There is a market

With Brexit and a General Election looming both buyers and sellers are concerned about what to do. We’re in something of a buyers market at present with those prepared and bold enough to snag a deal able to pick and choose. Of course not all sellers recognise the new market conditions and there will always be some who don’t have to sell but Death, Debt and Divorce drive the supply ensuring that about 60% of offers I currently make succeed.

It’s not easy, some sellers have reacted badly when discovering that their home isn’t worth what they thought it was but some buyers are jumping two rungs on the housing ladder as they find that they have the field almost to themselves.

I have a maximum of 12 clients at any one time. I don’t work on the same brief for more than one client ensuring that each gets the full choice of what is available. I still don’t sell houses so my attention is solely on acquiring the best homes for my clients on the most favourable terms possible.