How much less?

Last year, according to Zoopla, the average UK home buyer paid £8.5k or 4% less than the asking price. Over the past decade my clients paid £120k or is 6% less. As you can see some years it seems to be more than others. I need to try and work out why this might be.

Whilst some of my clients opt for my 3% fee more and more now go for the fixed £12k up front and most seem delighted judging by the feedback I get.

Every deal is different. Sometimes we pay over the asking price, sometimes, less. The asking price isn’t a statement of value, an indication as to what the seller might take or what the estate agent thinks it’s worth. it should be there to attract attention and encourage people to go and look. Never-the-less, many people think that what they pay should somehow be linked to the seller or agents aspirations. In 2019 one of my best deals was;-