Sales agreed

Two sales agreed on one day – a first for me and three agreed in total this week!

One was for clients who had been searching unsuccessfully for a year and who needed some confidence and focus. Another was for a property that had started off asking £1.65m last September and that we have secured for 20% less and the last was a competition with 21 other buyers. We won the Best & Final offers by less than £10k!

In each case the selling agent remarked that the presentation of the offer, the fact that the buyer was properly prepared with funding in place a surveyor standing by and a lawyer on speed dial gave them confidence to recommend the bid and reassurance to the seller that they should accept. The fact that they we paying money to a buying agent felt like commitment and in one case this clinched it!

Lots of work to do of course as we work towards exchange of contracts. All three clients have sensibly taken out homebuyer protection insurance in case the deal falls apart but solicitors are working on the paperwork, surveyors are booked and with luck all will be exchanged by April.