Help to start up as a buying agent

More and more people are looking at setting up as buying agents and for good reason. A canny buying agent can earn £125k+ a year and gets to help people find their dream homes. Getting going can be complicated and a little daunting at times but whether you want the flexibility of being self-employed or the buzz of doing the deals there are certainly less interesting jobs in property. Some traditional selling agents want to expand their businesses and are looking to bolt on a buying service.

If you want help with regulation & compliance, marketing, websites & PR then please get in touch. I’m helping more and more people, some ex-sales agents, some with little property experience but keen to enter the business. Some want encouragement, some want a push to get going. Some want clients on an ongoing basis and a very few want to link up to build a bigger business.

If you might be interested in a chat about your plans, my plans and what we might be able to do together then please get in touch.