Like most people my old firm has been wrong-footed by the Pandemic and more importantly the extraordinary support that the Government has shown towards the housing sector. Last week’s budget saw an extension the the Stamp Duty holiday and a new (or should I say renewed) version of Help toContinue Reading

The stamp duty holiday on house purchases has been extended for a further three months, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in his Budget. The property purchase tax has been suspended on the first £500,000 of all sales in England and Northern Ireland since 8th July last year. The tax break forContinue Reading

If you’re struggling to find a home don’t panic. Rightmove calculates that they are showing 20% fewer properties. More will come once the vaccine gives older owners confidence to allow strangers around their homes. Many of those who would have sold in Q1 this year will join the usual supplyContinue Reading

My old friend Phil Spencer was kind enough to ask me to join him in Lockdown 3 and to look at the year ahead for his clever MoveIQ business. Together we agree (about how important it is that buyers get more support), disagree (about the Stamp Duty holiday) and shootContinue Reading

Can you view houses in lockdown? The government says people are allowed to view properties during the lockdown in England. It encourages buyers to do their initial property searches online and advises that initial viewings should be done virtually wherever possible.  For viewings taking place in person, the government says theseContinue Reading

A tad dramatic, perhaps but if you are looking for a new home and feel like there isn’t much choice at the moment then that’s because there isn’t. The three Lockdowns in England mean that a lot of homes that would have been put up for sale haven’t. Some sellersContinue Reading

An annual property tax set at 0.48% of the value of the home is being floated by a Think Tank close to the Treasury according to The Sunday Times. While there will be no radical change to property taxes in this budget according to Tim Shipman, ministers and officials areContinue Reading

Lots of people calling for the Stamp Duty holiday to be extended despite the Government stating that they won’t indeed the Telegraph have started a campaign. When ig was originally announced in July last year it was clearly signed that it would end in March 2021. Estate agents, conveyancers, mortgageContinue Reading

The UK Government has announced a third Lock Down with similar restrictions on movement and on businesses as in March last year. In England, the housing market remains open, you can buy and sell, let and rent and estate agents can remain open and operational. Some things will be difficult,Continue Reading

Last January the BBC repeated it’s annual round of house price predictions. This year they have sensibly decided not to repeat the exercise. Turned out we were all unable to see what would happen to house prices despite a number of experts changing their predictions (in some cases several times)Continue Reading