I found this compilation of radio and tv interviews I had stitched together using Apples clever iMovie software. Some toe-curling moments but useful perhaps for anyone scratching their head wondering how to get invited onto the airwaves. Don’t be afraid to push – at least you can see how low the bar is and how desperate the broadcasters must be! Click to start!Continue Reading

Latest numbers from HM Land Registry provide an excuse to play with clever TouchCast software again. Still no threat to public broadcasters… [touchcast url=”http://www.touchcast.com/property/land_registry_update_on_prices_and_transaction_volumes_across_england_wales” autoplay=”0″ dimension=”640×360″]Continue Reading

In a BBC1 Inside Out program housing minister Brandon Lewis ‘aspires’ to build a million new homes by the end of the Parliament. Media goes crazy and swiftly describes it as a pledge. I speak to Sophie Long about the chances of hitting this target, the reasons we need to and the implications of not doing so.  Continue Reading

Just as a bit of fun, I’ve edited the package from BBC News on 18th August using clever TouchCast software. Now it’s interactive. Let me know what you think; [touchcast url=”http://www.touchcast.com/property/half_time_in_the_housing_market_bbc_news_18th_aug_2015/?ref=mychannel” autoplay=”1″ dimension=”480×270″] Designed to be viewed on a tablet this brings in links to the reports and statistics I’m quoting allowing the viewer to check up and review other data. I’m not sure I have the original broadcast quality but is this helpful additional information or could it be information overload?Continue Reading

With publication of the latest ONS house price statistics this morning Caroline Hepker wanted to know where we were with house prices and what the second half of the year might have in store. Click the thumbnail belowContinue Reading

What can you expect from the various political pledges made on housing? I’ve spent the day with BBC Radio, LBC and in the evening summarising the party promises to Rebecca Jones on BBC News. Click the thumbnail below There is helpful, dispassionate background on the housing issues from Full Fact and updated election policy news from the BBC here.Continue Reading

Changes to pension rules come into effect on 6th April 2015 but how do you know what’s right for you? There are options like investing via a ‘crowd-funding’ website for example, buying a property outright or perhaps just paying down your existing mortgage. Many people will find that the costs – not least the tax you may pay when cashing all or part of your pension will outweigh the risks of running your own retirement fund but for some the lure of investing in bricks and mortar may be too much to resist. As a rather naive commentator said on the Today programContinue Reading

As David Cameron announces his latest housing initiative it’s time to ask Christian Fraser to summarise the position of the main political parties on property & then for me (in dire need of a haircut) to speak to Julian Worricker along with ‘case study’ Lucia Hull about the impact of housing on an Election in 66 days time. Click the thumbnail belowContinue Reading

High Street agents raked in £1bn+ in fees last year claims online agent HouseSimple. ITv London looks at whether the time has come for sellers and landlords to look at the savings to be made using an online estate agent. I’m talking to Charlene White in a ‘green screen’ studio in Grey’s Inn Road. Click the thumbnail belowContinue Reading

‘Tis the season for summaries. Off to the Gherkin to discuss the current state of the housing market with Jannat Jalil on Sky News Business.Continue Reading