More people getting a ‘Quick check’

Earlier this year I added a ‘Quick Check’ service to my more formal buying agency business. Costing clients just £100 (inc VAT) I check a property that someone is thinking of buying to make sure their biggest single purchase isn’t their most expensive. I wasn’t sure if it would take off but I’ve been doing two or three a week. With 100,000 people buying a home each month there may be others who are interested in getting a second opinion.
In a 1500 word report I summarise my views on the suitability of the property for what the buyer is considering, I check the asking price and what I would consider might be a sensible purchase price. I’ll look at the price in an objective, commercial manner checking the likely yield that the property might generate for an cold-hearted investor and therefore what he might bid. I look at the marketing history and speak to the estate agent to gauge current interest and what a buyer might have to bid to acquire the property. I provide the kind of report that a professional buyer would want before committing themselves. Having sent the report I then provide a follow up Skype or FaceTime call to answer questions and to help with tactics going forward.
This is no a formal valuation or a survey but the report includes an explanation of which of these may be worth considering and their likely costs. It also includes where to find data on local crime statistics, flooding, schools and the neighbourhood. It’s the kind of advice that you might once have got from your dad. Sadly now that the average age of a first time buyer is approaching 35 many buyers can no longer rely on their dad for such wisdom.
Peace of mind and information that might give the buyer the edge. Tips and advice on the house you are planning to make a home from what it might be worth to how to bid for it. All for £100.
“98% of sellers employ an agent to represent them when they are selling but most buyers will go up against the professional to try to buy something they have already fallen in love with. It’s usually their biggest purchase and they proceed with only the information that the seller or the sellers estate agent have provided. Having bought and sold over 1000 properties in my career I wanted to share some of the tricks and tips I rely on when advising clients on their purchase of multi-million pound homes as part of my more formal bespoke buying agency business.
Some of those who have used the service have left some generous feedback;-
Jon said “Our revised offer was accepted, and was quite a bit lower than it might have been if we had not talked to Henry. Money well spent.
Elizabeth said “Thanks, Henry. You saved me making a big mistake.
One comment sums up the service. It came from James who said “His comprehensive report, turned around in less than a day, armed us ready for the negotiating table and ultimately stopped us from making an expensive mistake on what we thought was our dream first home.
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