A year to forget?

2 x monarchs, 3 x Prime Ministers, 4 x Chancellors and God knows how many housing ministers/secretaries. A mini-Budget or ‘fiscal event‘ as it had to be called. Rocketing interest rates, double-digit inflation and house prices at one point up over 15.5% in a year!

However, on a selfish level we’ve had £82m worth of exchanges, £102m of completions & have a £44m shopping list to go into 2023. We have two new members of staff, Richard & Katharine who have joined me helping clients to find the best homes in London and across the UK. I’ve done 69 radio & tv appearances plus a flattering number of mentions in the national press.

Over the year, despite rocketing prices & endless ‘best & final offers’ our clients typically paid 4.3% less than the quoted asking price for the homes they bought but eight paid more than the guide – for a variety of reasons. Our biggest ‘saving was £1.95m!

This year 1:5 of the properties were bought ‘off-market’, not advertised online or in an estate agents window.

Looking back at deals we’ve done over the years I think I have bought 125 homes worth in excess of £300m from 67 different estate agents including 17 from Savills & 14 from Knight Frank.

Good bye 2022. Happy New Year!

Acquired for clients in 2022