What started as a free, half hour consultation during the first Lockdown is now a regular offer. I’ve done nearly 1,500 ‘surgeries’ so far but demand has continued post-Covid. Should you sell? Is now the time to buy? Should you sell before you look for somewhere new and what might happen next year as we head towards an Election? What are your options and who can you trust? Free, confidential and with no strings attached. Book your free FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or phone call now.

Now more than ever, people want to ensure that their biggest financial commitment isn’t their most expensive! Book a time that is mutually convenient and the links below will open a connection via FaceTime or Skype.



  1. We have just had a 30 min call with Henry and he has provided us with the most fantastic advice that I’m sure we will be incredibly grateful for over the coming months. As first time buyers he has helped us take the emotion out of our purchase and think more critically about the current situation in the property market. His advice is straight to the point, professional and he really helped us to understand the process better. We can’t thank you enough and we’ve already recommended you to friends!

  2. My partner and I are first time buyers and had a ‘corona clinic’ session with Henry today. He offered us the sober perspective of a no-nonsense expert.

    We are extremely grateful for his help the fact that this service is free is absolutely mind-boggling. I highly recommend Henry’s services to anyone considering a real estate purchase.

  3. I was incredibly grateful for Henry’s honest advice as we try and sell our property for the second time this year. It resulted in us making a decision that will hopefully have a positive outcome. This is such a great service that he’s offering and I couldn’t recommend it enough. He knows his stuff and doesn’t beat around the bush.

  4. Having followed Henry on social media, I sensed that this guy knew his stuff, over our 30 min consultation my thoughts were cemented. We have been looking for a property for 8 months in a market that seems to be changing daily.

    Henry’s brutally honest and direct approach was a breath of fresh air! He provided amazing insight and much needed clarity on what our focus and next steps should be. We will without doubt be continuing to work with him in the future! Much more airtime on the BBC is needed from Mr Pryor indeed!

  5. I emailed Henry one evening to see if we could speak and 12 hours later he had answered all our questions as confused first-time buyers.
    Henry made us feel at ease and we felt we could have asked him absolutely anything. He broke down the different parts of our questions and gave us his very clear opinions and advice. Even though it was not exactly what we wanted to hear it was definitely precious advice that we will rely on going forward.
    Thank you Henry for generously giving up your time for us.

  6. Henry very kindly took time out of his Sunday to give us some much needed, valuable advice.

    We were weighing up the purchase of a new house but were worried about paying too much in the current market given the future economic outlook. We were having difficulty staying rationale having found a house we’d fallen for.

    We really valued Henry’s straight talking and rational approach to our situation. He didn’t sugar coat or tell us what we might want to hear and very quickly distilled our numerous thoughts down into a couple of key questions. Henry is clearly very experienced at what he does and is able to cut through the noise to the core questions.

    This has enabled us to take some of the emotion out of our thinking and decisively move forward.

    Thank you so much Henry, much appreciated.

  7. Stumbled across Henry’s clinic, dropped him an email and before I know we’re on the phone. Henry was so easy to talk to and gave straight to the point, clear and concise advice – the best kind. My partner and I were stuck in a rut with our flat and we can now see a way forward thanks to Henry. Henry, you need to expand into life coaching too, you were excellent at helping us solve the issues were having!! Thanks again for your time, we are very grateful.

  8. Henry was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and gave me a great insight into the world of property. He was thoughtful and funny, will definitely stay in contact. Recommend!

  9. Henry’s response to my initial contact was both very prompt and positive, and our subsequent conversation extremely helpful, particularly in giving me a different perspective on my situation. His kindness and generosity in making his time, expertise and knowledge freely available to so many people make him an absolute role model for professionals everywhere.

  10. Henry responded to my request for a property clinic appointment within the hour on a Sunday morning. We were on the phone discussing within 2 hours.

    I had questions about an offer I had made and wanted advice. I left the conversation much more certain about my situation and next steps. I’ll definitely sleep better tonight as well!

    Thank you for your time, Henry

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