Whilst the housing market has been re-opened and people are once again able to visit estate agents offices and to view properties some are understandably concerned about doing so. Agents have been working hard during the Lock Down to provide virtual tours of their properties but are they showing you everything or just the best bits? Would you prefer someone to go in and to give you a live Skype or FaceTime tour with the ability to direct as you go?

We can open cupboards, check the view from each window, tap walls, flush loo’s or turn on taps. Not many people will buy a property without physically inspecting it once but in the first instance perhaps it would be safer or more convenient if someone else did?

If you’d prefer myself or Rosie to go for at least an initial look on your behalf then we’d be happy to try and arrange this for you. The cost is £100 and it can be usually be arranged within 24 hours if the seller and their agent are prepared.

You can pay for the service on a card using PingIt here or to pay via PayPal here(You do not need to be a Barclays or PayPal customer).

Not everyone is thrilled that the housing market is open again, until CoronaVirus is contained there will be a risk for some but if you need to buy or rent a new home then perhaps we can at least help you to reduce the risk.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask.

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