I’ve always said that the reason I am fortunate enough to get so much airtime is that (a) I am always available, (b) will turn up when I’m required and that (c) I will mind my p’s and q’s on air. If I say something interesting then frankly that’s toContinue Reading

Halifax research suggests that Southend-on-Sea has seen the greatest gains in house prices over the past year up 18.4% on 2011 but why and what does this mean for 2013? Dressed in what now seems a rather informal Christmas cashmere jumper the interview is with Juliette Foster.Continue Reading

There is a growing belief that interest-only mortgages that have been sold over the past fifteen years or more may have been mis-sold to home-owners. Half of all mortgages in London and up to 3.8m nation-wide are thought to have interest-only products and many are thought to have no wayContinue Reading

A final trip to Television Centre in White City for a very brief chat about the rise in planning consents in the third quarter of this year. Good news for those hoping to buy a new home and for the Government who see construction as part of the solution toContinue Reading

To MediaCity in Salford for two ‘hits’ on Breakfast – the first at 6.20am with pre-recorded package showing the pros and cons of self-build homes then at 9.20am this chat with Charlie & Louise.    Continue Reading

Time to look at some fundamentals of the housing market with two of the brightest research bods out there! Lucian Cook, director of research for Savills and Mark Dampier of Hargreaves Lansdown let me chip in with thoughts about residential property as an investment class, the main drivers of theContinue Reading

A busy Saturday starts with an interview with Jon Briggs on BBC Radio Oxford. It turns out that Jon is the voice of Siri for Apple! It made a change to hear the Siri voice making sense! Then off the Tv Centre to chat to Declan Curry on Your Money.Continue Reading

Two interviews – one using Skype to Swiss financial Tv DukasCopy Forex Tv  on the current state of the market and then using the fantastic new LuciLive App with BBC Radio Five Live on the plight of those renting. Average rents in England jumped 1.1% in September according to letting agent LSL. ThisContinue Reading

Mortgage lender Halifax releases yet another survey that says that buying is cheaper than renting. If you’d bought in the North East or North West 12 months ago however, using Land Registry figures the average home has fallen by 3.5% which is around £290pcm. In July they fell in bothContinue Reading