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I invite all clients to leave feedback on the services I offer, good or bad. These days not only do people expect to be able to but potential clients often read the reviews before deciding if they want help.

If you want to see what people think of my £100 Quick Check or the free, 30′ Corona Clinic or even of my full bespoke buying service then you can check them out here. If you want to add your own comments then just let me know which of my five services you want.

According to a Sunday Times report this year off-market sales are at a four-year high, with almost 1 in 10 homes in Britain and 1 in 5 in London selling this way. 85k sold this way last year. The property that Derren bought wasn’t on the open market but we were able to help him to find the home he now hopes he will never have to move from. Not great for business in the years to come perhaps but hey ho!

30% of the deals we do are ‘off-market’, not on web sites or in estate agents windows.

Client Derren Brown – March 2021