What started as a free, half hour consultation during the first Lockdown is now a regular offer. I’ve done nearly 1,500 ‘surgeries’ so far but demand has continued post-Covid. Should you sell? Is now the time to buy? Should you sell before you look for somewhere new and what might happen next year as we head towards an Election? What are your options and who can you trust? Free, confidential and with no strings attached. Book your free FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or phone call now.

Now more than ever, people want to ensure that their biggest financial commitment isn’t their most expensive! Book a time that is mutually convenient and the links below will open a connection via FaceTime or Skype.



  1. I emailed him this morning and within 7 hours I’d already had my free 30 minute consultation with him. He was direct, rationale, spoke about my issues directly but also gave me context on wider market activity I might want to consider. He was also great at explaining the finer detail in a clear way, which isn’t always easy to access if you’re not immersed in that world. Would recommend.

  2. I’m first-time buyer and also relatively new to the UK. Henry gave me very clear advices on several important topics like current property market, Help to Buy, Leasehold, Area vs Property size/type. I feel much more informed and confident after having 15 minute chat with Henry and definitely recommend him and the Corona Clinic initiative.

  3. I just had a 20 minutes conversation with Henry and I feel really lucky to have someone so genuine and honest to give me expert advice during such a turbulent time. I am very grateful. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to speak with Henry. Thank you Henry, grazie Henry!

  4. Just finished a 20 minute call with Henry as part of the Covid Clinic offer. The pace of the property market recently, even in light of the economic damage, has been nothing short of baffling. As a first time buyer, whilst my gut instinct was to not get carried away with the headlines of rapidly rising prices and estate agents warning houses were all selling way over asking price, I couldn’t help feeling like I might need to be in more of a rush, causing a great amount of headaches and anxiety. The chat really put my mind at ease and I felt like I was talking to someone who not only ‘knew their stuff’ but had no vested interest in telling me something that wasn’t in my personal interest either. I’m also thankful to have found the other services Henry offers and will most likely be back in touch soon, if only to put my mind at ease that the property I eventually buy, is the right one, priced correctly. Thanks again for being so generous of your time – most useful 20 minutes I’ve spent in ages!

  5. I warmly recommend speaking to Henry- he shifted my perspective, reassured me, and essentially gave me new tools to tackle the situation with a boost of confidence and detachment. As well as being highly useful it was fun to chat! Now I feel I can more coolly analyse whatever comes on the market and know I will re-contact him if/when I need someone watching my back. Thanks to Henry for his time and expertise!

  6. Very grateful to Henry for taking time to provide his view of the current housing market. It was refreshing to hear an opinion that wasn’t couched in a vested interest and he has given us a lot to think about regarding our house sale and purchase. Highly recommended!

  7. We had a corona clinic session with Henry earlier this week. It was a great decision to take up his generous offer and spend 30 minutes on the phone with him. He listened to us and our specific situation and gave us his honest, informed and clear opinion. In these uncertain times it is so refreshing and valuable to be able to have the advice of an objective expert. Thank you Henry! We won’t hesitate to recommend you and this service.

  8. Henry gave us some excellent advice which was much needed during these uncertain times. I would highly recommend anyone to give him a ring, the free consultation is an amazing resource!

  9. We came to Henry looking for someone to give us a bit of advice on the housing market as two people with very limited experience of property.

    He was able to provide it in spades – after just a 30 minute chat, Henry changed our approach and left us in a much stronger position. His advice was clear and extremely helpful.

  10. Henry provided clear and concise advice on our specific situation (first time buyers) having carefully listened to what was on our mind and what our plans were. He’s very friendly and open and his sessions are completely confidential. Within 20m, he not only gave extremely valuable advice about our buying case but also shared advice about our alternative plans to rent for an interim period which settled my mind on another issue that I was dealing with (so he’s clearly very perceptive!). I think anyone who’s serious about buying (and about protecting their buying interests) should be seeking a conversation with a buying agent and from what I can see from the internet: Henry is the best in the business! Thank you so much Henry.

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