£100 for a 2,300 word report with advice on value, the market, what to check plus a 30 minute follow-up phone call.

NOTE – Since the start of Covid in March 2020 the housing market was been all over the place and trying to value something has become nearly impossible. Mortgage valuers tell us that they either don’t do valuations or they are having to sign them off at whatever the agreed price is. Comparables are of little use and of course the Stamp Duty holiday has complicated things yet further. We’re very keen to help, there is a market, you can buy and sell, let and rent but it is especially complicated. Please call or email to check exactly how much help this report can be before ordering. September 2021

If you’ve found a suitable property but would like someone to run a professional eye over it before you commit further, then send me an email with a link to the property advert on the agent’s website or the property portal on which it appears.

For £100 (including VAT) we will provide a 2300 word response which will include;

  • Checking the history of the sale
  • Looking at the guide price and the underlying value
  • Considering the strength/weakness of the local market, house prices, rents and yields
  • Reviewing the local area, crime statistics, schooling options, mobile reception, broadband & council services
  • Recommending environmental search tools to check on flooding, mining or contaminated land
  • Introducing experts where necessary for structural surveys, legal work or specialist finance
  • Advising on bidding tactics, when and what to offer and on how to negotiate the best terms
  • Discuss options to add value and improve the property in the future

We can also search the local area to check schools, crime, travel, things to do and amenities. These are things you may have already considered, that your conveyancer should double-check but that may help you to decide if this particular property might be your future home.

Just copy the URL – the ‘www.address…’ bit (highlighted in blue above) and email it together with the full postal address with postcode to “henry@pryor.co.uk” along with your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

If £100 seems too much to pay for a bespoke report on the home you are thinking of buying there are automated alternatives. The excellent Property Detective will deliver a report that you may find has the detail you need and costs £9.99 or the moveiQ service from our old friend and media darling Phil Spencer which at present costs £17.99.

To pay for the report click here and you can use a credit or debit card via PayPal. (You do not need to be a PayPal customer). Alternatively you can make payment online to;

Account name; Henry Pryor

Sort code; 04-00-04

Account number; 44461109


  1. I approached Henry after my wife and I had found a property we were hoping to purchase. He provided a in-depth overview of the property, the area, but also some thoughts on the market in general (all less than a few days after I had initially approached him). This would have been more than enough for the price paid. Further to this he took the time to talk through the best way to negotiate the price down and showed genuine interest in the outcomes. I won’t hesitate to use this service again on future property purchases, and am likely to consider other services for professional ventures in the future.

  2. My wife and I had second viewed a few properties but wanted some extra guidance on them.

    Henry was extremely quick to come back with his feedback. Although he didn’t look at the house directly, he gave his professional opinion through looking at the property details, the local market and talking to local agents. He gave us a good overview of the property, the current state of the market and what he thought it was realistically worth factoring all these things. He also offered to negotiate on our behalf (for an extra fee) that we may well take him up on.

    Would highly recommend.

  3. This is an excellent service. Henry provided a report and follow-up call at very short notice. The quick check service is a very accessible and easy way of obtaining an impartial and expert view of a property. It was exactly what we needed. Thoroughly recommended!

  4. I would not hesitate to recommend Henry’s quick check service. Being first time buyers,Henry highlighted many things about the purchase that we had not considered and needed to be aware of. Given the time he puts into researching the property and the market, as well as his advice over the phone, I would consider the quick check service to be an absolute steal.

  5. Henry’s quick check service is invaluable. Firstly because he can turn it around so quickly meaning you don’t have to hang around to make an offer. Secondly because it gives you peace of mind that you are not overpaying.

    However, more useful than the report was the series of phone calls we had with Henry in which he gave us excellent advice on negotiating.

  6. As first time buyers we appreciate researching property and getting an idea of the market is important, but its another thing entirely to truly understand it. When it comes to the biggest purchase of your life I think £100 is a small price to pay for an honest assessment from someone who lives property every day.

    After doing some research Henry got back to us very quickly with a comprehensive report on the property we were looking at, giving us an invaluable insight and a better idea of how to proceed.

    Thanks Henry!

  7. Henry’s quick check service was indeed quick and informative; it really helped us consider a more sensible bidding strategy for our purchase!

  8. I really appreciate Henry’s level and informed view of my purchase. He has since answered my emailed questions over the last six months. It is well worth the £100 Thank you

  9. Henry’s Quick Check service provided brilliant, comprehensive advice in record time. Being first time buyers we really valued his impartial and professional advice on the area and the property itself. I’d e-mailed Henry the listing on a Saturday afternoon and he not only confirmed receipt on Sunday morning but sent us the complete report by early Monday afternoon, allowing us to go into the second viewing with a much clearer perspective. In a follow-up Skype call, he also advised us on how to put our best foot forward while making an offer, and gave us a better picture of the current London property market. He was also very honest about the uncertainties and unknowns – it is so refreshing to have someone so informed in your corner during this stressful period! As a result we feel much more confident in our position and will almost certainly be using Henry’s Pocket Agent service for further guidance through the progress. I would absolutely recommend his services!

  10. As a first time buyer, purchasing property can be a nerve-racking, stressful and a fairly tedious process. After finally finding a property that I was interested in, I still had certain reservations about the home. The scope for redevelopment to increase value and space of the property; the area and it’s amenities; and all the necessities that one looks for in a home. After many hours ‘Googling’, I came across Henry’s website. I read a few of his articles and then noticed the services he provides for existing and potential property owners. I clicked on the ‘Quick check service’ and after reading the comments from other users I decided to take the plunge and pay for the service. After 10 minutes or so of providing a small description of the property in question, Henry emailed in the early hours that he would provide me with a report by the end of the working day. I wasn’t sure what to expect. By 5 PM, Henry wrote his analysis of the property, the area and the local market of the property in question. Every single facet that one would need to know about purchasing a property that they were interested in buying was provided. I have to say Henry’s report amazed me I was not expecting an articulate, informative and outright brilliant summary of the biggest and most stressful purchase that one would make in their adult life. Without Henry’s dedicated and detailed analysis, I would have been haggling over the details of the property that was I interested in. Yes, buying a home can be stressful but I have taken Henry’s report as a backbone and support in mind to aid my search for the perfect home and I would recommend this service to anyone whether you are a first time buyer or experienced on the property ladder buyer. I will definitely use Henry’s ‘Quick check service’ as it is certainly worth the money and the best housing advice anyone could ever get.

    Thank you Henry,

    Much Appreciated The FirstTimer

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