1st May 2023 – What started as a free, half hour consultation during the first Lockdown is now a regular offer. I’ve done nearly 1,500 ‘Corona Clinics’ so far but demand has continued post-Covid. Since it re-opened on 13th May 2020 the market seems to be on fire with prices rising by 20% since 2020 despite predictions of falls. Should you sell? Is now the time to buy? What are your options and who can you trust? Free, confidential and with no strings attached. Book your free FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or phone call now.

Many people are understandably concerned about the impact of Covid 19 and what the coronavirus will mean for us all. Then there is the Cost of Living Crisis, higher interest rates and not surprisingly there are going to be some very genuine issues that we will all need to address. In the meantime people want to know what they should do about buying or renting, selling or letting and how best to prepare.

Nearly 2m people bought a house during the Pandemic, and now many are wondering if they will find that they paid too much for it. Many more are concerned for different reasons.


We’re running a series of free ‘surgeries’ – 30 minute video conferences for anyone who’d like to consider their options. If you’d like to book a slot please email and we can arrange a chat at a safe distance making the most of technology.

Now more than ever, people want to ensure that their biggest financial commitment isn’t their most expensive! Book a time that is mutually convenient and the links below will open a connection via FaceTime or Skype.



  1. My Partner and I were so grateful for Henry’s advice surgery session! And it was FREE! :0 During this period of such uncertainty we really needed frank and professional advice. It was very thorough, honest and supportive. Would highly recommend this to anyone!

  2. I am really grateful for Henry’s time and advice during a crazy time for the property market. It was great to have impartial and clear views. Thank you!

  3. Wonderful advice, generously given by the wisest, coolest head in UK property. Many thanks Henry!

  4. It was really great to have impartial expert advice from Henry, I’m really grateful for his time to give me some advice and tips going through this tough and uncertain time of decision making!

  5. Just had a very pleasant, informative and helpful surgery session with Henry. The most valuable thing you can give is your time. Henry was generous to give me that for free and i am very grateful.

  6. It was a fantastic gesture for Henry to offer his sage advice, for free, in these most challenging of times. Although not what we were expecting to hear, perhaps due to heart ruling head, Henry’s clear and unequivocal advice has helped us make a tough decision.

    Thanks again.

  7. I’ve been following Henry’s market opinions for a long time. His most recent open clinics for the current COVID-19 situation provided me and my partner with great advice about our current purchase. He was really responsive, and very generous with his time. Thank you!

  8. I had a surgery session with Henry recently.
    Henry was very frank, and didn’t beat around the bush. He offered honest opinions that clients / potential clients may not want to hear (which I appreciate)
    Henry was able to dissect issues quickly, and see through to the root cause.

    Thank you once again!!

  9. I was lucky enough to speak to Henry in one of his Covid clinics and received exactly the kind of informative, insightful and confident advice I was crying out for. His congenial manner and etymological knowledge were added bonuses!

    I feel incredibly fortunate to have had his time and would certainly recommend his services to anyone who’s unsure how to proceed re: property-related matters in this bizarre and uncertain time

  10. We were lucky enough for Henry to give us some of his time to discuss a prolonged house purchase that we have been involved in. Witty, polite and concise….but most of all re-assuring. We are extremely grateful to him, especially considering that he has nothing to gain from giving us his professional view. Thank you again sir!

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