Asset acquisition.

AssetsMuch is made of the skill required to be a good ‘seller’ but I’ve spent the past six months working on a tv program looking at the flip side of any successful deal – the business of buying. Whilst much is made of how to be a great salesman little time is devoted to the talents of the equally important buyer. Hopefully the program will air in 2016 but the process gave me the inspiration to look at other things that people might want assistance with from buying companies and cars to private planes or yachts. Whether it’s fine art or bloodstock many people try and do it themselves but as with expensive houses are they really the best person to buy something if they have fallen for it? It’s not easy, however dispassionate you are to do the necessary research and due diligence, let alone go up against someone whose day job is selling such an asset and who is an expert at ‘closing the sale’.


I want to assemble a team of experts, of lawyers, accountants and specialists in the various fields that one might be asked to help with. If you or your firm are the best in your business then do please get in touch. Without giving too much away, the tv program explores assets from private planes to racehorses

Whatever your business, if people are at the core of what is being traded then I’d like to hear from you. I want to assemble the best team possible to advise private clients on what for many will be an expensive and for some a potentially life-changing purchase. If you might be willing to help then please let me know.