Building surveyors

I always recommend to clients that they commission a full building survey of the property they are thinking of buying, it helps to ensure they sleep well having bought it! Some surveyors can be dull and struggle at a human level. What most people want is someone who can confirm what the state of a property is, report in layman’s terms but who will flag up anything that really matters.
I’ve worked with lots over the years. These are the firms and individuals I use regularly and am happy to recommend.

Mike Portis 020 7727 0619

Claire Butt 0345 050 0022

Deirdre McManus 020 3411 6393‬

Simon Ayles ‭01442 864713‬

Stuart Little ‭07880 793640‬

Claire Jackson 020 8502 6323

Steven Stone ‭020 7100 7087‬

Will Pewter ‭01787 460964‬

Owen Powell ‭01273 696655‬

Peter Owen 01473 659956‬

Christian Howe 020 3102 7701