When people scream for more homes to be built, encourage Grant Shapps and the Government to do something about ‘the lost generation’ and blame the banks for refusing to lend what they are really asking for is housing to become more ‘affordable’ and often what they actually mean is ‘cheaper’.Continue Reading

An three minute package including comment from Sarah Beeney plus a three-way with a first time buyer who confesses to being raised with the instinct to own his own home. An enjoyable return to Sky News for the first time since 2007. Will it be another four years….? httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKBVAP-sPuI&feature=player_embeddedContinue Reading

The latest snapshot of the housing market in England & Wales taken by the Land Registry and published this morning shows that sellers have been accepting slightly higher prices in the past month with the average price of a home now estimated at £163,049, up 1.3% on the previous monthContinue Reading

The number of homes sold in July in the United Kingdom was just 79,000 according to figures released today by the tax man. The monthly statement from HMRC confirms that whilst in July last year there were more than 89,000 transactions last month the number FELL by 13% In JulyContinue Reading

“People are no longer worried about what sort of return they can get on their money, many are worried about preserving the money they have got.” This was the stark message I was given by a City analyst at the end of last week as fiscal riots ran through theContinue Reading

In the past month I have been experiencing a form or ‘Ground Hog Day’. On at least seven different occasions I have found myself explaining how to work out if someone is asking too much for their property. Speaking to nervous buyers they find the blizzard of house price reportsContinue Reading

The latest numbers published by HM Land Registry give us a clue to the relative health of the housing market in England & Wales. Taken together with the historic numbers I record and using industry data on average fees from the NAEA we get an idea of the challenges facingContinue Reading

It’s often said that first time buyers are the lifeblood of the housing market. Personally I suspect that they are actually the life blood of house builders most of whom have until recently been selling their product to the 400-500,000 first time buyers who were sold the dream of homeContinue Reading

@propertyjourno – Marc Da Silva Write for numerous property publications. Spoken at many industry events & provided expert comments for TV & radio. @ClaerB – Claer Barrett Financial Times retail correspondent, formerly property editor of Investors Chronicle @PropertyJourn – Graham Norwood Property journalist and author. @GilesBarrie – Giles Barrie IContinue Reading