Best buying agents

For a brief period of time your agent is going to have a forensic knowledge of your personal affairs. You will need to trust that individual with the workings of your finances and your personal arrangements and he or she in turn must trust you. Your buying agent needs to know what you mean by “big” when you describe a room for example and when they say that the view is “stunning” you need to know how that measures up to your current view. There’s no point your agent describing what you call a drawing room as a lounge or visa-versa! You must speak the same language.

To my surprise not everyone gets my sense of humour. I may not be everyones cup of tea but if you have sensibly decided that you might want some help with what is likely to be your largest single purchase then whilst of course I’d love the chance to pitch for your business it’s more important that you get the right advisor even if for some reason it’s not me.

Like most buying agents (and unlike most selling agents!) I won’t act for two clients with the same brief. Each client knows I am going all-out for them without worrying that I might also be helping another client with the same goals. If I can’t help because I’m already working for someone similar (or frankly because you just don’t like my style!) then here are the best people I think you might like to consider before you make up your mind.

NB There a some firms who describe themselves as buying agents but also offer services to those selling. I think that these firms are just regular estate agents, many of whom buy and sell in the course of their business. My advice to anyone looking for a buying agent is to stick to those who only look after buyers. Firms who buy and sell need robust Chinese Walls to keep the confidences of respective clients and I’m not sure that they always have them.

These are 40+ of the best buying agents who cover London and/or the country. Click on the links to visit their websites.

Roarie Scarisbrick of Property Vision
Tom Hudson of Middleton Advisors
Lucie Hirst of Colombo Hirst
Sam Edington of Edingtons
Richard Rogerson of R F R
Jo Eccles of Sourcing Property
Ben Rivera of Rivera
Claire Russell-Lartaud – Domus Holmes
Isabella Slater of Ludgrove Property
Jonathan Hopper of Garringtons
Tom Robinson of The Search Partnership
Sharon Hewitt Chiltern Relocation
Louise Streets of Kent Home Finders
Louisa Brodie of Banda Property
Simon Barnes of H. Barnes & Cº
Daniel Murton of Cambridge Home Search
Guy Meacock of Prime Purchase
Camilla Dell of Black Brick
Ross Ward of Pereds
Naomi Heaton of London Central Portfolio
Hannah Aykroyd of Aykroyd & Cº
Johnny Turnbull of Turnbull Property
Mark Lawson of The Buying Solution
James Greenwood of Stacks
Jonathan Harington of Haringtons
Alice Bubear of Hutton Bubear
Chris Jones of Warnerheath
Oliver Lurot of Oliver & Cº
Edward Heaton of Heaton & Partners
Ed Tryon of Lichfields
Sarah Green – Move to Cambridge
James Geddes of GWD Property