2022 forecasts

‘Tis the season for making fools of ourselves, waving a wet finger in the air and having a guess at what might happen to house prices next year. In due course even I will be unable to resist the urge to whip out my crystal ball!

First out of the traps is Strutt & Parker with a bullish assessment of the prospects for the housing market. Pretty darn good (if you already own a home) or pretty depressing if you had hoped one day you might be able to afford one one day. Like all of us Strutts had to re-state their predictions for 2021 (in some cases several times!) so these prognostications are subject to change over the coming months as reality of interest rate changes, inflation, new Covid outbreaks and political meddling smacks the authors in the face.

Check back here over the coming weeks to find out who else wants to have a stab at predicting prices in 12 months time 🔮

Telegraph March 2020