In the course of my work I get to see all sorts of homes for sale, some that you have to open a cupboard in to see if someone actually lives there and some that look like they hosted a fraternity party the night before! In a £6m house I visited recently I was first greeted by two dogs rushing at me as the front door was opened, I wasn’t sure if my crotch was going to be sniffed or bitten! The beds were unmade, a pile of dirty laundry greeted me when I got to the first floor and the ‘fug’ that assaulted the senses as one walked into two teenage bedrooms would have resulted in a possession charge had I’d been a copper!

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Let’s Skype or FaceTime & I can give you some objective tips on your property before you invite potential buyers in to look.

When selling your most valuable asset it can pay to do a bit of prep. You rarely have to spend a great deal of money but we all know the stories of the impact of fresh coffee or baked bread & I’ve seen (& bought) homes that have been ‘staged’ with furniture rented by the week to make it look like somewhere you might want to live rather than just potentially invest in.

Selling a dream is important if you want someone to pay you a heap of money. You should want people to leave discussing how they would use the space they are buying rather than commenting on the rim around the bath.

Most people become oblivious to their own faults. Those small jobs that they always planned to do get forgotten but they can sometimes cost you more than just the bill for putting them right. “If they can’t fix that leaking gutter/sticking door/loose tile then what else can’t they be bothered with?” a buyer may think.

If you would like an objective opinion then book a video tour and show me around. Show me your home using FaceTime or Skype and I can give you an professional view on what might be worth doing and what might not. I’ve seen thousands of homes and I’ve bought more than most people have slept in. You can ignore my advice but if you want an considered and constructive discussion on everything you might want to prepare before you sell then get in touch. I can even help you to make the most of promoting your property online. The pictures to use, the text to include & the timing or tweets & posts.

Remember, these days a well presented property should sell quicker and sell for more money.

I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing your home.

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