Two sales agreed on one day – a first for me and three agreed in total this week! One was for clients who had been searching unsuccessfully for a year and who needed some confidence and focus. Another was for a property that had started off asking £1.65m last SeptemberContinue Reading

Last year, according to Zoopla, the average UK home buyer paid £8.5k or 4% less than the asking price. Over the past decade my clients paid £120k or is 6% less. As you can see some years it seems to be more than others. I need to try and workContinue Reading

Reports in the Telegraph this weekend suggested that the Chancellor was flirting with the idea of a Mansion Tax. You may recall that such a tax was first floated by Vince Cable and subsequently by Ed Miliband to which the response from the Conservatives was unequivocal. Already wealthy home ownersContinue Reading

When you buy a property you will have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax, a ‘purchase tax’ now payable within 14 days of completing on the purchase. It varies depending on the price you pay and whether you are a first time buyer, an overseas resident, a company, if youContinue Reading

It’s the end of the first full week back at work and I’ve bid of four properties. Two went to best and final offers and my clients came second on both. Frustrating but both were sanguine. We lost one by £5,000 on a £1.35m offer. The second was agreed toContinue Reading

So, the country said “no” to a return to the ‘old’ Labour era of forty years ago and the Corbyn experiment has, let’s hope, been canned! The UK has presumably held it’s collective nose and voted for Boris Johnson and we now have five years of a Conservative Government. StabilityContinue Reading