For years I have argued that buying and selling were different disciplines despite being two sides of the same coin but it’s clear from the number of agents who do both and from the requests I receive from clients that many people disagree. So with some trepidation I am offering a limited sales service to those who are looking for an alternative to the listing service offered by most selling agents and a return to marketing and to actually selling properties.

Taking a leaf out of the impressive presentation at The Modern House and adding both personal service and the sort of real marketing effort you often find displayed in other countries I’m going to be mixing the best of British agencies across the country with the innovative and bespoke marketing ideas drawn from across different sectors. I want to ‘sell’ homes and not just to list them.

I work jointly with traditional estate agents – they do what they do best and I build on that to actively promote and to sell a property. We charge one fee of 3% plus VAT payable on exchange of contracts. No sale, no fee.

If you would like more information or to discuss your property please ask.