What started as a free, half hour consultation during the first Lockdown is now a regular offer. I’ve done nearly 1,500 ‘surgeries’ so far but demand has continued post-Covid. Should you sell? Is now the time to buy? Should you sell before you look for somewhere new and what might happen next year as we head towards an Election? What are your options and who can you trust? Free, confidential and with no strings attached. Book your free FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or phone call now.

Now more than ever, people want to ensure that their biggest financial commitment isn’t their most expensive! Book a time that is mutually convenient and the links below will open a connection via FaceTime or Skype.



  1. It is so generous of Henry to give his time and expert advice for free to help those of us struggling with the craziness that is the propery market in 2021. He is honest, direct, witty and we came away feeling a lot calmer and more in control of our situation and with clarity as to what our next steps should (and should not!) be. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you so much again Henry.

  2. Henry was incredibly helpful in offering frank advice on our house search which enabled us to clarify our thinking and hopefully avoid rushing into a huge decision for the wrong reasons. Thank you, Henry.

  3. We very much appreciated Henry giving his time to speak to us about the frantic state of the current housing market (March 2021). As buyers trying to get back onto the housing ladder, it was really helpful to get a wider perspective on what is happening at the moment and a reminder not to be panicked into a decision that we might later regret. Thank you Henry!

  4. Thanks Henry for the opportunity to attend one of your Corona Clinic’s. I really appreciate the opportunity to raise a lot of the questions that have been on my mind. The advice you provided in 30 minutes was fantastic! It helped clarify a lot, gave direction, and was very reassuring hearing from someone with your experience. I look forward to tapping into one of your other services and gaining more wisdom and insights from you as my property search progresses. Thanks again.

  5. Still quite can’t believe Henry is offering support and advice completely free. I was delighted to have someone with his knowledge and experience remove me from the world of procrastination regarding my property scenario. Instead Henry provided direction, reassurance and confidence to do what is likely best for my situation.
    There is lots of white noise surrounding property atm and Henry adjusted the volumes to I could hear and see clearer. I truly appreciate someone like Henry offering this service. Top bloke.

  6. As prospective first time buyers, Henry’s COVID clinic was incredibly helpful in giving us market insight and to help us avoid first time buyer pitfalls. Clear and honest views were just what we were looking forward. Will definitely be staying in touch with Henry in the coming months with the view to using some of his other services.

  7. Really grateful for Henry making the time (quite short notice too!) for providing some valuable and impartial advice on our situation. His decades of experience combined with a “macro” view on UK property (vs the zoomed in view that we have) was really helpful especially during this volatile market condition, and helped reassure us on next steps. Thank you Henry!

  8. We are very grateful we contacted Henry and used his Corona clinic. He was extremely helpful, frank and fair and put us back in the right frame of mind for our house search and future actions. We would thoroughly recommend his services. Thank you again.

  9. My sincere thanks to Henry for generously giving his time to share his invaluable knowledge in a Corona Clinic to help me better understand my position in the current uncertain housing market. His thoughtful insights, reassuring expertise and honest observations were delivered with graciousness, humour and a genuine desire to help. The independent perspective, concise advice and practical suggestions I received have helped me feel much more confident in the decisions I need to make.

    It was a pleasure to speak with him and I recommend his clinic to anyone else seeking clarity for their own circumstances. Thanks again Henry.

  10. Henry very kindly and usefully spent 30 minutes getting me up to speed on the types of issues a first time buyer should know. It was incredibly useful and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you very much!

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