There is a market

Whilst there is considerable turmoil in Westminster & lots of talk in the press of people putting off buying or selling because of Brexit the past three months has been busy with new clients retaining me, properties to see, offers being made and deals being agreed. I’ve exchanged and completed on three bigger homes for example worth over £15m between them.

Don’t get me wrong, the current uncertainty is something I shamelessly exploit for my clients but as I have said before, whilst I expect there will be a dip in prices this year the 30% fall that the Bank of England were modelling last year is not something I expect to come to pass.

FT – 6th March 2019

There is a market. You can buy and sell you just can’t necessarily sell for what you thought your property might have been worth two years ago. Whilst there will be significant impact in particular areas such as Swindon where Honda and Jaguar Land Rover have indicated they may scale back due to Brexit the majority of the country appears to be ok. Last month 100,000 properties were sold in the UK according to HMRC, spot on the long term average.