12th September 2021 – What started as a free half hour consultation during the first Lock Down is now a regular offer. We’ve done over a thousand so far. Since it re-opened on 13th May last year the market seems to be on fire with prices rising by 13% in the year to July 2021 despite predictions of 5-10% falls. Should you sell? Is now the time to buy? What are your options and who can you trust? Free, confidential and with no strings attached. Book your free FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or phone call now.

Many people are understandably concerned about the impact of Covid 19 and what the coronavirus will mean for us all as we Lockdown for the third time. There will be some very genuine issues that we will all need to address but in the meantime people want to know what they should do about buying or renting, selling or letting and how to best to prepare.

90,000 people bought a home in February, many are wondering if they will find that they paid too much for it. Many more are concerned for different reasons.

We’re running a series of free ‘surgeries’ – 30 minute video conferences for anyone who’d like to consider their options. If you’d like to book a slot please email and we can arrange a chat at a safe distance making the most of technology.

With over 300 during the first Lockdown and 600 or more since we are going to continue to run these as demand dictates. So far we have had people who have exchanged contracts worried about the practicalities of completion. People who have sales or purchases agreed and in solicitors hands. Some folk who are thinking of making an offer for a property, others who are in the middle of selling. Everyone wants some idea of what their options are and what they should do.

Now more than ever, people want to ensure that their biggest financial commitment isn’t their most expensive! Book a time that is mutually convenient and the links below will open a connection via FaceTime or Skype.



  1. Amid the complexities of selling a property during covid, Henry provided exceptionally helpful and constructive advice. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

  2. Henry is a thoroughly decent and a very knowledgeable chap. He is what every potential property buyer needs a source of impartial advice and in depth knowledge. He didn’t blind me with science but just took me down the path to understanding and put me in the position to both own and be comfortable with any decision I made. Top man!

  3. We had a great chat with Henry about our situation and the current housing market. As first time buyers it’s all a bit daunting, but Henry was generous enough to share his knowledge on the best way to approach buying our first home and he also gave us his take on the market at the moment. It was invaluable and the fact it’s completely free to have a chat with him is just amazing! We would highly recommend talking to Henry and using one of his services.

  4. With the madness surrounding the property market currently, it’s brilliant to be able to have a dispassionate view for my unique situation and being able to tap into Henry’s experience and knowledge of the market.

  5. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to speak with Henry. Candid, informed, genial and measured, I valued immensely his views. I have questions regarding the current state of the market, and the value of the particular property I am interested in buying. Henry was able to offer very useful views, which I will certainly take into account and greatly appreciate receiving. My only regret is that I didn’t involve Henry earlier in the process – I would unreservedly encourage you to do so if you are considering making a purchase.

  6. Henry was informative and direct when answering our questions. He was generous with his experience, thoughts and opinions. Most importantly its given us the confidence to make some decisions that we felt out of our depth to make! He barely mentioned his services, and in fact, directed us to free resources and even his competitors. We felt comfortable discussing our situation with him and are really thankful he was there to chat.

  7. My partner and I had the pleasure of speaking to Henry in one of his corona clinics. It was the most useful advice we had received throughout the entire house buying process. We could not be more grateful!

  8. Henry takes the emotion out of buying and brings to the table a more logical way of thinking. Extremely helpful, especially given the current market. Thank you

  9. Coming from another country we were confused about almost everything in UK property market. In short 30 minutes Henry set us straight on the path to a house purchase, explaining what’s what. We received invaluable advice, market insight and encouragement.

    This service is essentially getting “the BBC’s favourite property expert” to yourself for 30 minutes for free, and the only reason we hesitated to book a session is that it was hard to believe this is possible. And we are very glad we did!

  10. We are first time buyers and we started looking into buying a property this Spring but we found the process different from what we expected and quite daunting.
    Henry provided us with useful insights on the current situation of the property market and suggested some tips specific to our situation.
    We really appreciated his availability in sharing his knowledge with us, he cleared some doubts and confirmed some assumptions.
    We recommend to everyone who feels a bit unsure to have a chat with him asap!

  11. As first time buyers, the process can feel daunting in normal circumstances, let alone in the current market. We appreciated Henry’s frank advice from his free Corona Clinic service. His practical advice coupled with his reassurances left us feeling clearer about our options. Thanks again for your time Henry.

  12. We really appreciated Henry’s time to discuss our house move plans. He gave us some very helpful advice based on his deep understanding of the current housing market. Thank you!

  13. We were lucky enough to benefit from Henry’s ‘corona clinic’ service. He provided us with valuable market insight and advice in these uncertain times. I would definitely consider using his pocket agent service in the future. Many thanks Henry!

  14. Being a first-time buyer can feel rather like being a teenager again. The world of agents and mortgage lenders has a slick line in leading you up the garden path, while all you have to rely on is the well-meaning but often inexpert counsel of family and friends. Henry, however, is like the favourite teacher you wish you’d had back then. We feel so much better for having had the chance to quiz him on the true ways of the property world. His witty and wise Corona Clinic advice is well worth your time! Many thanks, Henry.

  15. I dropped Henry a line recently whilst debating the best course of action regarding property purchasing and the pandemic.

    Henry was generous with his time (free, no less – for a pandemic surgery slot) and offered his expert opinion on my own circumstances and the broader market forces surrounding my available choices.

    Professional in approach and offering frank, honest opinions – his input was exactly what I needed right now.

    I’ll certainly be looking to involve Henry as things proceed.

  16. Firstly I must admit, I was very suspicious when I heard Henry was offering these FREE Corona Clinic calls –I thought ‘what is the catch?’ There is no catch–Henry really IS just helping you out! He really IS providing useful information and at no cost. He didn’t suggest insight only to hold back until I bought a service– he just helped us. Henry listened to the various details of our current predicament and he gave us sound direct, honest advice. His comments were very useful and just the educated insight we really needed at this time. I can end up doing so much analysing that I freeze and being a novice to all of this means I do almost endless analysing. Thus his experience, wisdom, and confidence are greatly valued and just what we needed to move forward confidently and stop stressing (as much :). As I told Henry at the time, this is just the kind of advice you wish your Dad would give you about home buying.

  17. As first time buyers and not being from the UK, the housing market can be really intimidating nevermind Covid changing the market even more. So it was great getting Henry’s advice – not trying to sell anything or make money off us, it was a useful sense-check on some of the things we were thinking. Thanks Henry, appreciated the discussion!

  18. It is so generous of Henry to give his time and expert advice for free to help those of us struggling with the craziness that is the propery market in 2021. He is honest, direct, witty and we came away feeling a lot calmer and more in control of our situation and with clarity as to what our next steps should (and should not!) be. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you so much again Henry.

  19. Henry was incredibly helpful in offering frank advice on our house search which enabled us to clarify our thinking and hopefully avoid rushing into a huge decision for the wrong reasons. Thank you, Henry.

  20. We very much appreciated Henry giving his time to speak to us about the frantic state of the current housing market (March 2021). As buyers trying to get back onto the housing ladder, it was really helpful to get a wider perspective on what is happening at the moment and a reminder not to be panicked into a decision that we might later regret. Thank you Henry!

  21. Thanks Henry for the opportunity to attend one of your Corona Clinic’s. I really appreciate the opportunity to raise a lot of the questions that have been on my mind. The advice you provided in 30 minutes was fantastic! It helped clarify a lot, gave direction, and was very reassuring hearing from someone with your experience. I look forward to tapping into one of your other services and gaining more wisdom and insights from you as my property search progresses. Thanks again.

  22. Still quite can’t believe Henry is offering support and advice completely free. I was delighted to have someone with his knowledge and experience remove me from the world of procrastination regarding my property scenario. Instead Henry provided direction, reassurance and confidence to do what is likely best for my situation.
    There is lots of white noise surrounding property atm and Henry adjusted the volumes to I could hear and see clearer. I truly appreciate someone like Henry offering this service. Top bloke.

  23. As prospective first time buyers, Henry’s COVID clinic was incredibly helpful in giving us market insight and to help us avoid first time buyer pitfalls. Clear and honest views were just what we were looking forward. Will definitely be staying in touch with Henry in the coming months with the view to using some of his other services.

  24. Really grateful for Henry making the time (quite short notice too!) for providing some valuable and impartial advice on our situation. His decades of experience combined with a “macro” view on UK property (vs the zoomed in view that we have) was really helpful especially during this volatile market condition, and helped reassure us on next steps. Thank you Henry!

  25. We are very grateful we contacted Henry and used his Corona clinic. He was extremely helpful, frank and fair and put us back in the right frame of mind for our house search and future actions. We would thoroughly recommend his services. Thank you again.

  26. My sincere thanks to Henry for generously giving his time to share his invaluable knowledge in a Corona Clinic to help me better understand my position in the current uncertain housing market. His thoughtful insights, reassuring expertise and honest observations were delivered with graciousness, humour and a genuine desire to help. The independent perspective, concise advice and practical suggestions I received have helped me feel much more confident in the decisions I need to make.

    It was a pleasure to speak with him and I recommend his clinic to anyone else seeking clarity for their own circumstances. Thanks again Henry.

  27. Henry very kindly and usefully spent 30 minutes getting me up to speed on the types of issues a first time buyer should know. It was incredibly useful and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you very much!

  28. I already own a property but had been wrestling with the idea of remortgaging and buying a second buy to let or maybe evening selling outright and paying CGT. What did I decide to do? Neither…after chatting with Henry, I am going to increase the rental yield of the house I already own by adding a bedroom. Henry’s advice crystallised my thinking, what options I had and my next steps. What more could a person want? Thanks Henry.

  29. We spoke to Henry in a tricky period when we were
    unsure about a number of different options available to us. His clear and forthright advice was invaluable in identifying the wood from the trees and ultimately helping us to take an informed decision with considerable peace of mind.

  30. Henry was brilliant with free corona clinic. I emailed at 6pm on Tuesday and got a reply within 30 mins. He took time to understand my personal situation to and gave me informative and great advice to all my questions. Thank you!

  31. Thank you Henry for your generosity of time and professional guidance! Email sent on the weekend and Henry called barely 12 hours later (on a Sunday no less!) for a half-hour chat. He had huge insight with straightforward and clear advice. Exactly what we needed! We truly appreciate it.

  32. Henry advised me on a property at very short notice, which I was unsure about. As a first time buyer, I found Henry’s advice and guidance very helpful. He listened to any questions I had and explained things to me if I didn’t understand. I was very grateful to Henry for taking the time to talk to me and I would throughly recommend speaking to him you have any queries about buying property.

  33. Henry’s guidance was incredibly valuable. We covered a wide range of info in a short space of time. As first time buyers, Henry’s wisdom and experience allowed us to focus in on what really mattered! Thanks again.

  34. Henry was kind enough to lend an ear and provided some really clear advice and opinions during a tricky period. It’s very difficult to get an informed yet unbiased opinion for what is ultimately one of the biggest decisions in your lifetime. Thanks again, Henry.

  35. Henry was generous enough to spare some of his valuable time to chat to my wife and I about our home-buying plans. He was insightful, got straight to the heart of our problem and was able to offer some really beneficial advice. Furthermore he’s also a funny man and was honest enough to let us know what we needed to focus on! Thanks so much Henry, we really, really appreciate it 🙂

  36. I was very grateful to have a facetime session with Henry (at very short notice!) to get some advice as a first time buyer making my first offer on a house. His frank and honest opinion was extremely useful. I now feel much better equipped at navigating the process without making unnecessary mistakes. Thanks Henry!

  37. I had a Corona Clinic session with Henry and he gave me some great advice. I’ve never bought a house but had done a lot of research and had a game plan of what I wanted to do but I didn’t really have anyone speak to and check I was on the right track. Henry gave great advice that was personal to my situation and pointed out a potential issues with part of my plan but then also pointed me in the right direction of some resources that would help.

    It was a great call that was arranged at short notice and he was understanding and helpful. All with a smile! I can’t believe it was free!

  38. Thank you Henry for the clear, concise and helpful advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone again or to suggest others give you a call.

  39. I am a big fan of Henry’s activity on social media so I was very happy when he offered to call me to discuss a potential house purchase. He’s a master in his field and provided valuable advice. I really like his honest, no nonsense approach. It is astonishing that so few people know about the services available from experts like Henry and how much value they can add. Thanks again for your help Henry.

  40. Henry is probably one of the very few people who will not only take the time and patience to hear you out, understand your circumstances, but will also make his advice very pragmatic and down-to-earth. In a period of uncertainty as 2020 has been, it’s refreshing to be able to speak to someone who doesn’t pretend to have the crystal ball of guessing what the future brings. That being said, there’s probably few who have the understanding that Henry has as to how the sector works and be open to share that with you, and translate it into what it specifically means to you and your circumstances.

  41. Henry provided me with some superbly succinct advice on the whole process of managing and negotiating with estate agents. Gems of information that, even after 22 years of property ownership, I had never thought about and all given without fee or favour but will greatly help me in finding and securing our next house. Thank you very much Henry.

  42. Henry gave us some very clear and insightful advice at a confusing and stressful time. We feel a great deal calmer and more certain of what to do next as a result, and we greatly appreciate how generous he was with his time. Thank you very much!

  43. Henry is one of a very rare breed – someone who is willing to give his time and share his considerable expertise, without necessarily profiting from it himself. I contacted him for one of his free Coronavirus clinics (thinking it sounded too good to be true!) and was amazed that he got back to me only a few hours later asking if I was free to speak. He is very easy to speak to – forthright, smart and witty – and he has potentially stopped us making a very expensive mistake! Having been impressed with his honest advice, I’m now considering getting further help from him to guide us in buying a house. It’s worth mentioned that Henry at no point pushed his services at all during his call – he gave his time generously and without any hard sell whatsoever. Would wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to him.

  44. I recently had a conversation with Henry during one of his Covid clinics – it was a free, 30 minute session. I emailed him to see if we could chat, and he responded within an hour or so, and we set up a time to chat the next day.

    Henry provided impartial advice in a direct and forthright manner. His advice and expertise in the housing market was much appreciated and I would recommend his services. Thanks, Henry, for offering a great service to home buyers – it is something that is really lacking in the housing market!

  45. We, like many, have had quite a protracted property search through the uncertainty of Brexit and a pandemic. Henry was generous enough to give us some of his time and expert advice at lightening speed, with charm and wit on a Saturday morning!

    More than anything, he helped me and my partner have the conversation we needed to have and have been putting off as we navigate waves of conflicting information about the market’s short-medium term outlook. Henry helped remind us of what mattered most and gave excellent general and some quite specific advice all in a brief call. Particularly reassuring was the absence of any crystal-ball style delusions, just good, thoughtful advice about us and our situation. Thank you!

  46. It was great to talk to Henry, he truly helped us get a better understanding of our options and a sensible approach to our next steps.
    Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for advice in the property market!
    Thank you again Henry, all the best!

  47. Great to chat to Henry in a Corona Clinic – an honest, informed, unbiased and emotionally detached opinion is hard to come by when buying a house as almost everyone I speak to has some skin in the game, but that was exactly what I got from Henry and it was hugely helpful. Would thoroughly recommend reaching out to him for his thoughts. Thanks again!

  48. Henry is just fantastic! Rarely do you find people that take the time to help you without any vested interest. His few choice words of advice helped me land our family home after 18 months and four failed attempts. I would happily recommend you speak with him if you are buying or selling, he knows what he is talking about! Especially in this crazy post lockdown market!

  49. I recently took advantage of Henry’s ‘Corona Clinic’ and had a brilliant conversation with Henry. I had been frustrated with a previous house purchase, confused about what to do next, and ultimately found myself unable to move forward out of fear of making a wrong decision. Henry helped me to accept my current situation and see where I really stand, and also offered a different perspective that promises a positive outcome. After a year of indecision the flat is now going on the market! I highly recommend talking to Henry (although don’t expect sugar-coating) – I’ve already recommended him to two of my friends…

  50. Highly recommend taking advantage of this free 30 minute conversation, especially at the current time. Found it a very useful counterpoint to what we have been hearing from the usual market cheerleaders. Henry is very articulate and knowledgeable and there was absolutely no pressure to use his paid for services, although off the back of this conversation this is something I’ll consider

  51. Henry was very generous with his time and wisdom in advising on whether to buy/wait, and if buying how to go about it. I have been hearing conflicting news and do not have any clue about what is likely to happen so it is useful to have someone give a clear steer.

  52. A call with Henry was exactly what was required to avoid the confirmation bias that floods in when choosing your favourite home.

    It was incredibly insightful with genuine takeaways that will help us articulate the right way forward.

    This is the advice that everyone should have prior to engaging on the biggest investment of their lives.

  53. Reading these reviews, I think I can beat all of Henry’s current excellent response times – I emailed him at 6.08 this evening and he was on the phone within 7 minutes! Even after I had already ruled out the potential for an upsell based on my very tight budget.

    Henry’s advice was personalised to my situation and has helped take an enormous amount of stress off my plate. He is a delight to talk to, but more importantly, his sound, considered and clearly expert advice has helped unfuzz my very fuzzy mind!

    As a first time buyer, it’s very easy to get caught up in the pace of the property market at the moment. Henry reminded me what was important and gave some excellent recommendations on what my next steps should be.

    He was compassionate, kind, generous with his time and, I felt, incredibly trustworthy. Whilst I may not be able to afford Henry’s Bespoke Buying Service, I am seriously considering finding the money for one of his lower tier services (at no point mentioned by Henry) as I have no doubt they would be invaluable to my buying process.

    I’d recommend a chat with Henry to anyone to see for yourself what the rest of us are raving about.

  54. My partner and I had our free 30 minute consultation this morning. After we explained our situation, Henry provided us with clear and impartial advice about what to consider when buying during this uncertain time. We really appreciated Henry giving up give his time to talk us. It was just what we needed to help us make an informed decision on what to do next.

  55. Emailed Henry on Saturday morning. Replied within an hour. Scheduled a call for Monday. And here we are. Brilliant introduction on the current market situation, very interactive Q&A, and it’s completely free (no strings attached). It’s all about you and your project, not him. Really loved the interactivity and reactivity (quick turnaround). Very helpful.

  56. I was lucky enough to have Henry spend some time on the phone with me to help answer some questions I had about selling and buying. It was the exact type of insight I needed from an expert who was going to give my straight up honesty and advice. It was so so helpful and I couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you Henry for your time!

  57. Henry came highly recommended by a good friend. Within a few hours of emailing, we had our free 30 minute consultation. He was direct, witty and honest. He gave us the reassurance that we needed and came armed with all the knowledge we needed especially in such uncertain times. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy/sell and would definitely consider Henry as an agent in future.

  58. I emailed him this morning and within 7 hours I’d already had my free 30 minute consultation with him. He was direct, rationale, spoke about my issues directly but also gave me context on wider market activity I might want to consider. He was also great at explaining the finer detail in a clear way, which isn’t always easy to access if you’re not immersed in that world. Would recommend.

  59. I’m first-time buyer and also relatively new to the UK. Henry gave me very clear advices on several important topics like current property market, Help to Buy, Leasehold, Area vs Property size/type. I feel much more informed and confident after having 15 minute chat with Henry and definitely recommend him and the Corona Clinic initiative.

  60. I just had a 20 minutes conversation with Henry and I feel really lucky to have someone so genuine and honest to give me expert advice during such a turbulent time. I am very grateful. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to speak with Henry. Thank you Henry, grazie Henry!

  61. Just finished a 20 minute call with Henry as part of the Covid Clinic offer. The pace of the property market recently, even in light of the economic damage, has been nothing short of baffling. As a first time buyer, whilst my gut instinct was to not get carried away with the headlines of rapidly rising prices and estate agents warning houses were all selling way over asking price, I couldn’t help feeling like I might need to be in more of a rush, causing a great amount of headaches and anxiety. The chat really put my mind at ease and I felt like I was talking to someone who not only ‘knew their stuff’ but had no vested interest in telling me something that wasn’t in my personal interest either. I’m also thankful to have found the other services Henry offers and will most likely be back in touch soon, if only to put my mind at ease that the property I eventually buy, is the right one, priced correctly. Thanks again for being so generous of your time – most useful 20 minutes I’ve spent in ages!

  62. I warmly recommend speaking to Henry- he shifted my perspective, reassured me, and essentially gave me new tools to tackle the situation with a boost of confidence and detachment. As well as being highly useful it was fun to chat! Now I feel I can more coolly analyse whatever comes on the market and know I will re-contact him if/when I need someone watching my back. Thanks to Henry for his time and expertise!

  63. Very grateful to Henry for taking time to provide his view of the current housing market. It was refreshing to hear an opinion that wasn’t couched in a vested interest and he has given us a lot to think about regarding our house sale and purchase. Highly recommended!

  64. We had a corona clinic session with Henry earlier this week. It was a great decision to take up his generous offer and spend 30 minutes on the phone with him. He listened to us and our specific situation and gave us his honest, informed and clear opinion. In these uncertain times it is so refreshing and valuable to be able to have the advice of an objective expert. Thank you Henry! We won’t hesitate to recommend you and this service.

  65. Henry gave us some excellent advice which was much needed during these uncertain times. I would highly recommend anyone to give him a ring, the free consultation is an amazing resource!

  66. We came to Henry looking for someone to give us a bit of advice on the housing market as two people with very limited experience of property.

    He was able to provide it in spades – after just a 30 minute chat, Henry changed our approach and left us in a much stronger position. His advice was clear and extremely helpful.

  67. Henry provided clear and concise advice on our specific situation (first time buyers) having carefully listened to what was on our mind and what our plans were. He’s very friendly and open and his sessions are completely confidential. Within 20m, he not only gave extremely valuable advice about our buying case but also shared advice about our alternative plans to rent for an interim period which settled my mind on another issue that I was dealing with (so he’s clearly very perceptive!). I think anyone who’s serious about buying (and about protecting their buying interests) should be seeking a conversation with a buying agent and from what I can see from the internet: Henry is the best in the business! Thank you so much Henry.

  68. We have just had a 30 min call with Henry and he has provided us with the most fantastic advice that I’m sure we will be incredibly grateful for over the coming months. As first time buyers he has helped us take the emotion out of our purchase and think more critically about the current situation in the property market. His advice is straight to the point, professional and he really helped us to understand the process better. We can’t thank you enough and we’ve already recommended you to friends!

  69. My partner and I are first time buyers and had a ‘corona clinic’ session with Henry today. He offered us the sober perspective of a no-nonsense expert.

    We are extremely grateful for his help the fact that this service is free is absolutely mind-boggling. I highly recommend Henry’s services to anyone considering a real estate purchase.

  70. I was incredibly grateful for Henry’s honest advice as we try and sell our property for the second time this year. It resulted in us making a decision that will hopefully have a positive outcome. This is such a great service that he’s offering and I couldn’t recommend it enough. He knows his stuff and doesn’t beat around the bush.

  71. Having followed Henry on social media, I sensed that this guy knew his stuff, over our 30 min consultation my thoughts were cemented. We have been looking for a property for 8 months in a market that seems to be changing daily.

    Henry’s brutally honest and direct approach was a breath of fresh air! He provided amazing insight and much needed clarity on what our focus and next steps should be. We will without doubt be continuing to work with him in the future! Much more airtime on the BBC is needed from Mr Pryor indeed!

  72. I emailed Henry one evening to see if we could speak and 12 hours later he had answered all our questions as confused first-time buyers.
    Henry made us feel at ease and we felt we could have asked him absolutely anything. He broke down the different parts of our questions and gave us his very clear opinions and advice. Even though it was not exactly what we wanted to hear it was definitely precious advice that we will rely on going forward.
    Thank you Henry for generously giving up your time for us.

  73. Henry very kindly took time out of his Sunday to give us some much needed, valuable advice.

    We were weighing up the purchase of a new house but were worried about paying too much in the current market given the future economic outlook. We were having difficulty staying rationale having found a house we’d fallen for.

    We really valued Henry’s straight talking and rational approach to our situation. He didn’t sugar coat or tell us what we might want to hear and very quickly distilled our numerous thoughts down into a couple of key questions. Henry is clearly very experienced at what he does and is able to cut through the noise to the core questions.

    This has enabled us to take some of the emotion out of our thinking and decisively move forward.

    Thank you so much Henry, much appreciated.

  74. Stumbled across Henry’s clinic, dropped him an email and before I know we’re on the phone. Henry was so easy to talk to and gave straight to the point, clear and concise advice – the best kind. My partner and I were stuck in a rut with our flat and we can now see a way forward thanks to Henry. Henry, you need to expand into life coaching too, you were excellent at helping us solve the issues were having!! Thanks again for your time, we are very grateful.

  75. Henry was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and gave me a great insight into the world of property. He was thoughtful and funny, will definitely stay in contact. Recommend!

  76. Henry’s response to my initial contact was both very prompt and positive, and our subsequent conversation extremely helpful, particularly in giving me a different perspective on my situation. His kindness and generosity in making his time, expertise and knowledge freely available to so many people make him an absolute role model for professionals everywhere.

  77. Henry responded to my request for a property clinic appointment within the hour on a Sunday morning. We were on the phone discussing within 2 hours.

    I had questions about an offer I had made and wanted advice. I left the conversation much more certain about my situation and next steps. I’ll definitely sleep better tonight as well!

    Thank you for your time, Henry

  78. Henry responded to my request for a clinic almost immediately, and I’m really relieved to have spoken to him. Clearly knows his stuff and was extremely insightful. Also an eloquent and enthusiastic communicator and i felt like a well looked-after client, despite this service being free!

  79. Very grateful to have spoken to Henry, especially for the free 30 minutes of extremely valuable advice. We are currently looking to buy our first property and Henry outlined very clearly the pros/cons of our situation and no doubt saved us from making a huge mistake that could potentially of cost us in the long term. I would highly recommend utilising his amazing gesture of a free 30 minute chat! Very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and straight to the point. Many thanks Henry!

  80. Despite it being a free consultation Henry gave us a very professional service – he responded extremely quickly and offered multiple slots to fit around our schedule. During the session he asked the right questions to understand our situation, gave us sensible advice on how to approach a purchase, and then gave us his views on the wider state of the market. Throughout the call he was engaging and friendly. We’d recommend him to anyone – thanks again Henry!

  81. HCLP will tell you what you need to hear, even if it is something you do not necessarily want to hear.

    Buying a house IS emotional and therefore it is important to take stock and ground yourself. Having that grounding come from someone who has considerable experience of this industry frames it in a different light for me.

    Now to try and convince my wife to take his advice…

  82. Henry responded quickly to our request and, as others have said, his advice was practical, objective and shared with humour. He was helpful and refreshingly frank. Thank you Henry!

  83. We were very grateful to speak with Henry today at his COVID clinic and appreciate him giving his time for no reason other than to help people in our situation. The advice we received was frank, clear and constructive. Thank you, Henry, for helping us see clear our next step!

  84. Henry got back to me almost instantaneously and we set up a call the next morning. His advice was ‘passionately dispassionate’, understanding of the sentiments around buying a property but also ready to pour some cold water where needed (as it was).

    Also encourage you to check out Henry’s twitter feed which is a rich source of interesting property-related updates!


  85. We are in the market for our first property, and had a conversation with Henry through his Covid Clinic.

    Henry was very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. He patiently provided us with an overview and some advice which will aid us in our search.

    Very grateful to Henry for his help and time!

  86. Ever so grateful for the frank and honest advice from Henry. It’s very easy to get carried away with a property you’ve found and start picturing yourself in without weighing up the pros/cons objectively, especially at a time where this is critically important due to COVID-19 and its impact. Henry did this clearly and concisely, thanks ever so much!

  87. Impressed! Henry replied very quickly. We were chatting within a couple hours. My husband and I had become a bit stressed with the prospect of buying our first home, given the uncertain economic landscape. Henry gave us invaluable market insights and practical advice. We came away from the call feeling relieved, and more confident about our future property purchase plans.

  88. Good chat. Blunt – no reading between the lines necessary. I had read/heard the advice already in HP articles/vlogs but it was helpful to know that it still stood after summarising my situation (which is realistically no too dissimilar to most peoples’ right now). I was a first time buyer in a flexible situation and, although I loved the flat, I was not in love with the idea of shelling out the money for it, even before C-19. I pulled out a couple of days after the HP chat and it feels great not to have that extra stress at the moment. I bought a bike instead.

  89. Henry graciously gave us this free advice, and framed the situation in ways that we had not considered before. His professional views were invaluable and helped us to consider the current state of the market. Many thanks!

  90. I am very grateful for Henry and his covid clinic. He provided me with very clear, concise and objective view on my situation.

    I would really recommend getting in touch with him.
    Very polite and gave his honest opinion which is exactly what you want as a first time buyer. Great chap and will make use of his services again.

  91. We read Henry’s article in the FT and decided to contact him as we are First Time Buyers and had agreed a price and a mortgage prior to COVID. We dropped Henry an email and within hours he called us back. He gave us some really sound advice, which was just what we needed. Buying a house for the first time can be extremely stressful, but adding the complications of COVID and the market uncertainty really made us feel nervous. Henry was willing to answer our questions – whether or not we should negotiate a lower price or whether we should pull out of the sale completely. He was also able to share some contacts with us regarding stamp duty. We found Henry approachable and authentic in his advice and would highly recommend him to anyone needing further council on buying or selling during these unprecedented times.

  92. Henry very kindly make himself available for 30 minutes on a bank holiday! We got a lot of value from that short session, and Henry highlighted a number of things that we hadn’t thought about, which have given us good guidance in our immediate next steps.
    We’re very appreciative of his time and effort, and would happily recommend!

  93. I was very fortunate to have a conversation with Henry, and was incredibly impressed by his gesture of making such a professional service available. He listened to my circumstances with empathy and provided expert feedback that was comprehensive, clear and actionable. I really appreciated that his advice was tempered with good humour and plenty of reassurances; he made a potentially stressful circumstance seem manageable. A very insightful and generous service I would happily recommend. Thank you!

  94. I emailed Henry early today and just spoke with him. He is very clear, objective and collected and gave good advice. I work in the Property sector and buying my own home and know the market well but Henry still gave pointers and was really helpful. If you are buying and unsure, please speak to Henry for an objective impartial view. Thanks Henry!

  95. I want to thank Henry for taking to time to provide me with some guidance on the property market in such uncertain times. He responded very quickly to my request for a Covid Clinic, and gave me very insightful, helpful and clear advice. I would highly recommend his services to others who would like some guidance during these uncertain times. Thank you Henry!

  96. We are really thankful to Henry for taking the time out and calling us. He responded in under 5 mins, called us back on the same day and provided his view on whats likely to happen with the UK house prices. He was really switched on, professional and knew the pulse of the market. Thank you again, Henry 🙂

  97. I feel so privileged to have spoken to Henry about my house purchase. He was so measured in his approach, and he has helped me see reason (and not just blindly march along to an estate agent’s tune). Henry has helped me to take a tough decision that I wasn’t sure about taking at this difficult time. Professional, courteous and interested. Thank you, Henry!

  98. Dropped a note to Henry on the Saturday evening and was discussing our potential purchase on the Sunday morning.

    Received some great insight and advice which has helped steer the direction that we’ll take. Really appreciated Henry. Thank you.

  99. We just had a chat with Henry regarding a house purchase which we had started pre-COVID. He was the voice of reason we absolutely needed in these uncertain times and we are beyond grateful for his indispensable advice. It’s so rare these days to find someone willing to help you without asking for anything in return but he did just that. It was like chatting to a friend who happens to have lots of knowledge about property! Thank you, Henry!

  100. Thank you so much Henry for the transparent, no-obligation discussion about being a first-time buyer in London. You’re doing us all a great service!

  101. We had a Covid clinic session with Henry and it was very insightful. Henry was honest and gave us tips and suggestions on how to handle this situation which were very useful. Thank you Henry for making the time and speaking to us. Would recommend to anyone who wants to discuss their situation and how to handle it in this uncertain environment.

  102. I just had a really helpful and informative chat with Henry. I am a first time buyer and was a bit anxious around what to do at the moment. Henry provide clear advise which helped me decide what I should do next. It’s really kind of Henry to offer his time, thanks Henry!

  103. It was great to speak to Henry and get his thoughts and insights on a semi-commercial property plan we’re exploring. Knowledgeable, honest and reassuring in this most unusual time.

  104. Henry’s free advice was forthright yet sensitive and an enormous help to us in making a very difficult decision on whether to press on with a house purchase during the crisis. Thank you!

  105. Henry was very willing to have a conversation and offer advice to use in the current very uncertain environment. Definitely be using his services as we decide in our next steps

    Sam Patel

  106. I booked a free covid clinic with Henry for advice on lease renewal. I was speaking to him within 24 hours and found his advice very helpful, clear and useful. He was very thorough, talked through the likely market situation and potential options. Great service which really helped put my mind at rest. Would definitely recommend to others.

  107. I think it’s really great that Henry is giving up his time to offer free advice through his covid clinics.
    As a first time buyer in the middle of a purchase, it was really nice to talk to somebody impartial who clearly has a lot of experience. He talked me through a clear and simple approach on how to proceed with my purchase once the lockdown is over. Something that I hadn’t thought of prior to this.
    He also gave me a good overview of the market and where he believes it is heading, leaving me feeling more confident about our position.
    Thanks again, Henry!

  108. Henry and I spoke recently about our house transaction in the midst of the coronavirus crisis and his advice was simple, clear and direct. My partner and I found it immediately helpful and it significantly shaped how we thought about responding to the seller at a tricky time. Much appreciated and many thanks!

  109. It was great to get some impartial advice from Henry, as a first time buyer in a strange economic time, Henry gave me a much clearer idea of what was to come, what to expect, and how to play it. I would recommend Henry’s guidance to anyone. Thank you Henry.

  110. Thanks very much Henry for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. Great to talk to someone who isn’t on one side of the different agents in the process.

    It was good to know I was more or less along the right line of thinking with my current plans, albeit I discovered I didn’t fully appreciate how the valuation was worked out fully, so was able to learn a lot on that too.

    I highly recommend taking the opportunity to speak with Henry, to anyone going through the process now, even if you think you know it all, that expert view certainly helped me a lot.

  111. Henry’s advice was freely given, focused on the key issues we are facing in the current market and delivered in a practical, clearly understandable way. And we had a laugh. What’s not to like? This man clearly knows his stuff and, if I had the need, I would go back to him in an instant. Highly recommended and thank you Henry.

  112. Asked Henry for some advice as we were at point of exchange on our sale and purchase of next home. Unsure whether to proceed, don’t want to pay over the odds etc when the market re-opens. Henry called and gave me lots of food for thought, I feel we know what we need to do now and it was wonderful to have impartial advice rather than just listening to our estate agent or guessing what our next move should be. If you have concerns about buying/selling in these uncertain times I thoroughly recommend you speak to Henry.

  113. Just spoke to Henry. He was extremely generous with his time and gave us some great advice. I now feel like I have a plan to work towards and feel a lot more confident navigating these choppy waters. Thanks again for your time Henry.

  114. Henry was fantastic to speak to and was happy to answer my questions relating to the property market during these unprecedented times. Henry gave both detailed advice and explanations for these which will no doubt help me with making a more informed decision regarding any property purchase over the coming few months. Thanks again Henry!

  115. Henry helped me come to a decision with insightful advice, interpretation and clarity. I am very grateful to him for giving his view, and for kindly volunteering his time. I would absolutely recommend contacting him for an impartial and informed opinion.

  116. Henry kindly talked us through what is becoming quite a challenging decision for us as first-time buyers. His advice was concise and not ambiguous – thank you very much!

  117. Huge thanks to Henry for an incredibly helpful COVID-19 clinic. His insights helped me find some much-needed perspective and a way forward at a time of intense stress. It really is amazingly kind of him to give his time and expertise to those of us grappling with property transactions on top of everything else the coronavirus emergency is bringing.

  118. Having struggled to find impartial advice on a potential house purchase during this time, Henry was a breath of fresh air. His knowledge and ability to distill challenges in the housing market down into layman’s terms was extremely helpful and refreshing. I’m very grateful for his advice, all of which he provided free of charge. Thank you again!

  119. Thank you Henry for your time today and for the concise and informative way in which you saw through our ‘shall we, shan’t we’ dilemma!
    We have already followed your advice and put the purchase on hold for now, and we are prepared to walk away from it completely if necessary.
    You were completely honest with us and we valued your opinions.
    Thanks again.

  120. Henry provided sensible advice for our house hunt at a time of great uncertainty and we are grateful for his insights into the London housing market. Would very much recommend to any prospective buyers.

  121. ‘Had a quick consultation with Mr Pryor and found it incredibly helpful. At a time where there is a lot of confusion about everything happening in the property market, I found our conversation very calming and informative. Very grateful.

  122. Henry kindly gave us some of his time to speak on the phone. The advice he gave was really useful and it helped us a great deal, he was easy to speak to and a lovely man.

    Thankyou again Henry.

  123. Had a very useful and informative chat with Henry about buying our next property. We spoke through current market conditions and steps to take so that we are positioned ready for when things are little more certain.

    Thank you for giving up some of your valuable time.

  124. I can’t thank Henry enough for the time he gave up to help us with timely guidance during this changeable time. He has confirmed to us that the hard decision we needed to take over our upcoming house move was the right one and to take emotion out of the process. In doing so he helped put the power back in our hands with respect to the sale. No one can say for certain what is going to happen but his calm, professional and extremely friendly guidance came at the perfect time for us. Many thanks Henry.

  125. Had a great conversation with Henry where he shared his knowledge and opinion on the current uncertainties. It was good to bounce ideas of him and what I should do moving forward

    Thanks Again

  126. Refreshingly honest and very helpful guidance from Henry. Very kind of him to give up his time to answer questions and alleviate some concerns. Thanks again

  127. We were so fortunate to have had the chance to speak with Henry a few days ago regarding the current climate and what it means for us as first time buyers. He was exceptionally honest and frank in offering his opinion. He told us what we suspected we should do, but needed to hear it from someone like him who had done the research and knew the subject. It was extremely reassuring for us and helped us to make a tough decision. 100% recommend speaking with Henry to anyone that may be in a similar situation! Thank you again so much, Henry!

  128. I have had a covid clinic with Henry on the phone to look for some expert advice on what to do in the current circumstances. It has been a privilege to talk to him. He has been very open, clear and has passed on really useful tips. I am really grateful. Many thanks!

  129. As a first time buyer with no experience of property transactions I’m incredibly grateful for the advice Henry generously provided for free during a covid clinic call.

    Henry gave me a clear explanation of my options, the current market situation, and a plan to handle it which has left me feeling more optimistic. Key takeaway is to maintain contact with the vendor and show empathy with their difficult situation.

    Thanks again for kindly giving me your time and advice.


  130. Henry was great to speak to. He gave me some well informed advice which I will definitely be taking. I recommend speaking to him if you have any property related questions.

  131. Many thanks for taking the time to allay some of my concerns on purchasing a house in these very strange time; and free too. Great to follow on twitter with some very useful links and stats on current housing trends. Keep up the good work

  132. Really clear, sensible helpful advice offering a solid plan at a time when there is so much uncertainty.
    Thank you very much, a very generous offer.

  133. Feel really lucky to have someone so genuine and honest to give us expert advice during such a turbulent time. We are first time buyers and understandably nervous about what’s going on but his advice has made everything a lot clearer. Quick to respond and opened his arms for further help if we needed it. I wish I could thank him more but hopefully he understands our gratitude at this time. Thanks!

  134. I first heard about Henry some time ago from his quotes to the Financial Times – much to the chagrin of some FT website commenters who say they don’t understand why the FT doesn’t cultivate relationships with other buying agents.

    Had a Covid-related chat with Henry this morning – he is an affable guy and he expressed his thoughts in a concise fashion. The advice isn’t revolutionary (as Henry himself admits) but it’s crucial for me to hear from someone who has a clear grasp of current events.

  135. Henry is a down to earth individual who approached my dilemma with a no-nonsense point of view, giving reasons for his thought process, and providing insightful knowledge of the market and where it is heading given current uncertainty.

  136. Thanks, Henry for being a clear head in cloudy times. Quick to respond and informative!

  137. Henry is such a knowledgeable and friendly person, he is selfless.

    I wish him and his family the best

  138. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to Henry about my house sale. He is so knowledgeable with 30 years experience in the property market he gave me excellent advice and helped me to make the right decision. If you are buying or selling I highly recommend Henry Pryor.

  139. I’ve been lost at sea the last week or so in regards to my upcoming move, talking to Henry just now has been the perfect tonic. And for free! Absolutely brilliant advice, extremely confident and well informed. Thank you so much

  140. I was lucky to have a call with Henry last week. His advice was very well reasoned and invaluable, especially at a time of uncertainty such as this one. He clearly knows his stuff and I will ask him again for advice if and when I will buy a property.

  141. I had a call with Henry last week and felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to talk with someone so exceptionally generous with their time and expertise. It’s difficult to find impartial home buying guidance online, and he provided his expert advice in a way that was thoughtful and easy to digest. He made my decision feel much more simple in an overwhelming time. Thank you Henry for all the help.

  142. My wife and I had a couple of options to consider and even though we were pretty sure what we should do, we were frozen by uncertainty. Henry gave us the opportunity to discuss this and we came out of the discussion with clear heads and decision.
    This is a great service provide for free. I was dubious/cautious, as you have to be with everything these days, but I needn’t have been!

  143. At a time of vast uncertainty, my husband and I were extremely worried as we’re due to exchange and complete. But thanks to Henry’s insightful perceptive, we are now feeling extremely confident on what the right thing to do is. Thank you again for your time.

  144. Thank you very much for your time in our Covid Clinic. It was great to be able to speak to someone in the property industry who was clear, honest, and more importantly trustworthy. It was very useful for my fiancée and I to understand how best to proceed with buying in the current market. I Would definitely recommend based on my very positive experience.

  145. Thanks for the very helpful advice on our house purchase. It helped us make a decision in a these difficult times.

  146. Henry was incredibly generous to offer his time and expertise for free in these incredibly tough times. His clear and impartial advice provided the information we didn’t want to hear but ultimately needed to. Thank you.

  147. Great to have the opportunity to speak face to face with Henry regarding the current property market and the impact Covid19 is having; not only in the present but also what the future could potentially look like as a property Investor. High recommend this chap and he talks sense!

  148. My Partner and I were so grateful for Henry’s advice surgery session! And it was FREE! :0 During this period of such uncertainty we really needed frank and professional advice. It was very thorough, honest and supportive. Would highly recommend this to anyone!

  149. I am really grateful for Henry’s time and advice during a crazy time for the property market. It was great to have impartial and clear views. Thank you!

  150. Wonderful advice, generously given by the wisest, coolest head in UK property. Many thanks Henry!

  151. It was really great to have impartial expert advice from Henry, I’m really grateful for his time to give me some advice and tips going through this tough and uncertain time of decision making!

  152. Just had a very pleasant, informative and helpful surgery session with Henry. The most valuable thing you can give is your time. Henry was generous to give me that for free and i am very grateful.

  153. It was a fantastic gesture for Henry to offer his sage advice, for free, in these most challenging of times. Although not what we were expecting to hear, perhaps due to heart ruling head, Henry’s clear and unequivocal advice has helped us make a tough decision.

    Thanks again.

  154. I’ve been following Henry’s market opinions for a long time. His most recent open clinics for the current COVID-19 situation provided me and my partner with great advice about our current purchase. He was really responsive, and very generous with his time. Thank you!

  155. I had a surgery session with Henry recently.
    Henry was very frank, and didn’t beat around the bush. He offered honest opinions that clients / potential clients may not want to hear (which I appreciate)
    Henry was able to dissect issues quickly, and see through to the root cause.

    Thank you once again!!

  156. I was lucky enough to speak to Henry in one of his Covid clinics and received exactly the kind of informative, insightful and confident advice I was crying out for. His congenial manner and etymological knowledge were added bonuses!

    I feel incredibly fortunate to have had his time and would certainly recommend his services to anyone who’s unsure how to proceed re: property-related matters in this bizarre and uncertain time

  157. We were lucky enough for Henry to give us some of his time to discuss a prolonged house purchase that we have been involved in. Witty, polite and concise….but most of all re-assuring. We are extremely grateful to him, especially considering that he has nothing to gain from giving us his professional view. Thank you again sir!

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