What a morning! Awake at 1.00am, in the car at 4.00am off to do a whole morning on housing with the lovely Penny Haslam. She brilliantly build it up all morning with spots like this;- and then I got two slots – one at 06.50 and a second at 07.50.Continue Reading

Lloyds Banking Group suggested that the cost of moving home has leapt by 69% over the past decade. Howver, inflation accounts for much of this rise and of course house prices have risen by 64% over that time. Here’s my summary on Sky News with the lovely Sam Washington, theirContinue Reading

My good friend Michael Millar has produced a great website that helps you understand the value of PR. He has teamed up with Robbie Knox to produce a kind of ‘PR for Dummies’ guide. It’s a mine of information and well worth looking visiting. I should warn you that thereContinue Reading

There are roughly half the number of homes for sale than there were four years ago when  prices peaked in January 2008. Although there is still no official register of estate agents there were thought to be about 14,000 firms. Since then many have diversified into lettings but there hasn’tContinue Reading

Can you summarise the outlook for the sales & lettings markets in 3 minutes? No, I’m not sure I can either but here’s my crack at doing so.Continue Reading

With the results for November published by HM Land Registry last Friday and having kept records of sales, asking prices, sold prices and other data all year we can now begin to assess just how 2011 was for the housing market. Asking prices start to fall. Asking prices took aContinue Reading

Both the Land Registry & the Nationwide published their monthly surveys – the Land Registry marking prices down 1.9% over the past year and the Nationwide saying that average prices had risen. A last Christmas trip to Tv Centre at White City to talk to BBC News. Next year theyContinue Reading

An early start to chat to Mickey Clark and Jeremy Naylor on Wake up to Money. The boys would like to know where the housing market is heading?Continue Reading

In the summer I helped the makers of BBC’s ‘Rip-off Britain’ with a piece they were preparing on property investment clubs. You can see the whole episode broadcast on 14th December here and my advice to those looking to invest in property is below.Continue Reading

This morning’s monthly charade that is the RICS ‘sentiment survey‘ is published with the collected views of about 250 Chartered Surveyors and what their gut says has happened to house prices in the past four weeks. Inspecting the sea-weed they have a punt at what the future may bring. NotContinue Reading