A mortgage broker and a top financial planner can make or break a deal and whilst there seem to be more than half that are ‘below average’ there are surprisingly few that I have had first hand experience of and can heartily recommend. I beg you NEVER to use a mortgage advisor that an estate agency or developer has in-house, the potential conflicts are just too large.

Time and again these firms have deliver for my clients but I’m optimistic that there are more. If you think you know who I’m missing then do please let me know.

Fitch & Fitch David Wise 020 7859 4091 david.wise@fitchandfitch.co.uk

Private Wealth Mortgages Salli Anstey 07932 156517 sanstey@privatewealthmortgages.co.uk

Coreco Andrew Montlake 020 7220 5132 andrew.montlake@coreco.co.uk

Centric Mortgage Finance Nick Harris 020 7947 4329 nick.harris@centricmf.co.uk

Ash-Ridge Jane King 0207 353 8001 Jane.king@ash-ridge.com

Smith Associates Brian Smith 0207 821 2430 bsmith@smithassociates-ifa.co.uk

Jonathan Harris 07875 175429 Jonathan.Harris2019@outlook.com

Briders Asset Finance Mark Briders 07700 347020 Mark@Briders.com