A busy Autumn

There is a market, I’ve agreed eight deals in the past three months and if buyers and sellers are pragmatic then people can move. I’ve exchanged on 16 properties this year and have three in solicitors hands at this moment.

Not everything is plain sailing though. One client has pulled out of his purchase this week as Brexit nerves and the General Election undermined his confidence. His business has significant international tentacles and he just couldn’t second guess the outcome or impact of the changes that may be coming. Committing to a £2m home with so much uncertainty hanging over him just wasn’t necessary.

3 bed, 1,741sqft, lower ground floor flat with a patio garden.

A client exchanged contracts on a nice 3 bed flat in South Kensington this week.

  • The seller had paid £2.4m for it in 2012.
  • He put it on the market in February asking £2.35m.
  • My client paid £1.725m for it.

That leaves me with ten clients and another five to follow over the coming months. Some sellers don’t accept that the market has changed or can afford not to but 6/10 offers I am making are accepted – often with steep discounts to the original asking price.