£100 for a 2,300 word report with advice on value, the market, what to check plus a 30 minute follow-up phone call.

NOTE – Since the start of Covid in March 2020 the housing market was been all over the place and trying to value something has become nearly impossible. Mortgage valuers tell us that they either don’t do valuations or they are having to sign them off at whatever the agreed price is. Comparables are of little use and of course the Stamp Duty holiday has complicated things yet further. We’re very keen to help, there is a market, you can buy and sell, let and rent but it is especially complicated. Please call or email to check exactly how much help this report can be before ordering. September 2021

If you’ve found a suitable property but would like someone to run a professional eye over it before you commit further, then send me an email with a link to the property advert on the agent’s website or the property portal on which it appears.

For £100 (including VAT) we will provide a 2300 word response which will include;

  • Checking the history of the sale
  • Looking at the guide price and the underlying value
  • Considering the strength/weakness of the local market, house prices, rents and yields
  • Reviewing the local area, crime statistics, schooling options, mobile reception, broadband & council services
  • Recommending environmental search tools to check on flooding, mining or contaminated land
  • Introducing experts where necessary for structural surveys, legal work or specialist finance
  • Advising on bidding tactics, when and what to offer and on how to negotiate the best terms
  • Discuss options to add value and improve the property in the future

We can also search the local area to check schools, crime, travel, things to do and amenities. These are things you may have already considered, that your conveyancer should double-check but that may help you to decide if this particular property might be your future home.

Just copy the URL – the ‘www.address…’ bit (highlighted in blue above) and email it together with the full postal address with postcode to “henry@pryor.co.uk” along with your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

If £100 seems too much to pay for a bespoke report on the home you are thinking of buying there are automated alternatives. The excellent Property Detective will deliver a report that you may find has the detail you need and costs £9.99 or the moveiQ service from our old friend and media darling Phil Spencer which at present costs £17.99.

To pay for the report click here and you can use a credit or debit card via PayPal. (You do not need to be a PayPal customer). Alternatively you can make payment online to;

Account name; Henry Pryor

Sort code; 04-00-04

Account number; 44461109


  1. I used Henry’s ‘quick check’ services twice — in the first case he provided a quick, expert opinion on the worth of a unique house in London which helped us make a a strong bid with reasoning, and in the second instance he was honest and said he could not give a firm estimate on price due to the market being closed, which I appreciated. He did not charge me, when he could have easily taken my money! Thanks Henry.

  2. Henry could not have been more helpful or honest. We cannot overstate how important his advice was to us as potential buyers. Super fast response when time was of the essence and we will be using him again for any future transactions.

  3. It is the second time I have used Henry’s services whilst in search of some clarity in these unpredictable times. Needless to say in both occasions Henry’s advice was prompt and, most importantly: spot on! I am really grateful that he can provide such excellent insights at an affordable price for ftb like myself. He is a real Property Oracle and I will not hesitate to use him again (for as many times as necessary) to buy with confidence!

  4. Henry helped my Mum save £15K on her house purchase a couple of years ago, so when it came to my house purchase, Henry was the first person I turned to for advice.

    Over our 12 month search for our new home, we had a couple of offers rejected before we found the house in our preferred location.

    With Henry’s advice we were able to secure the house after a brief negotiation at a £20K saving on the asking price

    Using Henry’s contacts we arranged a great mortgage offer and had a survey done by one of his recommended surveying companies.

    All in all, an extremely stress free transaction smoothed on its way by Henry’s helpful advice.

    Thank you again for the help Henry

  5. Very impressed with the quick check service. Henry responded within 24 hours with a very thorough email commenting on the valuation, general market conditions and the local area. He had also called the seller’s agent and managed to obtain a significant amount of information, which he then used to offer a frank opinion on how to approach negotiations. I also found it incredibly helpful to speak to Henry on the phone to discuss the market conditions more generally and seek some advice on selling our current property.

  6. Henry’s quick check service is brilliant.
    He was informative, concise and refreshingly honest about the house searching/buying process.
    He summarises macro & micro considerations well whilst giving you the confidence to act as objectively as possible – not always easy with the emotional house hunting process.
    Upgraded to the pocket agent service as a result – keep up the great work, Henry!

  7. I recently used Henry’s Quick Check and found the service to be detailed and excellent value for money. Henry’s experience and advice is invaluable and he shows great consideration and empathy for one of life’s biggest decisions.

  8. I used Henry’s ‘quick advice for £100’ service and he was punctual, effective and savvy. Great buying strategy. I’d use it again. And advise others to do the same.

  9. I have just used Henry for a Quick Check service. He was incredibly quick, very responsive, and offered genuine insight that has helped us make a difficult decision. He is very approachable and for this service incredible value for money.

    In addition, I found Henry very easy to chat too, clear, confidence-inspiring and full of sage advice.

    I will definitely be using Henry again.

  10. Henry was a great ally to have in navigating the many pitfalls of trying to work out what a property is worth. His is advice is clear and I thought the Quick Check product was great value.

  11. Henry’s advice on a property I was interested in was incredibly helpful. He managed to obtain useful information from the selling agent, and offered his view about the asking price, likely local demand and some insightful information about the general process. Henry offered a follow-up call, and this proved invaluable. His tips and advice about the bidding process are spot on! Henry’s service is highly recommended!

  12. We asked Henry to have a look at a property we were thinking to buy and he provided us his comprehensive thoughts, which went far beyound our non-professional horizon. In the current uncertain times, we were very much interested in the the potential value of the property and factors influencing the future growth potential. So he tailored the report on this issue. Next to the report he offered a conversation on the phone and thus, I had the opportunity to ask further questions. What I really appreciated was his honest, frank opinion. This all happend within 20 hours!

    We consider such a service and the value-for-money as exceptional and now consider his bespoken service.

  13. Henry’s quick check service was great. A thorough report that helped us place our intended purchase in context, and more importantly a lengthy follow up call during which Henry provided an excellent sounding board for our bidding options. Thumbs up.

  14. Very satisfied, very professional and knowledgeable.

    I originally wanted a service like this in order to have a professional advice in my best interests (rather than having suspect “advice” from sellers’ agents, brokers etc.)

    I contacted Henry for a property. Midway through his investigation, he found that an offer had already been accepted, and that another one was unlikely to be accepted either; so he wrote to me what he had already found out, and offered to return my money. This happened over the course of 4 hours, so very quick

    I decided to instead ask him about another property and it was absolutely a great thing. He came back within 24 hours, and then we had a phone call
    1) As it was a bit of a peculiar case (repossession property), he gave me some insights on how the seller would thing & operate, and accordingly what is the best negotiation approach (as well as recommending a maximum price that I should not go above)
    2) He did not pretend he has a crystal ball that forecasts house prices, but he indicated why this particular flat would do at least as well the surrounding area
    3) In general offered sound recommendations on things I should add to my decision making process, and answered all the questions I had.

    So overall, I am very happy and would absolutely recommend considering making such a big financial investment.

  15. We found Henry’s insights to be robust and valuable in helping shape our approach to the proposed purchase.

  16. Henry’s quick check service went above and beyond. I asked him for a second opinion on a property I was planning to make an offer for. He came back to me, within the same working day, with an extensive and detailed response. And he offered a phone call, the following day, to answer my questions. Not only he gave me advise on the property itself, the market and the area, but also on my personal circumstances. He pointed out facts that I had overlooked and made me reconsider. I wish I had contacted him earlier. Definitely worth the money!

  17. Money very well spent. Henry reported back with specifics and details on the property that I would not have been able to find myself – and all within the same day. Pragmatic advice and an actual view. Thanks, Henry

  18. I would definitely recommend any first time buyers to use this service. Henry provided an interesting market outlook, but for us, the real value lay in the follow up phone call we had with him where he gave us invaluable advice about how to decide how much we’d be willing to pay for the property, how best to negotiate a deal and estate agent traps to look out for. It was very eye opening and will definitely shape the way we proceed with making an offer.

  19. Coming across Henry and his work is one of the best use cases for the internet, breaking down information barriers between experts and non-experts.
    I have been looking to buy for a while and his twitter feed is a constant source of information.
    Despite our recent unfortunate press I am a migrant to the UK and have come to be in the position to be able to apply for a mortgage. Henry’s appearances and website are a wonderful source of information for those of us unable to call upon familial experience in buying property. I used his quick check service and it was a great source of information on what to look out for in what is a market that is obscure to non-experts.
    Henry was quick with the feedback and in touch from the first email.
    Thank you for your assistance Henry wishing you continued success.

  20. Zero hesitation in recommending Henry’s Quick Check service.

    He contacted the estate agent and extracted more information about my prospective property from them in one call than I had managed in two viewings. The email he sent me (within 24 hours) was thorough and informative, and covered valuation, both to purchase and to rent out, market conditions, what kind of survey to ask for, resources for local schools & crime stats, and plenty more.

    He also went above and beyond and suggested a hardball negotiating strategy to me today which is so crazy, it might just work. All in all, an excellent service. Thanks Henry!

  21. I was very impressed with Henry Pryor’s quick check service. It helped point out risks and concerns with the property as well as opportunities. His tips on how to negotiate price were particularly helpful!

  22. I’m happy to recommend Henry’s Quick Check service as an aid to negotiation with vendors. The information he got from selling agents, and the subsequent insight that gave us on the prospective deal was worth the money on its own. And – yes – he was amazingly fast it getting his report back to us. He’s open in admitting that “value is in the eye of the beholder”, and we’ll see (in time) if as I suspect the two houses sell for considerably more than his valuation. We bought neither – but only because neither vendor showed any real need or urgency to move, and we weren’t prepared to hang around until they were prepared to complete. We bought a new house, which is now being finished to our specification!

  23. Henry’s Quick Check provided thorough analysis to support an independent check on our “feel” for the value of a target property. The report was compiled within hours and was analytical. It enable me, as an industry professional to take a more detached view of the potential acquisition. I regard it as money well spent, and for those outside the industry suspect that it offers huge potential return in informing bids.

  24. Followed Henry for a while on twitter but first timer to using his quick check service. Fantastically quick service, I emailed Henry with the property details in the evening and had the report in my Inbox before 10am the next morning.

    I then requested a call (all part of the quick check service) and that too was set up for the next morning. Very useful practical advice on negotiating and of great value.

    So within 48 hours of my email I had a report, a phone call with Henry to ask more questions and some very useful tips and tricks on negotiating.

    Would definitely recommend this service!

  25. I asked Henry for advice on a property I had already made an offer on. He gave me valuable feedback and was also very straight to the point which I appreciated a lot. His insight into the property market is a great resource to have on your side when trying to navigate the real estate jungle. I am very happy with the experience and recommend Henry to anyone who wants to double check his decisions before pulling the trigger. Very pleased with the service

  26. I usually don’t bother with reviews (unless something really bad happens) but Henry’s service was so much better than we hoped for that I had to share with everyone here.

    Henry knows all the in’s and outs of buying a residential property and offered a bespoke service that was very specific to our situation. We found out that the estate agent has shared wrong information with us previously about price and almost overpaid already outright.

    Going into negotiations for a property without a buyers agent is like going to court without a solicitor and Henry knows all the dirty tricks and the traps. We’ll definitely own this negotiation on our property and can’t thank him enough for saving us thousands and ten-thousands. I would definitely recommend his service too all of my friends!

  27. First, I heard Henry speaking on BBC Berkshire and started following him on twitter. I am so glad, I checked with Henry before making an offer on our first home. He gave an in-depth report on the property, current market conditions and offered great tips on how to persuade the vendor to accept an offer. His turn around time is amazing. He gave me the confidence on how to negotiate with the vendor. I didn’t realise that we are in a buyers market until I spoke to him.

    I strongly recommend every property buyer to do at least a Quick check with Henry before making an offer.

    One of the very well spent £100 in my life time.

  28. I have been following Henry’s blog and twitter’s posts for the last couple of years and I can only say he is the only Expert in the field I wholeheartedly trust! This is why as a first time buyer I decided to avail myself of his ‘Quick check’ service and I am glad to say that he exceeded my expectations. He responded swiftly to all my emails (even though they came around Xmas time) , quickly sent his detailed report and was happy to answer my questions and provide most effective advice through a follow-up phone call. It is truly amazing for all the ‘lost’ property buyers out there in this confusing market, to be able to afford such honest, prompt and useful support. No need to say I will recommend his services to all of my friends and will keep following him with even more interest now on!
    Thank you Henry!

  29. Asking Henry for a Quick Check proved to be of great help for us.
    As first-time buyers, my partner and I were stressed because we didn’t know much about the process of finding the right home for us and we wanted an expert on our side. Within a few hours after contacting him, Henry phoned the selling agent and a few local estate agents to get a better feel about the property and surrounding area that we were interested in.
    Henry’s detailed report provided insight into the potential for this flat either as our home or a buy-to-let property. It also contained relevant information about the current real estate market in London and foreseeable trends. We were impressed with how prompt his email replies were to all our followup questions.
    This service was not only really fast, but also provided very valuable analysis giving us a lot more confidence when we decided to make an offer on a flat, offer that also got accepted. Thanks Henry!

  30. Henry’s quick check service was wonderful – I would happily recommend it to anyone. I am a first time buyer in London and Henry put me at ease with what is usually a very stressful process. He provided a comprehensive review of the property I was interested in – including phoning various estate agents in the area! His advice was sound and the follow up call was brilliant. His turn around time was outstanding too. On top of all this, Henry also went above and beyond and looked into the property survey report. His insights there were immensely valuable and were foundational in my decision to move ahead with the purchase. Amazing value for money, thank you so much Henry.

  31. I can only recommend Henry Pryor, I spent some time marvelling at his reviews before deciding to buy into his quick check service which did not disappoint. His reputation for being on the BBC and Radio certainly lived up to expectation. Even if I don’t end up going on to buy a house, his advice and assistance will stand me in good stead for the time when I do go on to buy a property, whether that be in a matter of weeks, months or years. He is easily contactable and has an easy to understand & methodical approach to addressing any questions. Thanks Henry. Thumbs up from me!

  32. I used Henry’s quick check service for a advice on a property I was interested in Purchasing. Henry’s reply’s to my queries and his detailed report came back withing a day, amazingly quick service! His expert knowledge threw up some areas I had not considered and a few of the details confirmed my thoughts, which is also nice to know your on the right track and not going to make an expensive mistake. He spoke to the estate agent and also found additional information which I had not been aware off, all in all an excellent service.

  33. We got the quick check service done yesterday and it really is as fast as everyone says!
    I would advise anyone who is planning to purchase a house to do a ‘quick check’:
    – if you think you’ve got the right property/price I would get one,
    – if you’re not sure you’ve got the right property/price I would definitely get one!

    I honestly can’t wait to recommend Henry to my friends as the service was truely unsurpassable… The information is so helpful and gets you to think in a completely different way. Take the heartfelt emotions away, put your head back on your shoulders and see the property in a unique way, rather than simply, is the right area and does it look nice enough?
    I even think we really ought to get a bit more modern about buying houses and have agents representing buyers more… Just like on ‘Million dollar listing NY!’??!!
    Thanks so much Henry!

  34. Henry’s was very helpful in giving his opinion on the property we were interested in, and his unbiased view (via email as well as through a follow up call) gave us the opportunity to step back and objectively consider the house we were interested in before we got too (sentimentally) attached! Would recommend the Quick Check service!

  35. Henry’s quick check report was comprehensive and helpful, but a 30 min discussion on the phone thereafter was truly invaluable. Gave me eye opening perspectives which I wouldn’t have otherwise considered, despite thinking of myself as very thorough and critical person. Ultimately led to me thinking twice before overpaying – even though I thought I’d snagged a good deal. Well worth it for a second expert opinion and sounding board.

  36. My partner and I are prospective first-time buyers in London. We contacted Henry for a quick check on a property we were interested in, and within a few hours received better and more coherent guidance than we had found in weeks of trawling through the internet for property advice. Henry’s report was incredibly helpful, well-researched and well-informed, and he was very proactive in following up on our questions. It has helped clarify the way we think about our potential purchase and given us some thoughtful insights into the risks and the market generally. I now feel much more confident about putting in an offer and cannot imagine ever seriously considering a property without having Henry have a look at it first. This has been the best money we’ve spent in the buying process and have no reservations in recommending Henry’s professional services to anyone.

  37. My girlfriend and I recently used the Quick Check service for a property we were considering making an offer on and found it to be very helpful. As well as getting a detailed email report with things to consider that we hadn’t thought of there’s also a follow up call where I was able to ask clarifying questions and discuss negotation approaches. Well worth the money and, as others have noted, the turnaround is fast. Will definitely use the service again for future properties.

  38. As first-time buyers we used Henry’s quick check service to get a second opinion on a house we were considering. We found his insight into the market valuable, and his advice sound. Speaking to Henry has given us the confidence to consider homes we may not have before and it has also helped us to come up with a much better idea of what we’d like in a home.

  39. I used Henry’s quick check service recently. Buying a home is always stressful, so it is really valuable to have a level headed second opinion from someone who understands the market, the vendors as well as the agents. Even if you have done researches yourself, it is still reassuring to hear from an expert that you are doing the right thing.

    As in any negotiation, you must be prepared to walk away. Obviously, in the end you have to decide where your walk away line is (which can become VERY blurred, when you are buying your “home” rather than BLT). To have someone to remind you the fact that there is always room for negotiation; there is rarely truly “one of a kind” dream home and you CAN walk away and find something else is an important safety line.

  40. If you are thinking about whether to use Henry’s services — do! We were inexperienced first-time buyers, and Henry provided invaluable and comprehensive advice about the mechanics of making an offer and everything associated with it, and negotiating tactics. He also responded very quickly and over a weekend, and went above and beyond in helping with follow-up queries. We can’t recommend highly enough!

  41. It’s 20 years since my wife and I last moved. We said we would never move again and it’s taken us this long to change our mind. I’ve been following Henry on Twitter for some time and when we decided to take the plunge we agreed to use his “Quick Check” service to help us through the process, especially as we were moving to an area we didn’t know very well. His service was everything I hoped. He responded quickly to my enquiry and produced the report at short notice, which allowed us to be much better informed than would otherwise have been the case. The report itself was detailed and insightful and another benefit is that Henry asked questions of the local agent which would not have occured to me or if they did, I may have not asked as I wouldn’t have thought they would answer. This again resulted in much useful information for us.

    Another benefit of the service is that Henry was generous with his time. We had a very useful discussion with him about the house and especially negotiating tactics. He gave us a clear picture of our strengths and weaknesses and what we could do to maximise the former. This even included identifying that my wife is a much better negotiator than me so she should handle the offer and subsequent negotiations.

    I’m pleased to say we have had an offer accepted on a wonderful house and I would heartily recommend the service provided by Henry. I hope we won’t have to move again for a while but if we did he would be top of my list to call.

  42. We used Henry’s £100 quick check service last month really as a way to settle a debate between my husband and I as to a house we wanted to buy. I was really impressed both by how fast Henry responded to my original enquiry and the speed at which he turned round the report. This was both in depth, objective and he had contacted the local estate agents to understand more about the house in question. It was an excellent report that both helped with the house in question and any others that we might look at in the area. Thanks to Henry we put in a very low offer on the house… happily it’s not been rejected but the seller is now putting in his own similarly low offers so maybe we’ve started a tidal wave in (more) affordable housing!! Thanks Henry!

  43. I used Henry Pryor’s Quick Check service and I was really impressed with how thorough and quick it was – very good value for £100. The day after we sent our enquiry we received a comprehensive report and then Henry was happy to follow up with a long call where he was happy to answer all my questions and provided great insights into the local area.

  44. I used Henry’s £100 service and found it a huge weight of my mind. I am a first time buyer looking for a low end property as a roof over my head not an investment. I have spent years working and watching my pennies to get into a position where I can buy a place to be secure in. Having Henry offer his thoughts on the property and area went a long way to calming my jangling nerves and make me feel far better about my own thoughts and thought process.

  45. Henry’s ‘Quick Check’ service is invaluable to anyone thinking of making an offer on a property. In under 24 hours from my first email, he produced a report that was thorough and packed with insight – then followed up with a phone call to talk through negotiation strategy. Highly recommended.

  46. As a professional property developer I’m reasonably well versed on how housing works, but I used Henry’s Quick Check service to sense-check my thinking on a house and to garner some much-needed market intelligence. Henry offered sound advice and a very quick turnaround, so I’m delighted that I paid for a sliver of his time, even though I am supposed to be an expert! I recommend his service and would use it again.

  47. I cannot recommend Henry’s Quick Check service enough.

    The report he provided us on the property we were looking at was well researched, thorough and useful. But what really sets his service apart is the follow up call where he will coach you in how to bid, when to bid and what you must do to get the best deal.

    Henry’s knowledge and insight are second to none and he is super approachable, responding to queries promptly and efficiently.

    For anyone who needs help to navigate the home buying process, the Quick Check service is both invaluable and amazing value for money.

  48. I bought the Quick Check – best £100 well spent. Very quick, to the point and valuable starting information for someone like myself, an inexperienced first time buyer!

    Thank you Henry.

  49. I used the quick check service to get a second opinion on a house my girlfriend and I were considering. Once we had read Henry’s detailed report, as first time buyers, we felt much more secure in our view that the property we were looking at was overpriced in relation to the area. He also highlighted important factors to highlight in any negotiations, which were very helpful in our discussions with estate agents. For the price, I feel this is great value for money and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!

  50. I’ve worked with Henry on the media side for a while – he’s one of the sharpest property commentators out there – but I can also thoroughly recommend his ‘quick check’ service. It’s great value – particularly in the context of home-buying costs – and a very rapid turnaround. Regardless of how many houses you’ve bought or sold in your time, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of the process, particularly when you’ve found somewhere that you like. Having Henry’s detailed report and expert view on valuation as a sense-check helped us to resist the temptation to overpay in the face of a vendor who just wasn’t prepared to budge. As a result we ended up finding a more suitable (and cheaper) property elsewhere.

  51. I have recently used the Quick Check service, asking Henry for an advice on a property I was considering to make an offer on. Henry’s been brilliant, with a super fast turnaround, impartial advice and suggestions on what to look out for. As a first time buyer, this was exactly what I needed and I have not only been able to reframe my dialogue with the selling agent for this particular property, but have also learned how to better approach property search and evaluation in general.

  52. We used Henry’s Quick Check service recently and found it superb. Quick turnaround, great advice and friendly service. I’d highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a new home. We’ll certainly be using his services next time we move.

  53. The quick check service is a great tool for newbie homebuyers such as myself. Henry offered a fast turn around of two detailed reports and gave me an insight into things I hadn’t considered. He was also very helpful on the phone and gave me advice on making an offer and negotiations, as well as what to do about a property I had missed out on. I would definitely recommend this service.

  54. Henry is very smart, knowledgeable and responded to my queries promptly. Highly recommended !

  55. I approached Henry after my wife and I had found a property we were hoping to purchase. He provided a in-depth overview of the property, the area, but also some thoughts on the market in general (all less than a few days after I had initially approached him). This would have been more than enough for the price paid. Further to this he took the time to talk through the best way to negotiate the price down and showed genuine interest in the outcomes. I won’t hesitate to use this service again on future property purchases, and am likely to consider other services for professional ventures in the future.

  56. My wife and I had second viewed a few properties but wanted some extra guidance on them.

    Henry was extremely quick to come back with his feedback. Although he didn’t look at the house directly, he gave his professional opinion through looking at the property details, the local market and talking to local agents. He gave us a good overview of the property, the current state of the market and what he thought it was realistically worth factoring all these things. He also offered to negotiate on our behalf (for an extra fee) that we may well take him up on.

    Would highly recommend.

  57. This is an excellent service. Henry provided a report and follow-up call at very short notice. The quick check service is a very accessible and easy way of obtaining an impartial and expert view of a property. It was exactly what we needed. Thoroughly recommended!

  58. I would not hesitate to recommend Henry’s quick check service. Being first time buyers,Henry highlighted many things about the purchase that we had not considered and needed to be aware of. Given the time he puts into researching the property and the market, as well as his advice over the phone, I would consider the quick check service to be an absolute steal.

  59. Henry’s quick check service is invaluable. Firstly because he can turn it around so quickly meaning you don’t have to hang around to make an offer. Secondly because it gives you peace of mind that you are not overpaying.

    However, more useful than the report was the series of phone calls we had with Henry in which he gave us excellent advice on negotiating.

  60. As first time buyers we appreciate researching property and getting an idea of the market is important, but its another thing entirely to truly understand it. When it comes to the biggest purchase of your life I think £100 is a small price to pay for an honest assessment from someone who lives property every day.

    After doing some research Henry got back to us very quickly with a comprehensive report on the property we were looking at, giving us an invaluable insight and a better idea of how to proceed.

    Thanks Henry!

  61. Henry’s quick check service was indeed quick and informative; it really helped us consider a more sensible bidding strategy for our purchase!

  62. I really appreciate Henry’s level and informed view of my purchase. He has since answered my emailed questions over the last six months. It is well worth the £100 Thank you

  63. Henry’s Quick Check service provided brilliant, comprehensive advice in record time. Being first time buyers we really valued his impartial and professional advice on the area and the property itself. I’d e-mailed Henry the listing on a Saturday afternoon and he not only confirmed receipt on Sunday morning but sent us the complete report by early Monday afternoon, allowing us to go into the second viewing with a much clearer perspective. In a follow-up Skype call, he also advised us on how to put our best foot forward while making an offer, and gave us a better picture of the current London property market. He was also very honest about the uncertainties and unknowns – it is so refreshing to have someone so informed in your corner during this stressful period! As a result we feel much more confident in our position and will almost certainly be using Henry’s Pocket Agent service for further guidance through the progress. I would absolutely recommend his services!

  64. As a first time buyer, purchasing property can be a nerve-racking, stressful and a fairly tedious process. After finally finding a property that I was interested in, I still had certain reservations about the home. The scope for redevelopment to increase value and space of the property; the area and it’s amenities; and all the necessities that one looks for in a home. After many hours ‘Googling’, I came across Henry’s website. I read a few of his articles and then noticed the services he provides for existing and potential property owners. I clicked on the ‘Quick check service’ and after reading the comments from other users I decided to take the plunge and pay for the service. After 10 minutes or so of providing a small description of the property in question, Henry emailed in the early hours that he would provide me with a report by the end of the working day. I wasn’t sure what to expect. By 5 PM, Henry wrote his analysis of the property, the area and the local market of the property in question. Every single facet that one would need to know about purchasing a property that they were interested in buying was provided. I have to say Henry’s report amazed me I was not expecting an articulate, informative and outright brilliant summary of the biggest and most stressful purchase that one would make in their adult life. Without Henry’s dedicated and detailed analysis, I would have been haggling over the details of the property that was I interested in. Yes, buying a home can be stressful but I have taken Henry’s report as a backbone and support in mind to aid my search for the perfect home and I would recommend this service to anyone whether you are a first time buyer or experienced on the property ladder buyer. I will definitely use Henry’s ‘Quick check service’ as it is certainly worth the money and the best housing advice anyone could ever get.

    Thank you Henry,

    Much Appreciated The FirstTimer

  65. Ok, I am already a property landlord but am unfamiliar with the London market and was in need of assurance on a purchase I was about to make.
    I came across Henry”s “quick check” service by chance as I did my groundwork on the internet… it’s always the legwork which brings in the value…. it led me to this cheap as chips service which taps into Henry’s extensive knowledge and market contacts…. all of which were used and detailed within his report. I was amazed at the extent of his input into my purchase, I truly did not expect such a considered and honest reply.
    The piece of mind alone at having an expert on your team is worth his fee over and over.
    Thank you Henry 👍 ( he was super quick in his response too )

  66. This was an invaluable and impartial sense check and market check for us, from the expert! It is easy to get caught up emotionally with property when you are searching for your home. But, when you are investing your hard earned money into bricks and mortar Henry’s advice in highly recommended.

  67. We were referred to Henry by a mutual friend and found his advise on a potential flat purchase in London invaluable. He was able to differentiate between a price that was appropriate for a home vs a Buy to Let investment. He was happy to provide good quality follow on advise on the impact that the changing political and economic environment might have on the price we originally offered. All up, highly recommended.

  68. My 81 year old Mum found the house she wanted to buy. I asked her what she was going to offer for it and she said ‘full price’. I said we are going to use Henry Pryor’s Quick Check service which will cost £100, I will pay for it and if you save more that that on the price you pay, you can give me the £100 back. After 2 phone calls with Henry, my Mum negotiated £15,000 off the price face to face with the selling agents! We are very happy with the service Henry gave and we thoroughly recommend him on any house purchase.

  69. I used Henry’s quick check service and found it great value for money. The report is well written and thought out and I was impressed with the fact that Henry took the time out to make contact with other local estate agents in the area to get a nuanced point of view of what the local market conditions are like.

    He’s also happy to take follow up questions and I found it really useful to have a professional cast on eye on your potential purchase and provide a bit of assurance. Definitely recommend it.

  70. We used Henry’s Quick Check service for a potential new family home for our re-location. After sending the request on Friday afternoon, he had produced the report in time for the 2nd viewing on Monday lunchtime.

    The detailed report was easily worth the cost itself, with Henry even speaking to the agency involved from both a sales and lettings perspective. The subsequent calls with him were even more valuable. Just simple pieces of advice to portray ourselves as the best candidates and how best to approach the initial negotiations.

    Ultimately we we lost out to someone in a similar position. However, Henry’s advice firstly ensured that we didn’t pay too much in this instance and gave us much more confidence for future negotiations.

    £100 is a very small sum to have someone like Henry on your side. Thanks!

  71. My partner and I are prospective first-time buyers in London. We contacted Henry for a quick check on a property we were interested in, and within a few hours received better and more coherent guidance than we had found in weeks of trawling through the internet for property advice. Henry’s report was incredibly helpful, well-researched and well-informed, and he was very proactive in following up on our questions. It has helped clarify the way we think about our potential purchase and given us some thoughtful insights into the risks and the market generally. I now feel much more confident about putting in an offer and cannot imagine ever seriously considering a property without having Henry have a look at it first. This has been the best money we’ve spent in the buying process and have no reservations in recommending Henry’s professional services to anyone.

  72. I used Henrys Quick Check because I needed a second opinion on a property I was interested in. There were a few aspects about the property that raised doubts and I really needed to get the opinion of someone who knows all the tricks and is also able to pick out the relevant information from the right sources. I was impressed with the speed at which the quick check report was turned around (under a day). The report was fairly lengthy and concisely written. It was also tailored to my requirements in that I wanted a Buy to Let property so he had also spoken to estate agents and letting agents in the area to establish market value, likely rental income and rental demand along with his thoughts on how the figures stacked up.

    What really added value to the service was that after having produced the report, Henry was happy to answer follow up questions and took an interest in the resulting negotiation for the property. Ultimately I didn’t get the property due to the seller having quite an unrealistic expectation as to what the property should fetch. This service helped me to better evaluate the market value and helped to prevent me from paying far too much and regretting it later. Bargain at £100.

  73. I’d definitely recommend Henry’s quick check service. My wife and I had just had an offer accepted on a London flat and we asked Henry for a quick second opinion to make sure we weren’t overpaying. As first-time buyers, we needed someone with experience and expertise in the London Real Estate market. Henry put our minds at ease, not only with his report which involved him phoning up the estate agent acting for the seller to ascertain its sale and rental history but with detailed email replies to my wife’s multiple further queries. Henry’s someone who definitely goes the extra mile for his clients.

  74. Henry’s ‘quick check’ service was excellent value and really helped clarify my thinking at a time when I was unsure of the next step to take. I was impressed by how quickly Henry answered my questions and the speed in which the report was sent to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Henry’s services.

  75. We used Henry’s quick check service for a property we were interested in an he pointed out a few things that made us reconsider what it would really be worth. So money well spent I think, and we will use his services again. A very useful second opinion.

  76. I would really recommend the quick check service, particularly for first time buyers like me. It gave me the confidence that I was making the right call and flagged issues I hadn’t thought about to help me negotiate. All for the price of a night out – when you are making the biggest purchase of your life it’s a no brainer!

  77. Henry’s opinion is golden – extremely good, clear and concise.
    Got to the bottom of all the house-price-myths within moments !

  78. Very comprehensive report. Prompt and well detailed response within a day. Great at giving practical advise. Will be seeking his services soon!

  79. Henry’s quick check service was money well spent for us – he responded really quickly with helpful and honest advice. Having spoken with him we felt more confident to renegotiate our offer and are very pleased with the outcome. Would definitely recommend if you need a second pair of eyes/ears!

  80. At the time we contacted Henry, we were about to renegotiate our offer on a house following the EU referendum. Henry responded very quickly. His frank and direct approach was very helpful in clarifying our position and our options. Our revised offer was accepted, and was quite a bit lower than it might have been if we had not talked to Henry. Money well spent.

  81. I found Henry 18 months into my property search via an article in the FT Weekend Money section – I liked what he had to say as a property expert quoted in the article. Had I found him earlier, before three aborted purchases, I’m convinced he would have saved me thousands in conveyancing and survey fees. I recently used the Quick Check service on a property I liked a lot but ultimately decided not to buy, based on Henry’s thorough report and excellent questions. I consider myself a seasoned buyer after all this time, but he flagged things I hadn’t even thought of before. I’m now considering his Pocket Agent and Bespoke services. If you’re just starting out with your search or have been looking for ages, or even if you think you’ve found your dream home, give Henry a call. You will only be doing yourself a favour.

  82. So glad I asked Henry to look at the details of the house I was thinking of buying. My surveyor valued the house at much less than I had offered and the estate agent was very persuasive in his argument that this particular surveyor “always undervalued”. Henry was able to take a cool look at everything and, after doing his research, agreed with the professional valuation. I withdrew my offer – the vendor refused to accept a lower one. More than month later the house is still on the market with no takers. Thanks, Henry. You saved me making a big mistake.

  83. Henry not only provided a prompt overview and insight into the prospective purchase property but also offered a frank opinion with respect to our deliberations on how to deal with two properties in the current market. Money well spent!
    – AB

  84. Recently used Henry’s quick check and have to say he was an absolute life saver. His comprehensive report, turned around in less than a day, armed us ready for the negotiating table and ultimately stopped us from making an expensive mistake on what we thought was our dream first home. Needless to say, £100 was a small price to pay vs. the hundreds we would have lost in solicitors fees, searches, valuations etc. if we had committed to the property as planned, or at worst thousands if we actually went on to buy it.

    In today’s world of shady estate agents, portal juggling and incomplete property websites, professional advice and expert digging is pretty much a necessity, and I’m lucky enough to work with a real estate professional who could point me in the direction of Henry Pryor. If you have any niggling doubts or unanswered questions on a property, you owe it to yourself to do a proper check!

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