As you will recall, the King ordered a new suit of clothes which despite it’s apparent shortcomings his loyal followers agreed was the finest they had ever seen. In London at the Buy-to-let Forum organised by industry guru John Wriglesworth, followers of the King who appear to run the controversialContinue Reading

As you will recall, King Canute was famous for sitting on this throne on a sandy beach and commanding the tide not to come in. I have been to London and met with followers of the King who run the now controversial buy-2-let industry. We discussed the impact of B2LContinue Reading

Over 95% of house sellers in the UK get an estate agent when they decide to sell their house. No great surprise you might think. We are certainly more cautious than our European colleagues who quite often use a solicitor (in France) or even have a go themselves (in Italy). There areContinue Reading

As you can see from the image above (I hope) the latest scores from HitWise show continued traffic growth to the biggest portals. The award for “most improved” has to go to ThinkProperty who have shot up the rankings as a result of their recent stratergy and efforts to addContinue Reading

This weeks flooding in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire comes hard on the heels of the devastation in Sheffield and the North East earlier in the month. Rainfall records are being broken across the country and ironically only flat, reclaimed East Anglia has escaped without serious flood damage. The impact of 2007Continue Reading

Just occasionally the City astounds me. On the one hand it takes a very negative view of Taylor Wimpey, while at the same time it puts another property stock, Rightmove, on an astronomical multiple of over 12 times 2007 sales. The last time I saw such a hi-octane rating wasContinue Reading

James Greenwood, managing director of Stacks Property Search & Acquisition, explains why an estate agent may want to consider a franchise in property search Anyone considering a start-up business in estate agency, whether as an independent or a franchise, can’t have failed to be at least slightly daunted by theContinue Reading

RICHARD  à BRASSARD and his glamorous wife Sandy had hoped to sell their four-bedroom home in Clapham, South London, but now plan to wait a few months to find out how the market reacts to Hips. à Brassard, a director of the estate agency Courtenay, is well-informed about Hips. ButContinue Reading

From next Wednesday anyone starting to market their home will need a Home Information Pack if it has four or more bedrooms. If you use an estate agent then they will be responsible for ensuring that one has been ordered but with over 2.5 million properties marketed every year, howContinue Reading

Home Information Packs become law next Wednesday but what exactly are they and what do they mean for the public? What is a HIP? It is a collection of documents including Deeds, Searches, leasehold information (if appropriate) and an Energy Performance Certificates that has to be ordered before a propertyContinue Reading