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Buying a home is expensive, things can go wrong so I always recommend to clients that they consider Homebuyer Protection Insurance. 30% of agreed sales fall apart – gazumping for instance is making an unwelcome return. There are a range of benefits which you may find reassuring starting at £69. There are a number of providers but one of the easiest is via HomeOwners Alliance. 

Home buyers Insurance from HomeOwners Alliance

Home buyers insurance from Northcott Beaton

Home buyers Insurance from

There is also an innovative product from Gazeal. It’s a financial guarantee ( a bit like an insurance product above) that gives buyers and sellers more certainty when they agree a deal. For a modest premium both parties sign an agreement and if either party backs out without a good reason then the other party gets, say, £10k. Whether a reason is acceptable is judged by the underwriters and a KC sits in ultimate judgement. The premiums vary depending on the size of the cover but is in the order of £750. More of my clients are including this kind of agreement with their offer. It strengthens their bid & gives comfort that the seller will be serious since they are bound in too.

If you need buildings insurance from exchange of contracts or ongoing insurance cover contact;

📧 George Seatter ☎️ 07500 032045 🖥 Howden


📧 Chris Wardrop ☎️ 07815 137495 🖥 Wardrop & Cº


📧 Clare Bingham ☎️ 07966 240530 🖥 Proaktive