Would you like access to the ‘grey’ market?

Not everybody wants their home advertised on websites or in an estate agents window. Some people will only sell if they get the right buyer. Agents see many more homes than they publicly promote and sometimes they can get buyers around homes they are not actively marketing. These are known as ‘off-market‘ deals and take place in what agents sometimes refer to as the ‘Grey’ market. There aren’t always sales particulars, photo’s or plans but a credible, genuine buyer sometimes gets access to these homes either via buying agents or by being on the right agents mailing list.

Some say that there may be up to 40% more homes that could be available than you might find on big websites like Rightmove or Zoopla. Many sellers and quite a few agents don’t like the idea of Google indexing a property for eternity, recording your personal effects and your aspirations on it’s worth.

Getting access to these ‘off-market’ homes is not easy but for £10.00 a week I’ll help ensure that you stand the best chance. I’ll notify the right agents who could know of suitable homes & I will forward details of suitable properties that people have specifically allowed me to mention.

You can continue to use the service for as long as it is helpful up to a maximum of 12 weeks after which you will need to renew. Just click the ‘subscribe’ button and set up the payment via PayPal or on a Credit or Debit card.


Individual agents offer off-market services, many like slick Aylesfords in Chelsea make a feature of it and one of the original buying agents Garrington wrote a helpful explanation of what it all means. This new service doesn’t guarantee success but it will certainly put you ahead of the game. It is a must for those who are serious about finding their next home and want to do so quietly and efficiently.

There were 127m visits to Rightmove in January this year generating 4.9m email and phone enquires for agents who between them only sell around 100,000 properties a month. The industry bemoans a lack of stock so buyers need to broaden their search to find and then acquire their next home. A typical agency has 374 buyers registered but just 37 homes for sale. According to their own lobby group in December they sold just 7 properties.