If you ever wondered what two middle-aged white property men might talk about in a pub then here’s the answer. 25 minutes in the company of buying legend Phil Spencer chatting about how I got into the business and how of course I’m really just following in his footsteps. ForContinue Reading

The Average London house prices up 53% on January 2008 vs a UK average of 24%. Also evident is the flattening in London from mid(ish) 2016 followed by falling prices from mid(ish) 2018 but.. How have house prices done since 2008 once you factor in inflation? Answer, they have actuallyContinue Reading

There are lots of icebergs bobbing about in the property ocean just at the moment, uncertainty is all around and as everyone knows, like all markets the property market hates uncertainty. We’ve got; The prospect of a new Prime Minister, a more certain Brexit date of the end of OctoberContinue Reading

Buying a home is expensive, things can go wrong so I always recommend to clients that they consider Homebuyer Protection Insurance. 30% of agreed sales fall apart – gazumping for instance is making an unwelcome return. There are a range of benefits which you may find reassuring from £45. ThereContinue Reading

One possible solution to the housing crisis? My comments on a scheme devised by a house builder in Essex that provides ‘Almshouses for the young’. Affordable rents for nice homes plus enforced saving towards a deposit. Something that Community Right To Build could help other communities to do – ifContinue Reading

Sales agreed this week for two clients confirms that there is a market and that you can buy and sell if both parties want to. On Tuesday terms were agreed with Knight Frank in Cobham for the purchase of an off-market home that my clients had waited four months for.Continue Reading

To Osterley to Sky News to update Stephen Dixon and Gillian Joseph on the housing market on what is usually the busiest weekend of the year for estate agents.

Since 2000 in London on average 10,300 properties have sold every month according to ONS data. In July 2002 18,000 sold. In Feb 2009 just 3,251. Last month (November) 6,800 changed hands. Meanwhile, across the whole country.. Since 2005 across the UK on average 86,000 properties have sold every monthContinue Reading

Whilst there is considerable turmoil in Westminster & lots of talk in the press of people putting off buying or selling because of Brexit the past three months has been busy with new clients retaining me, properties to see, offers being made and deals being agreed. I’ve exchanged and completedContinue Reading

First announced at the Tory party conference last September foreign buyers who speculate or just buy a property in the UK could be forced to pay a higher stamp duty rate of 1% under government proposals. Theresa May will launch a consultation this week on an extra level of taxContinue Reading