£1000 for help during the buying and selling process.

Up to 100,000 people buy a home every month. 90% of those who are selling get advice from an estate agent but most buyers think they can do it all themselves. Of course not everyone can justify a bespoke buying service but now you can get help from our Pocket Agent service. Help for anyone looking to  buy or sell, to rent or let all for £1,000 including VAT.

Whether it’s about your next move, cashing in your pension to reinvest in bricks and mortar or picking up the pieces after a relationship breakdown, we can help you to understand the options available to you and provide guidance on where to look, what questions to ask and who you can trust. Already used by people preparing for a sale, by divorcing couples looking to find two homes from the price of one, those struggling to compete with other buyers at ‘best & final offer’ situations or by folk just hoping to find a reasonably priced home, the Pocket Agent can help you to unearth the answers to your property problems such as;-

  • Where to look.
  • How to work out the underlying value of a property.
  • How to calculate the yield.
  • How to unearth homes that aren’t on the open market.
  • What not to tell an estate agent when viewing.
  • When to make an offer and help in making a bid.
  • When it pays to pay a fee.
  • How to choose the best selling/letting agent.
  • What work is worth doing to your home before you sell or let it.

This is a ‘reactive service’, the fee covers calls, emails or video chats and answers to your questions on anything to do with moving. We don’t actively search for a new home but if you would like help when looking for properties or are unsure exactly what to tell an agent or when to make an offer then you can get further advice at that time.

We charge a one off fee of £833.33 plus VAT (£1,000 in total) for the service. If you would like to sign up please send an email with;
– Your name
– Your address
– Your mobile number
– Your email address

and we’ll be in touch.


  1. Henry’s pocket agent service was perfect for us as we had narrowed our search for our family home to a small part of London. I was staggered by Henry’s street-by-street knowledge and it really helped sense check our decision making in the latter stages. We had a relatively swift and smooth process, but having Henry’s advice along the way was incredibly helpful and reassuring! He communicates clearly, directly and very promptly and his advice is realistic and reliable. 100% recommend!

  2. Henry helped immensely, resetting our expectations to a set of probable outcomes. This helped narrow down our options and focus on the most likely scenario to selling our property. He isn’t always right, but he has an excellent understanding of the market from buyer and sellers point of view, so pay attention and action his recommendations!

  3. As our Pocket Agent, Henry’s concise, non-waffling approach and wealth of understanding in property matters, kept us on a track that probably saved us a near £200k drop and got us our sale. When you feel it’s not going well, our advice would be listen to his words and put them into action.

  4. Henry’s pocket agent service was extremely valuable for us as we went through the process of buying out first home.

    We had lots of questions and concerns and Henry was patient to hear us out and prompt to reply our emails or to jump on a call. What we appreciated most was his direct and pragmatic advice which helped us gain the confidence to make decisions we had been struggling to make.

    We would recommend Henry’s service to anyone who wants to feel more confident in the process of buying a home, the fee is well worth it, not only for the savings you might have but also for the peace of mind you get.

  5. I just had a quick chat with Henry at around 11am regarding his pocket agent service and current status with my accepted offer on a property during this uncertain period.

    In no uncertain terms he set me straight even though it seemed so counter intuitive since i’ve put an offer in.

    Thank you again Henry


  6. We were a first time buyer and naturally a lot of unknowns are front and center of a house purchase decision. Henry ensured that the discussions were fluid and fast moving throughout our buying process. He also helped us avoid a wrong purchase into a property with limited future prospects. Would recommend him for street smart knowledge of London property.

  7. Our house hunt dragged on for longer than we anticipated as we tried to match our budget and hopes. Henry stuck with us throughout with unfailing good cheer and sound advice. We exchanged yesterday on an actual dream house, 50k under the asking price. Having tested the the pocket service to its limits (sorry Henry) we would recommend it without hesitation.

  8. PocketAgent was invaluable for giving that all important 10,000 ft view. We were too emotionally involved in the deal to be able to access things rationally. Because I trust Henry and value his opinion, his analysis of the market gave us the confidence to “strike”.

  9. Henry kept our heads cool while trying to purchase a London property and gave great advice on valuation which helped us stick to our position. Our sale was protracted over several months and his responses throughout that time were immediate and clear. It is immensely helpful to have an independent expert on your side giving truly impartial advice. It is easy to get emotional when buying a house! Pocket agent is money well spent. Thanks Henry.

  10. Every successful person has some form of coach guiding them to be the best that they can be. Buying a house can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be.

    Henry gives you the confidence to put you in control. The reward after this experience will be stepping into your dream home.

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