£100 for a 2,300 word report with advice on value, the market, what to check plus a 30 minute follow-up phone call.

NOTE – Since the start of Covid in March 2020 the housing market has been all over the place and trying to value something has become nearly impossible. Mortgage valuers tell us that they either don’t do valuations or they are having to sign them off at whatever the agreed price is. Comparables are of little use and of course the Stamp Duty holiday complicated things yet further. We’re very keen to help, there is a market, you can buy and sell, let and rent but it is especially complicated. Please call or email to check exactly how much help this report can be before ordering. February 2022

If you’ve found a suitable property but would like someone to run a professional eye over it before you commit further, then send me an email with a link to the property advert on the agent’s website or the property portal on which it appears.

For £100 (including VAT) we will provide a 2300 word response which will include;

  • Checking the history of the sale
  • Looking at the guide price and the underlying value
  • Considering the strength/weakness of the local market, house prices, rents and yields
  • Reviewing the local area, crime statistics, schooling options, mobile reception, broadband & council services
  • Recommending environmental search tools to check on flooding, mining or contaminated land
  • Introducing experts where necessary for structural surveys, legal work or specialist finance
  • Advising on bidding tactics, when and what to offer and on how to negotiate the best terms
  • Discuss options to add value and improve the property in the future

We can also search the local area to check schools, crime, travel, things to do and amenities. These are things you may have already considered, that your conveyancer should double-check but that may help you to decide if this particular property might be your future home.

Just copy the URL – the ‘www.address…’ bit (highlighted in blue above) and email it together with the full postal address with postcode to “henry@pryor.co.uk” along with your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

If £100 seems too much to pay for a bespoke report on the home you are thinking of buying there are automated alternatives. The excellent Property Detective will deliver a report that you may find has the detail you need and costs £9.99 or the moveiQ service from our old friend and media darling Phil Spencer which at present costs £17.99.

You can make payment to;

Account name; Henry Pryor

Sort code; 04-00-04

Account number; 44461109


  1. I asked Henry for advice on a property I had already made an offer on. He gave me valuable feedback and was also very straight to the point which I appreciated a lot. His insight into the property market is a great resource to have on your side when trying to navigate the real estate jungle. I am very happy with the experience and recommend Henry to anyone who wants to double check his decisions before pulling the trigger. Very pleased with the service

  2. I usually don’t bother with reviews (unless something really bad happens) but Henry’s service was so much better than we hoped for that I had to share with everyone here.

    Henry knows all the in’s and outs of buying a residential property and offered a bespoke service that was very specific to our situation. We found out that the estate agent has shared wrong information with us previously about price and almost overpaid already outright.

    Going into negotiations for a property without a buyers agent is like going to court without a solicitor and Henry knows all the dirty tricks and the traps. We’ll definitely own this negotiation on our property and can’t thank him enough for saving us thousands and ten-thousands. I would definitely recommend his service too all of my friends!

  3. First, I heard Henry speaking on BBC Berkshire and started following him on twitter. I am so glad, I checked with Henry before making an offer on our first home. He gave an in-depth report on the property, current market conditions and offered great tips on how to persuade the vendor to accept an offer. His turn around time is amazing. He gave me the confidence on how to negotiate with the vendor. I didn’t realise that we are in a buyers market until I spoke to him.

    I strongly recommend every property buyer to do at least a Quick check with Henry before making an offer.

    One of the very well spent £100 in my life time.

  4. I have been following Henry’s blog and twitter’s posts for the last couple of years and I can only say he is the only Expert in the field I wholeheartedly trust! This is why as a first time buyer I decided to avail myself of his ‘Quick check’ service and I am glad to say that he exceeded my expectations. He responded swiftly to all my emails (even though they came around Xmas time) , quickly sent his detailed report and was happy to answer my questions and provide most effective advice through a follow-up phone call. It is truly amazing for all the ‘lost’ property buyers out there in this confusing market, to be able to afford such honest, prompt and useful support. No need to say I will recommend his services to all of my friends and will keep following him with even more interest now on!
    Thank you Henry!

  5. Asking Henry for a Quick Check proved to be of great help for us.
    As first-time buyers, my partner and I were stressed because we didn’t know much about the process of finding the right home for us and we wanted an expert on our side. Within a few hours after contacting him, Henry phoned the selling agent and a few local estate agents to get a better feel about the property and surrounding area that we were interested in.
    Henry’s detailed report provided insight into the potential for this flat either as our home or a buy-to-let property. It also contained relevant information about the current real estate market in London and foreseeable trends. We were impressed with how prompt his email replies were to all our followup questions.
    This service was not only really fast, but also provided very valuable analysis giving us a lot more confidence when we decided to make an offer on a flat, offer that also got accepted. Thanks Henry!

  6. Henry’s quick check service was wonderful – I would happily recommend it to anyone. I am a first time buyer in London and Henry put me at ease with what is usually a very stressful process. He provided a comprehensive review of the property I was interested in – including phoning various estate agents in the area! His advice was sound and the follow up call was brilliant. His turn around time was outstanding too. On top of all this, Henry also went above and beyond and looked into the property survey report. His insights there were immensely valuable and were foundational in my decision to move ahead with the purchase. Amazing value for money, thank you so much Henry.

  7. I can only recommend Henry Pryor, I spent some time marvelling at his reviews before deciding to buy into his quick check service which did not disappoint. His reputation for being on the BBC and Radio certainly lived up to expectation. Even if I don’t end up going on to buy a house, his advice and assistance will stand me in good stead for the time when I do go on to buy a property, whether that be in a matter of weeks, months or years. He is easily contactable and has an easy to understand & methodical approach to addressing any questions. Thanks Henry. Thumbs up from me!

  8. I used Henry’s quick check service for a advice on a property I was interested in Purchasing. Henry’s reply’s to my queries and his detailed report came back withing a day, amazingly quick service! His expert knowledge threw up some areas I had not considered and a few of the details confirmed my thoughts, which is also nice to know your on the right track and not going to make an expensive mistake. He spoke to the estate agent and also found additional information which I had not been aware off, all in all an excellent service.

  9. We got the quick check service done yesterday and it really is as fast as everyone says!
    I would advise anyone who is planning to purchase a house to do a ‘quick check’:
    – if you think you’ve got the right property/price I would get one,
    – if you’re not sure you’ve got the right property/price I would definitely get one!

    I honestly can’t wait to recommend Henry to my friends as the service was truely unsurpassable… The information is so helpful and gets you to think in a completely different way. Take the heartfelt emotions away, put your head back on your shoulders and see the property in a unique way, rather than simply, is the right area and does it look nice enough?
    I even think we really ought to get a bit more modern about buying houses and have agents representing buyers more… Just like on ‘Million dollar listing NY!’??!!
    Thanks so much Henry!

  10. Henry’s was very helpful in giving his opinion on the property we were interested in, and his unbiased view (via email as well as through a follow up call) gave us the opportunity to step back and objectively consider the house we were interested in before we got too (sentimentally) attached! Would recommend the Quick Check service!

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