We now have over 1300 Home Inspectors and DEA’s registered on The Hip Exchange. I wish I could say that we had half as many properties requiring HIP ‘s or EPC’s! I am about to start a modest advertising push and I hope there might be a couple of jobsContinue Reading

The property market has ground to a halt in some areas and many sellers are having to slash prices by 20 per cent to drum up interest in their homes, a survey of estate agents conducted by The Sunday Telegraph. Runaway house prices, five mortgage rate rises in a matterContinue Reading

In one of the most lively Round Tables that they have ever hosted, MoneyWeek called together ‘the usual suspects’ for their regular property discussion. It would be fair to say that there was some disagreement! Pages 24-27. _____________________________________________________________________ Due to the postal strike, it is likely that most people aren’tContinue Reading

This weeks big news was the Tory Party pre-election conference when they found that they had just three days to explain to the public their plans for running the country ahead of Gordon Brown’s expected call for a snap election which could come as soon as next week. It turnedContinue Reading

Tesco have announced today that they are to withdraw their innovative ‘For Sale By Owner’ offering today and their website has been changed to reflect this. The news comes less than six months after the launch of the controversial private sellers offering and was the first significant brand to promote a ‘FSBO’ model.Continue Reading

There’s blood on the streets of Britain’s housing market. Five successive interest-rate rises have gouged deep wounds, but the coup de grâce could be yet to come – an estimated 2m people on fixed-rate mortgages will have to take out new loans at higher rates within the next 12 months,Continue Reading

The headline that so many Londoners it is said have been waiting to see has at last appeared. The agent that everyone likes to hate has battled with an unenviable image since it was set up 25 years ago and founder Jon Hunts’ competitors were the most vocal in theirContinue Reading

The credit crunch is already pushing up costs for new borrowers and for anyone coming off a fixed rate product. By Christmas, it’s possible that we will see the equivalent of a full percentage point increase in mortgage costs when compared with 1st August. Around 8% of consumer spending in the UKContinue Reading

We’ve all heard about high property prices in London. People are often concerned that higher borrowing costs might be a problem and the current LIBOR rate (the interest rate that banks charge each other when they lend money between themselves) of 6.88% means that in fact rates for new borrowersContinue Reading

One month into the program and from Monday all houses with three bedrooms or more require a Home Information Pack. About 60% of all homes coming onto the market for the first time will now be included with the remained to be included later in the year. About 500 HIPsContinue Reading

As you will recall, the King ordered a new suit of clothes which despite it’s apparent shortcomings his loyal followers agreed was the finest they had ever seen. In London at the Buy-to-let Forum organised by industry guru John Wriglesworth, followers of the King who appear to run the controversialContinue Reading