£100 for a 2,300 word report with advice on value, the market, what to check plus a 30 minute follow-up phone call.

NOTE – Since the start of Covid in March 2020 the housing market was been all over the place and trying to value something has become nearly impossible. Mortgage valuers tell us that they either don’t do valuations or they are having to sign them off at whatever the agreed price is. Comparables are of little use and of course the Stamp Duty holiday has complicated things yet further. We’re very keen to help, there is a market, you can buy and sell, let and rent but it is especially complicated. Please call or email to check exactly how much help this report can be before ordering. September 2021

If you’ve found a suitable property but would like someone to run a professional eye over it before you commit further, then send me an email with a link to the property advert on the agent’s website or the property portal on which it appears.

For £100 (including VAT) we will provide a 2300 word response which will include;

  • Checking the history of the sale
  • Looking at the guide price and the underlying value
  • Considering the strength/weakness of the local market, house prices, rents and yields
  • Reviewing the local area, crime statistics, schooling options, mobile reception, broadband & council services
  • Recommending environmental search tools to check on flooding, mining or contaminated land
  • Introducing experts where necessary for structural surveys, legal work or specialist finance
  • Advising on bidding tactics, when and what to offer and on how to negotiate the best terms
  • Discuss options to add value and improve the property in the future

We can also search the local area to check schools, crime, travel, things to do and amenities. These are things you may have already considered, that your conveyancer should double-check but that may help you to decide if this particular property might be your future home.

Just copy the URL – the ‘www.address…’ bit (highlighted in blue above) and email it together with the full postal address with postcode to “henry@pryor.co.uk” along with your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

If £100 seems too much to pay for a bespoke report on the home you are thinking of buying there are automated alternatives. The excellent Property Detective will deliver a report that you may find has the detail you need and costs £9.99 or the moveiQ service from our old friend and media darling Phil Spencer which at present costs £17.99.

To pay for the report click here and you can use a credit or debit card via PayPal. (You do not need to be a PayPal customer). Alternatively you can make payment online to;

Account name; Henry Pryor

Sort code; 04-00-04

Account number; 44461109


  1. Ok, I am already a property landlord but am unfamiliar with the London market and was in need of assurance on a purchase I was about to make.
    I came across Henry”s “quick check” service by chance as I did my groundwork on the internet… it’s always the legwork which brings in the value…. it led me to this cheap as chips service which taps into Henry’s extensive knowledge and market contacts…. all of which were used and detailed within his report. I was amazed at the extent of his input into my purchase, I truly did not expect such a considered and honest reply.
    The piece of mind alone at having an expert on your team is worth his fee over and over.
    Thank you Henry 👍 ( he was super quick in his response too )

  2. This was an invaluable and impartial sense check and market check for us, from the expert! It is easy to get caught up emotionally with property when you are searching for your home. But, when you are investing your hard earned money into bricks and mortar Henry’s advice in highly recommended.

  3. We were referred to Henry by a mutual friend and found his advise on a potential flat purchase in London invaluable. He was able to differentiate between a price that was appropriate for a home vs a Buy to Let investment. He was happy to provide good quality follow on advise on the impact that the changing political and economic environment might have on the price we originally offered. All up, highly recommended.

  4. My 81 year old Mum found the house she wanted to buy. I asked her what she was going to offer for it and she said ‘full price’. I said we are going to use Henry Pryor’s Quick Check service which will cost £100, I will pay for it and if you save more that that on the price you pay, you can give me the £100 back. After 2 phone calls with Henry, my Mum negotiated £15,000 off the price face to face with the selling agents! We are very happy with the service Henry gave and we thoroughly recommend him on any house purchase.

  5. I used Henry’s quick check service and found it great value for money. The report is well written and thought out and I was impressed with the fact that Henry took the time out to make contact with other local estate agents in the area to get a nuanced point of view of what the local market conditions are like.

    He’s also happy to take follow up questions and I found it really useful to have a professional cast on eye on your potential purchase and provide a bit of assurance. Definitely recommend it.

  6. We used Henry’s Quick Check service for a potential new family home for our re-location. After sending the request on Friday afternoon, he had produced the report in time for the 2nd viewing on Monday lunchtime.

    The detailed report was easily worth the cost itself, with Henry even speaking to the agency involved from both a sales and lettings perspective. The subsequent calls with him were even more valuable. Just simple pieces of advice to portray ourselves as the best candidates and how best to approach the initial negotiations.

    Ultimately we we lost out to someone in a similar position. However, Henry’s advice firstly ensured that we didn’t pay too much in this instance and gave us much more confidence for future negotiations.

    £100 is a very small sum to have someone like Henry on your side. Thanks!

  7. My partner and I are prospective first-time buyers in London. We contacted Henry for a quick check on a property we were interested in, and within a few hours received better and more coherent guidance than we had found in weeks of trawling through the internet for property advice. Henry’s report was incredibly helpful, well-researched and well-informed, and he was very proactive in following up on our questions. It has helped clarify the way we think about our potential purchase and given us some thoughtful insights into the risks and the market generally. I now feel much more confident about putting in an offer and cannot imagine ever seriously considering a property without having Henry have a look at it first. This has been the best money we’ve spent in the buying process and have no reservations in recommending Henry’s professional services to anyone.

  8. I used Henrys Quick Check because I needed a second opinion on a property I was interested in. There were a few aspects about the property that raised doubts and I really needed to get the opinion of someone who knows all the tricks and is also able to pick out the relevant information from the right sources. I was impressed with the speed at which the quick check report was turned around (under a day). The report was fairly lengthy and concisely written. It was also tailored to my requirements in that I wanted a Buy to Let property so he had also spoken to estate agents and letting agents in the area to establish market value, likely rental income and rental demand along with his thoughts on how the figures stacked up.

    What really added value to the service was that after having produced the report, Henry was happy to answer follow up questions and took an interest in the resulting negotiation for the property. Ultimately I didn’t get the property due to the seller having quite an unrealistic expectation as to what the property should fetch. This service helped me to better evaluate the market value and helped to prevent me from paying far too much and regretting it later. Bargain at £100.

  9. I’d definitely recommend Henry’s quick check service. My wife and I had just had an offer accepted on a London flat and we asked Henry for a quick second opinion to make sure we weren’t overpaying. As first-time buyers, we needed someone with experience and expertise in the London Real Estate market. Henry put our minds at ease, not only with his report which involved him phoning up the estate agent acting for the seller to ascertain its sale and rental history but with detailed email replies to my wife’s multiple further queries. Henry’s someone who definitely goes the extra mile for his clients.

  10. Henry’s ‘quick check’ service was excellent value and really helped clarify my thinking at a time when I was unsure of the next step to take. I was impressed by how quickly Henry answered my questions and the speed in which the report was sent to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Henry’s services.

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