There is a market

Sales agreed this week for two clients confirms that there is a market and that you can buy and sell if both parties want to.

On Tuesday terms were agreed with Knight Frank in Cobham for the purchase of an off-market home that my clients had waited four months for. Agreed below the £2.35m asking price we’re now waiting for the bank to pull their finger out and complete the mortgage they offered!

Yesterday I agreed terms on a £3.75m new home that Knight Frank in Barnes have been marketing. Once again, agreed below the guide the selling agent said that it was the quality of the offer and the detail included that encouraged their client to accept it rather than to hold out for me.

The moral of this is that time spent in preparation is rarely wasted and can make a significant difference to the price you have to pay for the home you want. I estimate that in this example it made £250k difference!

There is a market. properties are selling and if the terms are right then my clients are buying.