Happy Christmas

Digging around in an box of old brochures I came across an advert from the Cambridge Evening News which I have used this year both electronically in emails and via TouchNote as cards. The years have been kinder to me than to Nick Redmayne sadly but Veronique hasn’t aged a day since working at @Savills back in 1986 but it’s not easy keeping my Peter Pan looks! One kind lawyer who worked on one of my biggest purchases this year was kind enough to comment that she hadn’t even been born when this advert came out! 

Thank you to the clients who entrusted their business to me this year, the agents who have patiently shown me houses and flats and negotiated deals that were uncomfortable for many, the lawyers who have pushed the deals through and put up with my chasing, the surveyors, architects and well-boring teams who have checked what we were buying. Thanks to all the journalists, reporters, radio and Tv presenters who have been kind enough to ask for my comments and to so many others who have challenged, contradicted, & corrected me in person on air and on social media. And to everyone who has made me laugh.

Happy Christmas to each and everyone of you – let’s do it all again in 2017!?