A quick pit-stop at the Millbank studios provided a chance to look at the Land Registry data and to summarise the current state of the market across England & Wales.Continue Reading

Up to MediaCity in Salford to spend Bank Holiday Monday with Steph Mcgovern who is presenting Breakfast for the first time with Roger Johnson. A survey out from the Halifax suggests that new borrowers are finding mortgages to be very affordable but this doesn’t meant that they are very accessible.Continue Reading

I’ve been lucky enough to do over 400 ‘turns’ for BBC radio and tv over the past four years. I did four spots for Channel 4 News in the early days but I’ve never been invited to do DayBreak – until today. A warm welcome from Kate Garroway and DanContinue Reading

A trip up to the amazing new MediaCity at Salford for BBC Breakfast to discuss mortgages with Steph McGovern. Disappointingly cut short(er) than the 2.5 minutes I had but great to see the team in their new home. Presenter Charlie Stayt pointed out after the interview and off camera thatContinue Reading