Good news & bad

After two years of working with her dad I’m sorry to have to announce that Rosie will be leaving at the end of the month. As life after Covid 19 gets back to whatever we will call normal she is returning to her first love, to drama and the stage for which she studied and trained. 

As her father I am thrilled for her. As her boss I am gutted! 

The pandemic brought huge changes. In 2020, with the world at her feet and opportunities laid out, carpet-like in front of her twenty one year old Rosie found herself having to consider her options. I think we both wondered if working with her dad could work – for either of us!

As we now know the housing sector took off like a rocket and it has been a privilege to watch how my daughter has taken to the business. She is a natural and our clients have come to depend on her infectious enthusiasm, benefit from her reliability and relish her honesty. 

So, from 1st August I’m afraid clients will just have mine & Richards’ help with their move. Keep an eye on The West End in the months to come for a shiny new talent but in the meantime we look forward to helping you with your moves.