They say that Word of Mouth is the most valuable marketing there is. If it is then I’m rich!

I’m extremely grateful to so many for their generous comments provided via my old LinkedIn profile – some of which I have reproduced below;

I’ve worked with Henry on a number of different projects in the real estate arena. 

He has a fantastic depth of expertise within property and is well connected and talks in a no nonsense way. And it was refreshing to deal with someone who had no conflict of interest. 
I’d thoroughly recommend him for any advice on property especially regarding residential purchase, searches or investments and to cap it all, he also has a sense of humour

August 2013

Alastair Eadie Finance Director

One of Henry’s greatest asses is his sheer breadth of knowledge and intuitive understanding of the property sector. I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Henry, working on a couple of highly innovative projects – and absolute delight (for me anyway), and Henry’s ability to see the opportunity is a rare gift.

August 2013

Mark Witherspoon

I have both sat as a colleague with Henry on a steering committee and also worked with him on high end property searches. Henry is professional and knowledgeable. He is consistent, enthusiastic and cheerful and is a pleasure to deal with. He has incredible creative energies tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done. I highly recommend him in any capacity in which he can spread his energy and share his talents with others. Knowing Henry, he will not disappoint and will probably exceed expectations.
August 2013
Moe Wurr CEO at Goldschmidt & Howland
I have always found Henry to be one of the most thought- provoking and interesting people in the UK property market. 

He is unafraid of controversy, generous with his time, and passionate about property. He’s also well networked. On the rare occasions there’s something he doesn’t know, he’ll know someone who does. 

In a market which attracts a lot of armchair experts, Henry is the real thing.

August 2013

Jonathan Upton Business Development Director at Calnea Analytics

Henry Pryor is probably UKs best property buyers agent. He will search high and low to get satisfying results.

August 2013

Well, where do I start! I’m sure you know who Henry is; he’s a bit of an industry legend! Knowledgeable, experienced and with a deep yet broad understanding of what makes the property industry ‘tick’ – and on top of this, he’s a genuinely nice guy! I find Henry to be personable, opinionated (in a good way) and funny! 

This recommendation is just words unless you meet him, so meet him! He will prove a truly valuable asset to any company or project. 

August 2013
Sam Ashdown Marketing Strategist

In the world of prime property, often considered the most exclusive area in which to operate, you would expect the personalities to match and I’m sure in most cases they do. However, Henry Pryor must surely be the exception. I was well aware of his outstanding reputation in the industry, but I contacted him as a FTB wanting his gut thoughts on a modest London property I was planning to offer on. We communicated via email, twitter and phone. 

I may not be threatening the top band of stamp duty, yet. But that’s the key, someone willing to forge relationships at every level will continue to be a success and reap the rewards. 

It’s only a matter of time before I’m exchanging on a property with a few more zero’s on the asking price, and I know the first person I’ll be calling. December 2012

Paul Hutchinson.

“I have worked and known Henry over numerous years and one can safely say what Henry doesn’t know about the property market is probably not worth knowing. A shrewd negotiator, an iron fist in a velvet glove and someone I’d always want on my side round the table.” March 27, 2012

Christopher DuCousso

“Henry is a real gent, a well read, well researched, true property expert, quite rightly dubbed the ‘BBC’s favorite property expert’ in my opinion ! It’s not often you find someone untainted by raw commercailism and able to offer his clients a true and unbiased insight into the complex property markets in which he operates. If you’re looking for residential property expertise or a fantastic new home, Henry is your man. And his bacon is rather special too !” November 22, 2011

Stuart Law, CEO, Owner and Founder, Assetz plc

“Henry is a rare combination. An entrepreneur and an expert on the property market. He is also good company over lunch.” July 29, 2011

Jim Buckle, Chief Operating Officer –

“Henry’s skill is in attacking the conventional wisdom in the property market and turning it on its head. He writes in a fresh and accessible way, too.” July 21, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative

Patrick Collinson – Editor Guardian Money.

“Henry is the prime residential property commentator of our times. He strikes at the heart of the matter and knows the industry backwards. This is why the BBC use him to tell it as it is as he has no baggage in that he represents himself. He is very well connected and I would have no hestitation in using Henry as a consultant on any property related problem.” July 21, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Neil Mackwood – Wriglesworth 

“What can I say about Henry – always great value with excellent insight and a keen sense of humour – what more can you ask from an analyst?” July 13, 2011

Peter Ambrose, Director, The Partnership

“We work with Henry on newsletter systems for estate agents. The content Henry provides is spot on and works well on our systems and we often recommend his services to our clients.” July 11, 2011

Abi Fawcus, Creative Director / Founder, Phoenix London

“I have known Henry for several years and can recommend him highly. He has an extensive knowledge of the property market, the internet for property, and bacon. Henry is very approachable and always has time to give his opinion and advice. Great guy to deal with.” July 5, 2011

Edward Foley, Owner, Winkworth Estate Agents, Wimbledon, SW19

“Henry knows the property market and the main operators very well particularly in central London which has made him an excellent choice for his role at CLEA. Henry delivers new initiatives with energy, good style and humour.” July 18, 2011

Peter Rickenberg, Owner, Bective Leslie Marsh

“Henry has always displayed an enormous amount of enthusiasm and drive in all he does, whether (when working with S&P) in selling country houses, or subsequently in working with CLEA arranging seminars and keeping many estate agents abreast of subjects – technology in particular – that are not necessarily their strong suit. On top of his many property interests, he produces some mean bacon.” July 4, 2011

Annabel Clery, Strutt & Parker, General Manager Agency.

“Henry has been instrumental in the success of CLEA and the London Magazine. He takes the time to look at the trends and to undertake in-depth analysis.” July 4, 2011

James Wyatt, Head of Valuation, John D Wood & Co.

“Henry is an honest and knowledgeable property expert whose independent view has been of great value over a number of years” July 4, 2011

Simon Albertini, Managing Director, Friend & Falcke

“I could not recommend Henry more. He has helped us out with all property matters and providing new business leads which has aided our company. Trustworthy and full of knowledge – just what you want!”July 4, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Angus Elphinstone

“I’m delighted to recommend Henry – an experienced, innovative and reliable property professional.”July 4, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

David Hockman

“Henry has always been at the forefront of new ideas relating to our profession , his views are balanced and based on experience,we have had many one to ones over the years trying to improve the competence of our industry and would highly recommend him , on any property related subject, for his views.” July 3, 2011

Guy Jenkinson, equity partner, Bidwells

“There are few people in property who enjoy the profile Henry has – and it’s well deserved. He never sits on the fence and consequently always gives the media great value with his well informed commentary. Henry was on the judging panel for The 2011 Lettings Agency of the Year Awards in association with The Sunday Times & The Times and I know he made a most valuable contribution and hope he will accept our invitation to judge again in the future.” July 3, 2011

Peter Knight, Chairman, Estate Agency Events

“I have known and worked with Henry for at least 10 years. A charismatic, highly motivated professional with extensive industry knowledge and connections. He has a deep understanding of how the property market works and an excellent eye for a new opportunity – from understanding new technologies – advantages and pitfalls – to the power of collaborative marketing and press opportunities. He is always keen to progress where others can be complacent, keeping his finger firmly on the pulse with market trends. To top it all he makes the most delicious bacon.” July 4, 2011

Miranda Harvie-Watt, Co Founder, World Archipelago Internet

“I have known Henry for many years and his thoughtful insights into the property market are always interesting.  He is a true leader rather than like many others, who remain content to follow. .” June 29, 2011

Richard Brassard, Director Courtenay

“Henry is an enigmatic character, full of beans and probably the best independent U.K property specialist there is. Henry has a refreshing confidence and regularly swims upstream not afraid to express his honest industry views. 

I’ve always found Henry to be an honest polemic and a respected figure in the property business. He sits on several committees that drive industry opinion and best practice which is testament to his importance and influence in the industry. 

As far as referring Henry I’d recommend him to businesses looking for the facts and insights regarding the state of the U.K property market as well as those sensible individuals that prefer an entirely independent view on property advice. Henry has a flair for finding the right property for high net worth individuals and saving them a small fortune compared to traditional estate agents. Good on him I say!”June 5, 2011

Russell Douglas Group Head of Interactive at Designworks

“Henry definitely knows his residential agency. A fountain of knowledge and an ability to aid the industry with his creative thinking.” May 27, 2011

Robert Bartlett, Group CEO, Chesterton Global Limited

“Henry is an estate agents commentator and advisor who has gained valuable insights to the business by being in the business at the coal face and not being afraid of getting his hands dirty. 

He understands new technology and as a talking head can serve it in “bite” size courses.” May 22, 2011

Peter Wetherell, Chairman, Wetherells Estate Agents

“Henry has an inquisitive mind coupled to a real depth of knowledge about the workings and characters in the property market. He’s a real fount of knowledge but is also willing and able to to say with authority, that which others dare not!” May 12, 2011

Jonathan Upton, Business Development Director, Calnea Analytics

“Henrys industry knowledge is extensive, perhaps that is why he is so well known and respected amongst his peers. I had the privilege of working with Henry on a project involving leading London estate agents. His task of getting everyone to work together and agree on a set of rules and procedures was enormous yet he seemed to handle it with utmost ease and was always positive and encouraging. I look forward to working with Henry in the future.” May 4, 2011

Michael H Reed, Head of IT / Associate, Douglas and Gordon

“I’ve been turning to Henry for pithy, intelligent comment and information on the housing market for several years now, and he always comes up with the goods. Thoroughly recommended.” May 3, 2011

John Stepek, Editor, Moneyweek

“Henry is one of the best commentators we have on the residential property market. He manages to cut through the many layers of wishful thinking around the subject to get to the numbers that tell the truth. A rare and valuable skill.” April 26, 2011

Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-Chief, Money Week

“Henry is the best imaginable pilot through the shoals, shallows and depths of the housing market. He is canny yet cheerful, with an eagle eye for a bargain. And his mind-reading abilities deserve a scientific study.” March 25th 2011

Edward Lucas Esq.,

“Henry Pryor is and has been for many years one of the leading property experts in the UK and I have had the pleasure to work with him directly and indirectly on several projects. He is both a good networker, media savvy, property astute but also pleasant, easy going while at the same time being no-nonsense and someone who knows his stuff.” April 15, 2011

Nigel Lewis, ex-Head of Content, The Digital Property Group

“Henry is a first class commentator on the housing market with a deep understanding of all the statistics and what makes the market tick…approachable, professional and friendly you should use him!” April 7, 2011

Julian knight, Money and property editor, Independent Newspapers now MP for Solihull

“Henry is a breath of fresh air in an over hyped property market. I see him as a poacher turned game keeper who keeps it real when talking about the issues facing the housing market. I have interviewed Henry as an expert for various TV reports and he has always been on time (good when you are facing deadlines), invariably interesting, and great company. I can’t praise him enough, although he has a weird thing going on with pigs!” April 4, 2011

Paul Curran, TV reporter, ex-BBC

“We used Henry in a transaction and his advice, actions and ultimate results were right on the money. His analysis of the situation was detailed and as a result we achieved what we wanted from the deal without the delays we had been experiencing prior to hiring him. I am more than happy to recommend Henry’s services” April 4, 2011

Doug Stewart, CEO GreenEnergy plc

“Henry is the font of all knowledge for anything relating to the wonderful world of property, the digital age and bacon. He demonstrates an entrepreneurial approach to the property industry which is extremely refreshing and is always my first port of call for the inside track, who’s doing what and when. Great guy and generous with his time and ideas.” April 3, 2011

Camilla Mabbott, Group Marketing Director and Head of International, Aylesford International

“I have known Henry for the past 5 years and have found him to be astute, proactive, keen to help, sometimes provocative and irreverent (which in my book is a good thing). His embrace of technology is impressive and he seems to make full use of his excellent media profile– almost always speaking a fair amount of sense!” March 29, 2011

Peter Rollings, MD, Marsh & Parsons

“Henry is “the knowledge” when it comes to residential property. What he doesn’t know about property probably isn’t worth knowing.” March 30, 2011

Al Chetwode, Commercial Director, CML Software Limited

“Henry is a reliable and knowledgable commentator on the property market. Really gets involved in the spirit of a discussion as well. Pleasure to work with. Great to have in the little black book!” April 1, 2011

Jenny Culshaw, Business Reporter 5live, BBC

“Henry is perhaps the leading media commentator and pundit on the Property sector in the UK: his regular insights on BBC, Sky and other leading broadcasters attest to this fact.” March 30, 2011

Benjamin Webb, Managing Director, Deliberate PR

“Henry’s property industry knowledge and network is second to none and he is a generous provider of guidance and assistance. A property professional of some stature.” March 30, 2011

Robert Horsford, MD, CML Software

“Henry has an exceptional and profound knowledge of the UK housing market with an uncanny feel for what lies behind the headline numbers which flash up on our computer and television screens with unnerving regularity. His is an objective view but it is imbued with a deep passion which belies the measured tones with which he conveys his reasoned but provocative opinion. Working with Henry is a pleasure.” March 28, 2011

Iain Staples, Analyst, Clear Capital

“Henry is at the forefront of all things property, if it’s happening Henry will know about it….. and will probably have written about it already. 

If you want to know whats going on with UK property and how it will affect you then you need to keep up with Henry’s news and information on a regular basis.” March 28, 2011

Ben Bloomfield, Director,

“No hesitation in recommending the services of Henry Pryor. He is a very talented and expereinced communicator. Easy yet professional to work with, Henry and I have collaborated in promoting and publicising a number of clients and projects – all of which were a sucess.” March 28, 2011

John Vaughan, Principal, John Vaughan & Co. Marketing & PR Consultants

“I have always been impressed with Henry’s ability to “make things happen” especially as of late in his work for the members of CLEA in putting on a series of excellent seminars.” March 28, 2011

Terje Gilje, Managing Director, Farrar & Co

“Henry has provided clear guidance through concept to completion in a number of property related strategic situations.” March 28, 2011

Stuart Patterson, Director Patterson Bowe

“I had the pleasure of contracting Henry to write a house price and mortgages column/blog for money website I was editor of at the time. It was a great success and even though Henry soon achieved a much greater media profile, he still continued his work on the site. 

He always delivered on time – in fact often over delivered- and his work was amusing, engaging, expertly opinionated and singular; the like of which is hard to come by in the money and lifestyle media world. Not only that, he’s a great bloke and always has the time to chat and share his views on a whole host of subjects.” March 28, 2011

James Harrison

“Henry’s contributions to the London Magazine on the subject of the London property market were always insightful and candid. He was a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional when it came to rewrites and copy deadlines.” March 28, 2011

Laura Tennant – editor of The London Magazine

“Henry is a wise, strategic intelligent advisor who is always available for you. For me, Henry is there not only as a Consultant for CLEA where I sit as member of the board but as a trusted advisor and has an uncanny knack but comforting way of explaining things in plain English. I would have no hesitation in recommending Henry.” March 28, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Tim Hyatt, Partner & Head of Lettings, Knight Frank

“Henry’s advice to the board of CLEA Ltd on media strategy is integral to maintaing its premier position in the market.” March 28, 2011

Jonathan Perrin, Director | Audit, Tax and Advisory RSM Tenon

“Henry has consistently campaigned to raise standards in the industry. His website provides clear and useful information to help improve transparency and understanding of the property market, and Henry’s extensive knowledge and media expertise can be a valuable asset for his client and colleagues alike.”March 27, 2011

Marcus Whewell, CEO, Guild of Professional Estate Agents

“Henry is a great character and expert in his field. I was very impressed by Henry’s drive and determination and he is personable and approachable. 
When I worked with Henry he was broadcasting regularly on TV and Radio talking about property matters and the general housing market. He immediately engaged with journalists in print and broadcast and built up strong relationships. I’m not surprised that Henry has been successful throughout his career as he is an asset to any company with his outgoing can do attitude.” March 27, 2011

Neil Henderson, Former head of Media Relations, Wriglesworth Consultancy

“I have known Henry for several years and have a great deal of respect for his knowledge and analysis of the UK housing market. 

Henry has built a strong reputation as a leading commentator on the residential property market and backs his well judged comments with detailed research and statistical information. 

Henry is an articulate and highly competent communicator and displays a sharpness of thought and dry humour in both his written and verbal commentaries.” March 25, 2011

Michael Day, Managing Director, Integra Property Services

“I’ve worked with Henry on a number of property related projects over the years. His knowledge and innovative approach are as refreshing as his ability to ensure that he always pays for his round! Henry comes highly recommended as indeed does his excellent smoked bacon but, that’s another story!”March 25, 2011

Jonathan Haward, Founder of County Homesearch Cº

“Lunch with Henry Pryor should be listed in the 100 things you should do before you die. Both informative and knowledgeable on most things property related, he will definately make you challenge convention and is never short of an opinion. Whilst on the verge of media superstardom he will always take your call ….” March 25, 2011

Mark Goddard, Group MD of GMG PS and MD of CFP Software, GMG Property Services Group

“Henry is an imaginative inovator, able to challenge existing methods and present new technologies in a clear understandable way. He has deep understanding of the Property industry and an infectious enthusiasm for his work.” March 25, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Gregory Besterman, Partner, Carter Jonas

“I interviewed Henry Pryor on both Radio 4’s Today programme and Radio 5 Live on several occasions over the last few years. I always found him to be a lively guest who was deeply knowledgeable about the housing market.” March 28, 2011

Nick Cosgrove, ex-Business Presenter, BBC News

“Henry has provided me with considered expert opinion on a number of occasions and every time he has called it right. 
For selfish reasons I’d like to keep Henry and his wise counsel hidden from my competitors. 
I recommend Henry without reservation.” March 28, 2011

Mark Davis

“I’ve interviewed Henry several times on the BBC about the housing market. He’s very well informed and is able to get his arguments over in a clear and succinct way.” March 28, 2011

Michael Millar, ex-BBC Broadcast Journalist.

“Henry has a keen eye for what is going on in the UK residential property market and make a big contribution to debates on how it might be improved. Always cheerful and ready with support when needed.” March 27, 2011

Bill McClintock, Chairman of The Property Ombudsman & Owner, The Guild of Professional Estate Agents

“Henry and I have known each other for some years now, and without doubt, he is not only a bona fide Housing Expert, with a great communication style, but he’s also a true gentleman and an absolute delight to work with. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any work relating to the property industry, and am happy to provide further ‘references’ should anyone need.” March 25, 2011

Louisa Fletcher, Broadcast journalist, GMTV/Sky/ITN News

“I have known, and known of, Henry for several years. He is frequently described as a property pundit, yet his achievements go far beyond this. In such a staid industry, it takes wide-vision and courage to venture forth as indeed Henry has with panache, and he rightly holds a position of high esteem and integrity in the property industry in the UK.” June 22, 2009

Richard Rawlings, MD, Estate Agency Insight