The power of recommendations

My daughter told me that I should include a feedback section on my website & include some testimonials. Being of an age that finds this kind of ‘user generated content’ slightly uncomfortable I had my doubts but I must admit to being won over. I have encouraged users of both my Quick Check and Pocket agent services to add a comment on the service they received and not only have people been very generous with their comments they are now being quoted back at me by new clients!

“Henry has been generous, patient, charming and humorous throughout and we have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Yesterday I had a look back at all the business I have done since starting the buying business a decade ago and looked at the source of each new enquiry. To my surprise I found that whilst 60% of all new business enquiries came to me direct – from seeing my name in the papers or these days via Social Media – nearly 70% of the actual business I’ve done was for people who were recommended by previous clients.

They say that the best sort of business is via word of mouth and looking at this evidence it’s clear – and encouraging! Still, whilst it’s great to live up to the generous introductions that people have made but it’s also nice to impress a new client and get them spreading the word!

“Thanks, Henry. You saved me making a big mistake.”