties preferablyContinue Reading

Data out this morning from Rightmove highlights the shortage of homes for sale across the country. Newmarket tops the list. The town has seen a surge of 79% in sales agreed over the last year and a 49% drop in new sellers. Parts of Britain are so short of homesContinue Reading

From time to time we are asked if we know anyone who can… So here is a list of tradesmen* and others who we or our clients have used in the past. Asbestos Surveyors – Kim Francis at AzMatt https://www.asmattltd.co.uk Japanese Knotweed – Richard Slade at Environet https://www.environetuk.com Electrical testContinue Reading

Friday 13th wasn’t ill-fated for us it turned out. We had four exchanges in one day making five in total for the week with two other purchases completing. £10m worth of homes on one day. Rosie got two deals over the line making three in total for her. The firstContinue Reading

A selection of the 30+ homes that we have helped acquire during the Covid pandemic totalling over £75m. 25% were ‘off market’, 75% agreed below asking price.Continue Reading

House prices are still rising just not quite as fast as they were earlier this year according the Halifax. This month the ‘average’ house is currently £261,221 and leaving prices 7.6% higher than at the same time last year. In a blizzard of half year results estate agents and houseContinue Reading

Like everyone else I’ve been stuck, often locked down for eighteen months and l’m dying for some sunshine. I’m in Italy for two weeks leaving Rosie and Kate in charge. If you need anything please email, text or phone.Continue Reading