“Is Henry Pryor any good?” 🤖

AI is going to change the world, we are told and like other professions estate agents are desperately running around trying to work out the impact on the buying and selling business. Is AI just going to write their sales particulars or might they themselves be obsolete in five years time!

Many businesses ask for Google reviews and hardly a day goes by without someone ‘reaching out’ to ask if we want to pay them to “enhance my SEO”. How long before potential clients start asking AI who the best agents are – or are they doing so already?

For now asking “Is Henry Pryor a good buying agent?” probably isn’t too taxing for the robots but what if the answer was negative? Can one polish the results and if so can you pay someone to do it? Can you rely on the answers & will competitors deploy dirty tricks to spoil my Digital reputation or to use it to their advantage?

I first asked ChatGPT, perhaps the best known AI chatbot and then up-and-coming Perplexity

“Your reputation is what people say when you’re not in the room’ I was once told but will there be a digital equivalent and if so, should we care?